Overstuffed Overtime (Lachevite's Submission)

A disgruntled factory worker takes her anger out on an unfortunate intern.

Playable in your browser (PC) or downloadable (windows) here:

Remember: the purple goop is not for consumption. Don’t do something you’ll regret.


This is really entertaining and the game becomes easy once you get a hang of it. Hope you are in the final 3!

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for a short game it’s very interesting. I got all the endings, though it is a bit difficult to balance keeping the Intern empty and keeping the machine from overheating.


what exactly do each of the things do, and is there a possibility of a free play mode where you can spawn whatever you want to stuff the poor intern with

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I am very impressed with how polished the game is after only 2 weeks! The gameplay is fun and well balanced, I never felt it was too hard or too easy. Art was cute and it was impressive that you had 5 endings. Having the tutorial be part of the intro felt very natural. Overall a very good game and certainly a runner for first place this year.

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Great game, buaarp/10 :+1: Endings are great! Gameplay is very nice, and the fetish content too.


if you’re asking whether or not the food items have unique properties beyond counting towards their own ending, they don’t. initially i had planned to have them all affect different body parts, but that turned out to be way beyond the scope of this project. since this is the case, i’m afraid a free play mode wouldn’t really differ much from the current game, as there wouldn’t be much to do other than spam her with different food for different endings. that and i don’t want to go back into the nightmare that is this game’s code

Got all endings, though I wish there was a way to replay them as you obtained them. Nice game overall! Took me a while to get the hang of it, though I’d say that getting Ending 5 is too easy since you can just let the machine overheat and just spend all your time emptying the intern as you’d have to be very, very, very unlucky to get hit with so much goop making you lose. In fact, I even just managed to get Ending 5 through feeding her with nothing but goop. What I’d suggest to do is to either remove the overheating mechanic so that you have to spend time making your own goop OR to make it so that if the machine completely overheats it spews out nothing but goop, eventually making you lose.

Another minor thing is that I found out that if you keep mashing the button to empty the intern, the hand eventually starts going right until it goes off screen. Nothing too bad, but I thought it was a little weird. Anyways, congrats on the game! Had a lot of fun playing it.

This is simply glorious! Sorry I can’t say much else about it, it’s just great!

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God fuck YES ending 4!


sorry about the bug, and yeah it only ever spawns goop 25% of the time at most. it was way higher initially, but a lot of people thought my last game was too hard so i tried going a little easier this time. all of the gameplay was super rushed so i never realized you could just brute force ending 5, sorry if that soured your experience

It’s not as easy as they made it sound, it’s hard to keep her empty when so much food is flying into her mouth at the same time.
Besides that though, My god! This game is fantastic(one of my favs)! And I too wish we could rewatch endings at our leisure.

That’s understandable, don’t worry, the game was still very fun! Hope you do well in the Jam!

Wishing there was a downloadable version, but I have no room to complain. This is a very fun game. Loving it owo)d

There is a downloadable version though, at the bottom of the game page.

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Huh, I didn’t see that. Thanks!

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Now you really don’t have any room to complain! :grin:

Good stuff! Honestly, my one wish is for an endless mode. Or a secret 100 item ending, unlocked after the other five.

SUPER solid, and a quick fun time.

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This is awesome! Definitely a contender for my top 3 favorites so far.

Indeed, indeed I don’t XD