PAKUBYTE: a weight gain game for your gameboy!


Hi everyone! I’m Mousse, and this is the game I’m working on right now: Pakubyte!
First off, let me clear this up: yes, it’s a gameboy game! It can be played either from an emulator (pc, mobile, anything you can think of!) or from a flashcart on actual hardware. Yep, you’ll be able to play this on an actual gameboy!
The game will be released as a rom file, so you’ll be able to play it however you want!

(sorry for the placeholder art…)

Pakubyte is a visual novel + clicker game, where you help Paku, a digital fairy who lives inside your gameboy, gain weight by feeding her lots of tasty treats.

stage 1

To increase the yumminess of your food, you can play Rock Paper Scissors against Paku. (Don’t worry, she’ll go easy on you!)


Weight in this game is measured in kilobytes: since Paku is a digital lifeform you’re increasing her filesize! But since we’re inside a gameboy, Paku’s weight will overflow back to 0 when it goes past 255… Worry not, as overflows are another method of measuring weight!
Here’s Paku after accumulating way too many overflows.


You can also chat with Paku at any time, she has lots of things to say depending on her current weight!

It’s gonna be a pretty short game due to hardware limitations, but I hope I can cram enough content into it to make it fun!
Sorry if the art looks weird, it’s my first time drawing this kind of stuff. >_>

Oh, and if anyone wants to follow me on twitter, I have an account at

Bye for now!!!


This looks amazing! Is it difficult having to develop it for the Gameboy? I’m not too versed in game dev stuff, but how would you make it work? :- P


When I see a game launching here I get excited to play …
I’m looking forward to this game

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Ah, almost forgot the most important part… Here it is running on a gameboy advance!! (couldn’t get a good picture on a gameboy unfortunately)


This looks really freaking cute!


so is this can be played on the pc with out the emulator?

What a neat little gainboy game!

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Really cute game, I can’t wait to play it!

ok. how the hell did you make this?

I don’t know how they made it, but I can hazard a guess on how they’re playing it on an actual gameboy.

They had these flash carts, that you could download games into, and play them on your gameboy.
I don’t remember how far back that tech goes, but I remember hearing a lot about it in the early DS years.

would a PC version be possible as I used to have a gameboy but it died

Since a few people seem to be missing this, there are many emulators for the GB on various platforms, such as Windows, Linux, or even Android and iOS. If you want to play it on a platform besides an actual Game Boy, you can use one of these.


CUTE! SO CUTE! I can’t wait to play!

That saves me some time, lol.

Well, this is intriguing.

will she also lose weight if you do it wrong?

Never before do I have such a strong need.

Until I saw this.

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oh right, I forgot that, thanks to modern technology, we don’t need an older system to play a game made for it

“Technology is incredible!”

My OG DS Lite had a slot for GBA carts, but since upgrading to a 3DS, I’ve lost access to that.

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Oh, neat! Physical cartridge games coming from this kind of place are something I never expected!

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