Old Weightgaming?

I’ve heard there was an older version of this website and had a few questions. What was it like? Were there many games that are not available today? What did it look like? Any information appreciated!


My memory of it was that it was just a forum again like this one. I might be wrong of course.

I just so happened to be looking at the old forums on the wayback machine today.


Ya, that was before I took over from @kilif when it melted down around May 2018 (or maybe it was 2019) I believe. It was just a forum like it is now and was built on top of phpbb if I remember.

The reason why the site changed so drastically was the original host that was being used suffered a major hardware failure which took us off line until about mid July of that year. Most of the data from the old site we tried to migrate over and organize into the new forums. What we did not or could not organize got dumped into the Archive - Weight Gaming category.

We did loose about I think about 6 months to a year of data though as the meltdown took the most recent backups down with it, but a fair bit of the old site is still floating around here.