Paladin Princess - An Inflation/WG focused RPG - Patreon Launch Announcement

Hey everyone, mgmgmgmgmg (mgx5, for short) here! It is with great pleasure that I emerge from my many years of lurking the forums to get off my lazy ass and make something for a change. Lacking any art skills, writing experience, or former knowledge with RPG maker, I present to you the product of a project made by grit and determination!

This is Paladin Princess (or at least the 1st of 10 chapters). A game where you run around the world seeking the power of the magical moon shards that grants women enhanced physical and arcane abilities… among other things…
Play as the human princess Elaine, as she embarks on a holy pilgrimage to seek the shards’ blessings, as well as indulge in perverse desires.

Current version: 0.2.1
Average playtime: 3-6 hours

Sexual themes you can find or is planned for this game:
  • Weight gain via magic, science, or some other factor that can suspend disbelief
  • Monster girls: Goblins, fish people, ogres, lamias. All presented as some forms of cute anime girls. (A.K.A. nothing grotesque or phobia-triggering, sorry spidergirl fans)
  • Inflation of mainly breasts, bellies, butts, or some combination of the three
  • Pregnancy
  • Lactation
  • Giantess (coming soon)
  • And not one but multiple secks
Themes that won't be in the game:
  • Anything obviously illegal (underaged sexual interactions, rape, bestiality, all the other stuff)
  • Furry content
  • Anything with a dick
  • Bodily expulsions and secretions of any kind (including belches, although they may be implied in certain scenarios)
  • Some other arbitrary list item that someone is bound to ask about

  • Version 0.1.0: Beta test release

  • Version 0.1.1: First public release
    Various bug fixes and spelling corrections
    Missing dialogue added

  • Version 0.1.2: Hotfix
    Dungeon sign fixed
    Goddess statue screen tint fixed
    Running away from rats is possibly fixed
    Lepa’s pause menu portrait fixed
    Various other minor bug fixes
    Lepa will heal after going back to Elaine’s quarters, leaving the rat cave, or leaving the puzzle box (during the puzzle)
    Added some hints to the puzzle box’s puzzle for those who are really struggling with it
    Gave Elaine a Panic ability, which uses up a full bar of TP and hits a random enemy for high damage. This is a small step towards making combat a little easier, especially in longer fights with multiple enemies.
    Attempted to speed up combat with a new setting in the options menu. Turning combat speed to fastest is recommended. This does not fix the strangely slow combat speed entirely, but it helps a little. I am still looking into a better solution to this issue.
    Added a player portrait remover item. This is obtained alongside your outfits at the beginning of the game. For those who transfer their saves to this new version, the portrait remover can still be found at Elaine’s closet.

*Version 0.2.0 Major Update
First release of Chapter 2 - Episode 1

*Version 0.2.1 Hotfix
A few transitions were fixed
The respawn point for losing the rat enounter in Human Kingdom - East has been moved to help prevent spawn camping
The impassable cliff has been made more impassable
Ruth now fully heals after most instances of being dismissed
Fixed an exploit with the crystal puzzle in Farlia Woods - South
Ruth is no longer allowed inside the rat tunnel

But wait. I thought you weren’t an artist. Why do these screenshots show you artting?

All character art and scenes were created using the various character creators and scene studios in Koikatsu Sunshine.

Why do I keep dying to the first boss?

Think of the boss as a goal to reach, a goal that would take the entirety of chapter 1 to reach. Go out and explore the town, do a few quests, even make a friend along the way. You’ll overcome the challenge soon enough.

Great interest

Sorry, I had to get that out of the way before anyone else did.

bUt wHeaRe eEs de ReAst Uff ChaEptAr tOo!?

Chapter 2 is still incomplete and will have two more releases, one in 2024 and the next in 2025.

Is there a place that I can track Paladin Princess’s development, as well as hang out with a community of others who also enjoy the game?

Development tracking, bug reports, and general community stuff can be found on the Paladin Princess Official Discord Server.

Is there a place where I can throw money at you as an artist?

I have a Patreon where you can do just that.

And what else am I forgetting? Oh shit, yeah. The download link! You can find the game from either the Google Drive or the MEGA links.

Last but not least, a big thank you to the community for inspiring me to make something. I know it’s not perfect, but I’d like to think it was a pretty good first attempt.


Wait, that’s illegal.


Weight Gain AND Giantess.
Well. tickle me interested alright.

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Let me untickle you by pointing out that giantess content is not planned until chapter 2.


That’s fine. Good things come to those who wait.
and big things come to those who wait more.
and i like big things.

I’ll excuse myself now


Best of luck with this project. i’ll be keeping an eye out on this topic for any updates.

great can’t wai- sees the download file "How the heck did you manage to get it upto 3 GBs?! in your first release, were those 3d renders 4k or something?

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Well. The character image on the side is extremely distracting, is it supposed to stay there the whole time?


How many chapters this game is going to have just out of curiosity?

OP already said 10

I’m currently downloading, will see how it is, but I will ask how in the world did your initial demo launch is nearly 3GB!?
Even with Koikatsu pics, the image files aren’t that big! Even putting the character cards, they are only a few megabytes!

The biggest RPGMaker MV game I can name would be the vore title Amalgamation, with having individual pictures for the paperdoll of the huge sizes you can make the MC, but that’s still only 1.2GB! Now I really curious to see what you pulled to make the game that huge!

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It is the images, because the whole picture folder is ~2GB.

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Good sir I for one am excited about this game and bid you luck in your endeavours

my god, it really is, and that is with them being encrypted…
Will take note myself, since I do plan on using Koikatsu images for my title to, but I would see about seeing how to compress them down some. You don’t want your future updates to brush past the MEGA daily download limit.


Interesting haven’t tried yet but will have too play at some point

I am infuriated at this.


It’s not even set to 50% size.


Nice idea, the puzzles and combat system made me check out though (that may just be a RPG Maker thing tho, only a couple of games on here using it has got it feeling good for me)

Otherwise a really good start, with good cutscenes (especially with the rat queen) and interesting plot


does rpgmaker support webp image format? because it’s the best file format for visual novel style images in terms of balancing compression aka quality to filesize.

edit: of course the much more famous png format is still much better at this than all the non-webp file formats.


Apparently you can, there is a .webp converter for RPGmaker out there. More you learn.

Anyway, definitely a cute game. Really did enjoy the Rat Queen’s growth sequence and events, even if cheese hunting felt boring. Also enjoy how much of a horndog Elaine is, even if it feels like there’s not much back-and-forth in regards to that, either for or against her horniess.

I do feel like you look into speeding up some processes, like having a scene skip button (good incase you want to grow your boobs without having to go through the breastfeeding scene over and over again) and cutting down on the backtracking fo future quests. Or finding a way to increase the combat animation speed, given its pretty slow.

Still, I hope this project continue. Definitely some cool ideas and I always like global sex adventure plots.

There’s currently over 5000 renders in the game, so they all add up even after compressing them.

Yes. The game is designed so that things that would be under the character portrait would not be necessary to progression, and if they were the portrait would disappear (I.E. the Puzzle Box). If there’s any other places you think it should go, then tell me.
EDIT: Just added an item that removes the player portrait. It’ll be in the next hotfix.

You can always lie to Ashley to get some milk and skip the scene by drinking it and asking for more. For some reason, the plugin I used for combat set the speed to slow and I don’t know how to fix it. When the world opens up for chapter 2, there will still be backtracking, but I’ll include a fast travel system to make it less painful.

webp is a relatively new/modern thing with gigantic savings over something like a jpeg and moderately impressive savings even over pngs.