One Too Many Pieces (Twine Demo V 0.2 Nami Update)

Hey everybody, so I decided to post a small story demo of my One Piece WG game I’ve been working on, this is only a STORY demo so most likely the real game won’t even be a Twine, any opinions/ideas/critiques would be much appreciated, I love hearing your guys views on the project

Also, most of this first little draft was written extremely late at night while I was absolutely faded out of my mind so please don’t hesitate to call out spelling/grammar errors!

You can play the game here!

Demo V 0.2 is out, for this update of the Twine demo I did a more linear lore-based story for NAMI, yes Nami is now in the game, for this Nami’s story the Straw Hat’s are split up taking the territories of the defeated Yonko, so Sanji, Franky, and Nami go to you guess it Totto Land of the Big Mom Pirates, Sanji reunites with Pudding and Nami discovers she has a sweet tooth for chocolate… like a scary amount of chocolate.

I do enjoy writing and I think I like the direction this update is taking the game, I can add more One Piece girls with their own little story(s). So for the next update and updates going forward, I would like to ask the community who they want to see, more Robin or Nami? Maybe something new like Hancock or Carrot?


There seems to be some sort of issue, you physically can’t see all the text for some choices (see choosing the biggest breakfast option), there’s no way to scroll down so you’re stuck if you choose it.

very good, I look forward to more

I’ll look into it, are you playing on mobile or pc?

I didn’t experience any errors and this seems like a very good game so far Friend.

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PC, full screen :frowning:

Do you know your monitor’s dimensions? I can’t find the problem on my PC but I do have a fairly large monitor.

I mean, it’s a laptop so probably not that big lol. I believe it’s 1366 x 768

Yo I love One Piece and am so happy to see a game like this! This demo is great and if there were any mistakes I didn’t notice them. Wishing the best for you and the future of this project!

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there is a setting on that allows you to give a scroll bar and/or make it mobile friendly.

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Happily waiting for more updates cuz i absoulutely live one piece and love my waifus getting bigger and fuller


Hyped to see future content, especially with Nami!

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Like usual with a new update comes new problems, whether it be spelling, grammar or some sort of glitch be sure to let me know!

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Who do you want to see next!
  • Boa Hancock
  • Carrot
  • Jewelry Bonney
  • Vinsmoke Reiju
  • More Robin and Nami
  • Other

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