Other fetishes

My biggest fetish is fat, but legit everyone on here has that. Anywho, aside from fat, i want to know if y’all have any other side fetishes. As for me, while i like fat, i also very, very, very, V E R Y slightly like inflation. I cannot emphasize the slightness enough.

Also, moderators, please don’t shoot me down.



I can name the other suspects being inflation of the air and water, fruit expansion, muscle growth, giant growth, etc


For me, i enjoy mind control and hypnosis as well as the fats, sadly a combination not explored too much.


I just like girl bits getting bigger.
Inflation’s my #1, but yeah, expansion, WG, pregnancy, implants, stuffing, size change (a bit, not too much), same-size unbirth, same-size vore, etc.
Outside of that isn’t nearly as strong (more like slight kinks than an actual fetish), but I like human-on-female-anthro, size difference, prosthetics, extreme arousal, and maybe that thing where someone gets inflated a bit too much and they can’t stop themselves from burping and farting a little to relieve the pressure.

Well . . . . since you are asking :sweat_smile:

Sex in public but not being caught. I like the thrill from the risk of being caught. i.e. dressing room sex, public pool, parks, in the car, etc.

Squashing but not on my face.

Button-popping. This includes ripping clothes.

My extremes which I do not fullfill in real life or pursue are:

Immobility of partner
Force feeding
Funnel feeding


Of all the responses here that
That caught me off guard
Congrats this hound is befuddled

Consequences for giving in, in a “cursed peril” kinda way. Relevant for here, imagine being followed around by a floating muffin. nobody else can see it and if you try to destroy it, it just reappears. Eating it, gives you a great feeling, enough for maybe even orgasming, but a single pound or kilo will be added to you, forever.

Alternatively, pleasing yourself, but finishing gives you the calories of a single muffin, unburnable.

I am into those kind of things, but for many other fetishes, stuff like shrinking, growing, shrinking of certain body parts from giving in, growing of those same body parts from giving in… basically, if a single moment of weakness can give a character permanent consequences like those and at first things may “not be that bad” or “maybe this is a blessing” until it gets too big/small/intense, I am into it.

Also, definitely hypno. that one reinapop vid is my fav for this fetish.

Just gonna add to this, the actions of someone else influencing transformation or behavior changes in me. Kinda into femdom and have a fantasy of something causing conflict resolving to add or subtract from the average strenght of one or the other gender. One victory for women, and men become slightly weaker all over. Two or three more, and stuff goes into an avalance, until some lower limit is reached, slowly.
The best way to display this would be some attempt to balance stuff slowly failing as the faux contests keep getting won by women as they get actively stronger while men get weaker, WHILE the contests are still happening.

Another one is a fit woman working to make a man… not fit. You know what I mean,
“look how many bags of fast food I can carry, bet you cant eat them all.”
“You gotta keep up, I can already lift 200 kilo. GET THERE”


Unrelated to weight gain and maybe somewhat weirder than that. I have a sneezing fetish I guess. I have never seen a combination of the two and there isn’t many sneeze fetish games. But I enjoy all of the games on here.
Possible combination idea is that someone has allergies that make them expand temporarily when they sneeze idk.


Huh. This is quite interesting. Never heard of a sneeze fetish hahaha! Not laughing at you, just saying it is interesting.

Yh it’s kinda wacky. Don’t really understand why I have one. But I dont really understand why I have weight gain fetish either soo.

Few ever understand why, just that it is happening.

I guess this hound should pepper his meal a bless you or two which isn’t anything to sneeze at
May haps we should give the reasons why we find our kinks attractive

Too be fair, i don’t know if being gay is a fetish, but if it is than that’s another for me.

As a side note, I’ll tell you a very uncommon fetish, gorilla and pig furs. I myself am kind of iffy on where i stand with them, but i still don’t get why people hate them.

Finally, i thank you for the feedback, and with that said, i hope you have a great day! :smiley:

Gorilla maybe cause its basically already done, why bother?

Pigs seem to have a ton of very ugly art done of them. Often bald, almost always in some uncomfortable “braindead fuck-slave-slob” transformation thing.
I treasure the little non-ugly pig-girl art I have.


Heh. I guess you got a good point there, but ah well, you win some you lose some.

i know the feeling, piggirls are always in waaaaaaaaaay to horrible states for my liking


I’m obsessed with pampering, here. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s essentially being spoiled with affection and love. Well, maybe it’s not so much of a fetish, but the idea of being obsessively cuddled and loved all the time is just something I really, really like.


Well, that is probably one of the sweetest interests I’ve heard on here! :slight_smile:

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personally. I like weight gain. hyper pregnancy and breast expansion. though I am more partel to large sizes. and I mean realistically impossible sizes

love that
would love to see that as a game mechanic…somehow

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