Opinions on smoking?

A little while ago I made a connection between smoking and weight gain as both are things that negatively impact health, but people choose to do anyway. So I got to thinking, how does this community view smoking? Do you smoke? Do you have a problem with friends or family smoking? Is it something you discourage, or do you view it as a matter of personal choice? Do you think it’s sexy? I’m interested in hearing people’s thoughts on this.

I think smoking is absolutely disgusting. For one it doesn’t just harm the individual it harms everyone nearby through second hand smoke. And smoking is easily avoidable, just don’t start, unlike weight gain which can happen accidently. Plus with weight gain you just get bigger, with smoking you stink, get wrinkly, and mess up your teeth


When gaining, you can still make lifestyle decisions to improve your health, at least up to a certain point. Put less junk food in your diet, stay active, things like that. When you smoke, you’re literally inhaling cancer and potentially giving it to others, and there’s no way to mitigate that except for not smoking. And smoking can be addictive, whereas getting fat isn’t an action that gives you dopamine, it’s a state of being you may or may not want to be in.


I’m kind of neutral on smoking on the basis that it’s a personal choice and it’s not my business what people choose to do with their own lives. That being said however, I heavily recommend no one ever do it due to the rather serious health implications and addictive qualities smoking has. I don’t smoke myself, but one of my parents does (they are trying to quit). I don’t view it as a turn off per se, but I probably would think twice about getting into any sort of longer term romantic/sexual relationship with any girl that had a smoking habit due to the increased chances of serious health complications (certainly more than weight gain at the range I personally enjoy).

I can and will discourage people around me to even start smoking honestly, it messes up so much, to the people directly next to you as well.
And if you only do it when you’re alone, still, as Shugoki said:

That’s not a thing here.

I honestly think it’s horrible the things still exist.

Ehh… is that true? You could probably give up weight gain if you wanted to, but I’m pretty sure losing fat is a lot harder after gaining it, unless your lifestyle was already fit before that.

I mean you can make better choices for your body even if you’re 200-300 pounds, depending on your own metabolism and specific health conditions. If you just get fat on eating a lot of home-cooked meals and keep a balanced diet rather than hitting up your local Wendy’s every time someone sneezes, and if you’re fairly active, you’re at a lower risk from a number of the conditions typically associated with obesity. Even if you can’t lose fat you want to get rid of, simply eating better and staying active does a lot of good. Smoking, on the other hand, is just a “yes or no” thing. You’re either smoking and inhaling cancer, or you’re not.


1- I don’t smoke.

2- Yes.

3- Something I discourage.

4- No.


I have asthma because my grandparents didn’t know when to quit smoking it affected my brother severely he has a very hard time breathing no matter how hard he tries to hide it. There are many other harmful effects one that can harm the ozone layer itself due to smoking. But I try my hardest to help others around me to quit smoking even though I despise the smell.


It only looks cool on tv.


I discourage it but I guess it has to do more with my personal experiences, with my father struggling with addiction to this day. It’s just heartbreaking for him to kick the habit after being admitted for a heart attack, only for him to sneak out to smoke again. But everyone needs to get their kicks I guess.

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i can’t stand the smell. just it i don’t care if someone does it tbh. I just don’t wanna have to smell it.

though it is kinda badass
like spike from cowboy bebop. that dude smokes like a badass.
Also he’s real fucking sexy

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I am the only one who think the comparaison between smoking and gaining, unwelcome?

In gaining, even if you eat the worst junkfood ever you’ll never affect people around you. In one end it would be funny to make people around get fat by just eating a burger. :sweat_smile:

Imaging after the prevention against the obesity : “Eat junk food in public is not allowed.”

No seriously no, people who smoke in private, you are free to kill yourself if you want, no problem with that, but don’t kill your surrounding in the same time. Prefer the Fast Food gaining than the smoking, seriously.

And if you are smart, you can gaining with healthy food.


scribbles down story idea

I-I-I mean what? :sweat_smile: :eyes:


I have asthma. When someone smokes next to me, I feel like they’re saying “I’m more important than you. I don’t care if I hurt your lungs.” Obviously I can’t force anyone to quit, but smoking is a disqualifying factor for me when it comes to voluntarily being friendly or interacting socially, unless they can do it only when I’m not around. Whereas being chubby or fat is a choice that only impacts the person in question, smoking is usually detrimental to anyone you live with or spend time around as well.


Sounds like a good one :zipper_mouth_face:

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Not only have I always hated smoking, I had the great displeasure of cleaning smoking shelters for a living. You know it’s bad when even the smokers can’t bear to see the contents of the cigarette bins when I had to empty them… every single day. These bins were sometimes half my height, its insane how many smokes an office building can get through in a day, quite the worrying prospect for their health and wallets… and I really hope my own health wasn’t affected too much ^^’’’’


smoking is pretty hot imo

Honestly, it never bothered me that much. I always found it laughable when people would be just HORRIFIED when someone would light up, also because those who were the loudest and angriest about it were the same crowd who used a lot of drugs. As you might have guessed, this is when I was on the Uni campus, because college kids can do many things, but not shut up.


I’m sure this argument works every time. I’m sure no one promptly lit up and blew smoke in somebody’s face out of bitterness or anything.


you should only smoke meat and virtual cigars pipes/cigars that way you wont croak