Overlord Trailer and more!

Hello all! From the team who brought you the DDLC ‘Special Day’ Weight Gain Series, comes a new trailer for an all new project!

That’s right, we’re taking things just a little bit further by changing up the traditional weight gain novel scene through the inclusion of the Phoenix Wright style courtroom battle engine¬ Expect plenty of gains and sequence based changes as you solve the mystery behind one of the most dastardly crimes to have occurred within the blackened halls of the Tomb of Nazarick.

While in the roughest stages, we would like to give you all a little taste of what we have in mind. Many artists have once again joined our cause with the intent of bringing about another mass collaboration project with growth and transformations abound. Such artists on our roster include Mihai88, Cakecatboy (Formerly known as Cakehoarder), Jaykuma, Bamboo-ale, Better-with salt, Thepervertwithin, Mysterydad, Itoahs, Happypal, Candlebars and more! With a story written by Dr-Black-Jack of DDLC WG fame and the programming talents of both Cakecatboy (of Juni’s appetite) and Purrine (also of the DDLC WG VN game), we have almost all the makings of something which could be the very best amongst weight gain game projects!

But this is where we need your help!

In order to help this game reach that next level, we are looking for private investors and fans of the series to help us reach funding goals in order to make this project a grand success. While it is not an entirely original series, we aim to make it one of the very best pieces of weight gain fan art to grace the face of the internet. The project upon completion will be provided free to all those who would like to play it, but for now would benefit from the input and opinions of those interested for your kind donation.

With such funds we could acquire extended sequences, higher quality art pieces, plenty of extras and even an expanded array of cases depending on how far you would all be willing to go to help us out. As much as we would like to make it a passion project entirely, we would like to help our supporting artists to spend more time on what they love doing and craft something greater than the sum of its parts. Commissioners with particularly deep pockets may even be able to help influence the weight gain of their favourite girl or drive elements of the story with a greater array of CGs and other special features.

A link to our Ko-fi is located here https://ko-fi.com/overlordgamedonation .

Please feel free to drop us a note or a message and we’ll be more than happy to chat with you all!


Yay! This looks so exciting!!

I’m glad you think so

sinc you combian three of my favorite things, overlord, phoenix wright and fat girls, i muss give this project my full supot

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Wow! This is definitely a creative way to make a weight gain game, and you got some serious talent on board as well! I hope you guys get plenty of support

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Glad your liking what we’re doing

Thank you I hope we do too

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How much of the content if any will be NSFW? DDLC was lewd I suppose but didn’t really much in the way of nudity or NSFW content beyond being a fetish game. Not a critique just trying to gauge what kind of game adult content wise this will be.

Based on our plan so far there will be lewdish scenes but nothing with nudity or the such at the moment this might change down the line but if it does nothing crazy. Also thank you for taking the time to look at our project.

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looks ambitious, I’m pretty excited to see this come through. You’ve pulled a follower, good luck devs!

Thank you very much for checking out the trailer. I hope you’ll like what’s to come if we meet our donation goal.

Will The game be MAC compatible? Please say yes!

If we get enough funding to make the game we will certainly try our hardest to make that happen.

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will this feature active weight gain? DDLC only had a hint of that so i’m just curious

Read this, Der. Cancelled.