Outside BOX


This game contains BODY INFLATION, not weight gain. There are large people, but there is no fat.


The game will likely not work if you use Winzip. Use WinRAR or 7zip instead!

There’s a calming rainstorm outside. Eve is chilling with a cup of hot chocolate and a cozy book. Nothing could ever bring-


Of course it had to be too good to be true. Her boss tells her the thunderstorm has caused enough damage to justify sending her out for repairs.
Little does she know that repairs will be the last thing she needs to worry about tonight.

Outside BOX is an atmospheric, mind-bending 2D puzzle game, made in RPG Maker MV. You control Eve, an unfortunate electrician sent out in a thunderstorm to fix something. The game contains no combat, it is strictly a puzzle-oriented game. However, that doesn’t mean you’re entirely safe, as danger may lurk within the most unexpected of places.

There is a box.
Expect balloons, and to be ballooned.
Stay sharp, and pay attention.
And be prepared to look outside for answers.


  • pornucopia: design, writing, audio
  • Cherry_Birdy: art


I think I’m stuck? All I can do us put the unreadable document into the box and get to the basement.
It there a fuse I need to find? How do I get past the balloons blocking the stairs?

The note has the hint you need. You need to read the note, but you can’t do it in the game. “in www, in CONTENTS, there is a BOX.”

What’s the password for the items.rar

It’s literally just ITEMS in all caps

The note has a hint. If you still can’t crack it though, it’s the name of the file itself, so ITEMS.

Please spoiler tag puzzle solutions.

What do I reverse? The game told me I need to reverse something.

Read the note carefully again, it’ll tell you the location.

I just finished the game and I have to say the fact you have to use files inside the game to modify what is in the game is cool in my eyes even if it was for a bit. I like what I got to see I think you did great.


Is there a walkthrough because i am stuck

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There isn’t, but just ask what you’re stuck on and I’ll try to give a hint and/or the solution if necessary.

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What do i do with the BOX.json i type out fuse and fuse.item and still nothing

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I already gave you the answer in an earlier message. The password is literally ITEMS.

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How in the heck do I reverse the properties of BOX? I went to the file and there’s no option to change its properties.

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Okay, this took me a hot second as well. So what you want to do is open BOX.json in Notepad or similar. Don’t worry, this will all make sense. At the end of the last line in the text file, you’ll find a property that says something like “mirrored=true”. Change that “true” to “false”. Once you do that, you need to reopen the game, and open a save file that just has a bunch of ??? in it.


This was pretty cool! The out-of-game interaction stuff was pretty interesting, though sometimes confusing(the last bit I just checked here for an answer). Is it weird to say the inflation seemed kinda shoehorned in, though? It was just kind of there to provide some text-only bad ends and block off a stairway, and that’s it.

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That is something we’re planning to address post-launch. Expect a lot more visuals and sounds.
I’ll be sure to make another post outside the Gain Jam category for when that drops.

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I liked playing though this. A nice smart little game.

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First off, even if body inflation isn’t my favorite, I’ve seen it work before so I decided to give this a go

A. did not expect the meta stuff so this game was very much a welcome surprise

B. Do you have a bad end list for it? I feel like I missed some and wanted to check.

C. do you plan on making a bigger game out of this/refining it since I see some real potential hear, even if i’m more of a weight gain guy

Either or, solid entry for the jam!

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