Pandara's Sphere - An Axugaem2 Side Story, v 1.0

Hi all! Following the latest announcement regarding this year’s Gain Jam, I wanted to take the opportunity to say congratulations and best of luck to the semifinalists! I’d like also to give my thanks to the judges for their hard work and to everyone who has played, enjoyed, and given feedback on the game. I am of course disappointed not to have made it to the next round of judging, but I’m still happy to have participated, and proud of what I was able to accomplish with Pandara’s Sphere. If all goes well, I’ll be back with a vengeance next August!
In the meantime, I’ll be pushing one more bugfix update for this game before I call it a day. If anyone comes across any bugs (no matter the size or significance) while playing, feel free to let me know via comment or note, and I’ll add them to the list of things to fix. Thanks again to all of you, and good luck once more to all the games still in contention!

NEW UPDATE! Version 1.5 is here! In addition to bugfixes for the remaining softlocks and skill inconsistencies, this patch includes a number of tweaks to skills and items, as well as four new minibosses that can only be found after unlocking Tartarus’ Cradle in a New Game + run! Grab the update here: Pandara’s Sphere, v. 1.5

I’ve uploaded a new zip file for Joiplay users, which you can download via MEGA

Please note that I’ve had to change the exe name back to ‘PG’ due to bugs caused by renaming it which caused the game to not extract properly. To avoid confusion, please be sure you’ve copied your saves to somewhere safe and deleted the old game folder before downloading and extracting the new version.

Here’s a quick list of what’s been changed:
v 1.5


  • Added four challenging minibosses to the game which can only be found after unlocking Tartarus’ Cradle in a New Game + run.
    • The Alpha Spinodon will occasionally appear if the player searches for enemy encounters in Bleak Rock.
    • A special enemy will appear only once if the player searches for enough enemy encounters in Ghost River. This enemy will drop a unique piece of armour when defeated! The player will be unable to flee from this fight, so search for it with care!
    • The Hellback Nymph will occasionally appear if the player searches for enemy encounters in the Swamp of Souls.
    • The Avatar of Holy Hell will appear only once if the player searches for enough enemy encounters in Firefall Abyss. This enemy will drop a unique accessory when defeated!


  • Changed the icon for the Venom state to reduce confusion as to whether the player is affected by it or Poison.

  • Gave Pandara’s bind animation its own unique colour swap to better fit her aesthetic.

  • Tweaked the damage calculation formulas of the basic elemental spells to have slightly less base power and be more weighted toward the user’s MAT stat. This should make most spells less oppressive in the early game when used by enemies.

  • Did the opposite with Venomlash/Spray and Decompose/Mass-Decompose; Slightly reduced the degree to which the user’s MAT affects the damage of these skills.

  • Increased the base damage of Venomlash and Venomspray (before factoring in stats) from 100 to 150.

  • Increased the MP cost of Decompose from 25 to 30, and Mass-Decompose from 60 to 65.

  • Increased the damage of Spectral Slap from [a.mat * 4 - b.def * 2] to [a.mat * 5 - b.def * 2]

  • Increased the damage of Ground Pound from [a.atk * 6 - b.def * 1] to [a.atk * 8 - b.def * 1], and increased the stun chance from 65 to 70%

  • Renamed the Spell Resistance skill that Shadowmen sometimes use to Blur.

  • Removed the atk speed pentalties from the higher-tier helmets and armour.

  • Renamed the Mithril Circlet, Armour and Helm to Obsidian Circlet/Armour/Helm, and added a 10% Fire resistance to each piece.

  • Renamed the Magi’s Crown to the Crown of Asura and increased its DEF bonus from 18 to 20.

  • The Hermit Robe and Elemental Cloak now properly state that they grant elemental resistances.

  • The Unhallowed Cloak now grants a 40% resistance to Nature damage. (It doesn’t state this in its description because Golgar’s a bit of a dick.)

  • The Blackened Oven Mitts accessory now grants a 50% Fire resistance in addition to its other perks.

  • The Drakkan Skull Helmet now grants a 50% Thunder resistance in addition to its other perks.

  • Changed the icons of several of the Hammer weapons to stand out more.

  • Renamed the Mithril Mace to Obsidian Hammer and increased its DEF bonus from 0 to 6

  • Increased the DEF bonus of the Ground Breaker from 0 to 7

  • Renamed the Mourner Hammer to Krom’s Fist, increased its DEF bonus from 0 to 10, and granted it a 30% chance to stun on successful attack.


  • Gut-Slam will now check to make sure there are still enemies before triggering Belch. This should prevent softlocks related to the skill when it’s used to take out the last enemy in a fight.

  • The new cutscene in Rigorfall Stairwell should no longer softlock the game due to Ifri attempting to move downward when she cannot. (It’ll still look weird if the player enters the stairwell from below, but it will play out and allow the player to continue without any serious issues.)

  • Fixed a black screen appearing if the player chooses the bad ending in a New Game + run.

  • Equipped Weapons and Armour should now properly transfer over into a New Game + file.

  • Venomspray now properly targets all enemies.

  • Fixed Ghorf’s Inertia skill not protecting against Venom, Mana Burn, and Stench.

  • Fixed several skills bypassing cover due to being considered ‘certain hit’ skills. These skills have been switched to either physical or magical attacks.

  • The Chewing Charm now properly protects against being eaten.

v 1.4

  • -Fixed the screen staying black in the Rigorfall Stairwell after the cutscene involving Pandara and the Cold as Deathshake. The stairwell should now properly fadein the screen if you’re on that map.

v 1.3


  • -Added some traders to the Rigorfall Cantina who will trade you some rarer ingredients for multiple of more common ingredients. More traders will appear as you unlock more camps!
  • -Added a story cutscene to the Rigorfall Stairwell after you unlock Firefall Abyss.


  • -Reworked Belch (at least temporarily) to avoid it crashing the game. It no longer deals damage, but instead adds a variety of statuses based on Ifri’s weight.

  • -You can now sell certain items to Bolero at any camp.

  • -Raised the chance to encounter Underworld Sprouts in Bleak Rock, and lowered the chance to encounter lesser flayers.

  • -Underworld Sprouts in Bleak Rock prior to unlocking the Swamp of Souls now have a 1/4 chance to drop an additional serving of Hell Spices when defeated.

  • -Increased the EXP gained from defeating an Underworld Sprout prior to unlocking the Swamp of Souls from 12 to 15.

  • -Increased the odds of Glowing Water Sprites dropping Ectoplasm from 1/10 to 1/5, and the Glowing Water Guardian’s odds from 1/6 to 1/3.

  • -These odds increase further to 1/4 and 1/2 respectively if the player encounters these enemies in Ghost River after Tartarus’ Cradle has been unlocked.

  • -Glowing Water Sprites will now also appear in the Shadowman and Lost soul troops in Ghost River prior to unlocking the Swamp of Souls.

  • -Reduced the MAT of Glowing Water Sprites prior to unlocking Tartarus’ Cradle from 25 to 20.

  • -Added an additional Lost Soul to the enemy troop in the Swamp of Souls containing the Drump Shambler and Underworld Sprout.

  • -Fire Sprites and Igniters now have a 1/2 chance to drop Hell Spices, and Fire Knights now have a 1/1 chance to drop Hell Spices.

  • -Added an additional Ice Sprite to the enemy troop in Tartarus’ Cradle containing the Cursed Soul, Shadowman, and Shadowhowler.

  • -Increased the odds of Ice Sprites dropping Magic Ice from 1/2 to 1/1.

  • -Replaced the 1/3 chance for Snowstalkers to drop Magic Water with a 1/4 chance for them to drop an additional serving of Magic Ice.


  • -Fixed Devoured enemies being able to attack and use abilities while inside Ifri, and added a poison-like HP draining effect to the ‘eaten’ state.
  • -Fixed an event in the VIP Suite that was meant to play upon first entering the map. (note that on saves where you left off in the VIP Suite or transfer there via other means, this event will still trigger and will look pretty weird, but I’ve modified it so that it shouldn’t softlock the game at all.)
  • -Fixed being able to flee from the fight with the Drakkan, which would instantly kill the Drakkan (turns out Charl knew its true weakness all along!)
  • -Fixed some more issues with Pandara’s dialogue using the wrong dialogue box during some later cutscenes.
  • -Fixed Ifri facing the wrong direction during the cutscene with Demithar after cooking the Incubus Tail Pasta.
  • -Fixed a cutscene with Ghorf triggering early in New Game + if the player has the Warlord’s Cape from the previous run.

v 1.2

  • -Fixed the Flee skill not handing out EXP properly due to the common event kicking you out of fights before the EXP gain could trigger.
  • -Ifri’s Belch skill should no longer sometimes crash the game when used if she’s at her max weight.
  • -Fixed being stuck at a slower movement speed after first arriving in Tartarus’ Cradle. Added an autorun event to the Rigorfall Courtyard map that will reset the player’s move speed for those still looking for a fix to this.
  • -Golgar’s Mass-Decompose skill now properly affects all enemies.

v 1.1

  • Succubus Purgers will now be encountered more frequently in Ghost River.

  • The recipe for Ghastly Gumbo has been reworded to make the second cooking sequence much less confusing and unintuitive!

  • -Added a starter chest to Bleak Rock containing some gold and items to help get the player through those tough first couple of levels.

  • -Added a little blurb to the cutscene when you first return to the Castle Foyer after meeting Pandara, informing players about the Flee skill’s 100% success rate as well as the EXP rewards for fleeing fights.

  • -Added a few save prompts after completing major milestones.

  • -Added an NPC to the castle’s main foyer who drops a little hint about the Staircase map.

  • -Added a couple of chests with cooking ingredients to the Castle Foyer.

  • Fixed some of Pandara’s dialogue in the early game using the normal dialogue box instead of the dark backdrop.

Hi all! Axlwisp here saying… surprise! I’ve got a brand new standalone RPG project to submit for this year’s gain jam! Pandara’s Sphere, v. 1.5 (working title: Pandara’s Gut) is a spinoff story that picks up a few threads from my larger fetish RPG project, Axugaem2, but you don’t need to have played any of Axu2 to pick it up and play through it!

Note that due to the limited timeframe in which I slapped this game together, there may still be quite a few bugs lurking within. I’ve tried my best to ensure everything works smoothly, but I’ll be updating the game over the next few weeks to try and catch any residual issues. Thanks for your patience, and I hope you enjoy the game!

Download the game via MEGA: 359.49 MB file on MEGA

Or via Mediafire: PG

Joiplay users, download the ZIP here: 365.88 MB file on MEGA

-To play the game, download the exe via one of the provided links and extract it to wherever you keep your fat of she RPGs. Open the extracted folder and click the game exe (the dragon head icon), and you should be good to go!-

fr pndr

Pandara’s Sphere is the story of Ifri, an aging cherrypicker imp who has lived by the seat of her panties and survived the soul-sucking drudgery of life at the very bottom of the Underworld’s pecking order with her wild, loving spirit intact… much to the vexation of the other demons. It is also the story of Pandara, Elemental Lady of Chaos and undisputed ruler of the planet Imperium’s designated corner of the Underworld. When the lives of these two strong-willed women collide, an unlikely deal is struck, and the demonic chain of power will never again be the same…

Guide Ifri and her unwitting minions through waves of merciless monsters as she seeks to cobble together the ingredients for a repertoire of hellish dishes, from molten-hot magma curry to ectoplasmic gumbo, all in hopes of sating the appetite of the ever-more demanding Pandara. Succeed, and climb the ladder from lowly cherrypicker to trusted hand of Chaos. Can you tough it out and discover the path that leads Ifri through the madness with her spirit intact? or will she end up -either figuratively or literally- forever a helpless addition to Pandara’s growing sphere?

Oh, also you can just say fuck it to the pretentious story and have Ifri eat everything she can get her hands on until she weighs a literal tonne. No judgement either way~

What’s that? You want bullet points? Well heck, have some bullet points!

  • Original Art and Writing by Axlwisp, with various contributions from talented friends and creators in the fetish RPG community (Ifri’s base sprite done by MaxTheBerzerker, the succubus hustler’s base sprite by Grimmimic, and Bolero’s sprite done by MindScapeJEM, to name a few such contributions)

  • A full story arc carried over the course of the game, with multiple possible endings, including a ‘secret’ good ending that can be found by completing a New Game + run with certain conditions met.

  • A cast of characters both familiar and new! Learn the lay of the land from the dauntless Knight-Captain Bolero, find Tam’Ra hiding out in the castle balustrades and get her to burp for you a whole ton, and befriend a succubus hustler with an unusually bright colour pallette…

  • Savage Underworld debauchery that would make the cast of Axu2 cringe. Experience the bizarre lives of half-demons in and around the explorable hub zone of Rigorfall Castle. Watch the opinions of those around you shift over time, and discover an array of juicy secrets hidden within the castle’s walls!

  • Combat you can always choose to initiate and/or flee from… as long as Ifri’s able to give the order. Earn EXP for fleeing from battles you couldn’t otherwise win! Farm ingredients by venturing out of the safety of one of your established Underworld camps… or just pay one of your minions to do the farming for you!

  • Stuffing, Weight Gain, Burping, and Vore, oh my!! Unlock more and more fetishy skills, scenes, and items as you progress through the game (and widen Ifri’s waistline), and carry those skills and items over with you via New Game +!
    Starting a New Game + will also unlock the Devour skill for Ifri!~

Good luck!!


Hey, good to see you here! Been watching you back on DA and good to see you’re still at it, nice job!

um…all the links are gone

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Thank you!! So nice to see a familiar face! I’ve always really liked your work! ^^

Heyo, just a heads up, you dont actually get exp from running from the encounters, been hardstuck at lvl 1 with 12 exp for a while now

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Shoot, sorry about that. I’ll put out a bugfix patch for that issue tonight!

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Not sure what is up, but I can’t continue the game. Played a bit, got strong enough to take on some of the enemies in the first zone, got a little overconfident and died, tried loading my save that I made, but clicking on Continue of the main menu just closes the game. Tried multiple times with the same result. Is this supposed to happen, am I missing something?

Edit: Realized I am a moron, didn’t notice the cursor was on Shutdown, not Continue, so that is entirely my bad.

I’m really liking this game! There are a few issues I found however. First running from battle doesn’t give exp, to fix this all you have to do is change the common event to exit battle processing at the end instead of the beginning. Next mass decompose is accidentally set to single target instead of all enemies. Lastly, and this may just be a personal thing, holy water is way too rare, 1/15 drop chance is too low I think. Really nice game and artwork this is one of my favorites.

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For Flee not providing XP, make sure that you download the updated version at the very top of the first post. It seems to work for me when I play with that version.

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Am I missing something or does Hell Spice have a really low drop rate? Loving the game, but I just hit level 5 and the only Hell Spice I’ve found was in a box in the kitchen

It drops from the plant enemies

Well that kinda explains it. I have yet to encounter any plant enemies, just knights, gremlins, goats, and flayers.

Aight, finally found one. Those guys are crazy rare lol

Noted regarding the holy water drop rate! You can also buy it from Bolero at any camp for 250P, if that helps!

Thanks for your feedback regarding the drop rate! I’ll increase the encounter rate for the underworld sprouts in bleak rock at the start of the game, along with the lost souls in the swamp of souls (Ectoplasm also seems unreasonably hard to come by), for next patch!


The underworld sprouts need to show up WAY more often. It’s SO tedious when you have 3 times the amount of ingredients that you need except for Hell Spices because they only show up like 1 out of 20 times.


i just started ng+. are there any hints on how to get the good ending or is it just guess work?

Understood! I’ll buff up their rate of appearance (along with the lost souls in the swamp of souls and the ice elementals in Tartarus’ cradle) for the next patch, which I’ll try to have posted in the next day or two.

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Definitely isn’t guess work,
Even if it is certainly possible to miss,
Mostly just make sure that you’re thorough as possible with the second run through!
I.e, do everything you possibly can,
Talk to everyone,
Help them with their requests,
And you should have a new option replacing the ‘worse ending’ option in the final cutscene!
Realistically, if it ends up being too obscure or unintuitive, I’ll add more hints in game.


Should also state again more for the sake of others that the good ending is only available in new game +, just so there’s no confusion there!