Pandemic: The Game



Today, I have started an ambitious project: a full scale RPG maker game.
Even though the Idea is still a WIP, I think it’d go like:

“The world is being infected by a disease, a disease called Gluttony. Every single woman has fell to it and it continues to expand.
You’re the last hope to stop this disease from continuing. Your name is doctor Anika von Neumayer, a world known austrian scientist, who has finally found the cure for the disease, but the journy is just about to start. You’ll need to get several materials to finally develop the cure, and to get those you’ll need to find your way out of the safe zone, and you will find many infected subjects who will try to fatten you up. The only way to stop them is by fattening them up even more, so you can continue with your adventure. What’s the origin of the disease? Why didn’t you get contaminated? Will the cure work? Those are questions I’m afraid you’ll need to find out in-game.”

And that’s about it.
Since it’s the first “big” project I’ve ever started on RPG Maker I’d like to hear your oppinions, suggestions and everything that comes into your mind.

Have a nice day, best regards, DSBx1.

PD: I’m not a native english speaker, so please forgive me if I have commited any mistakes while writing this.


interesting concept, kind of has a survival horror feeling to it, only instead of zombies it’s fatties, I’d recommend fleshing out the story completely, then go from there, you don’t want to come up with an idea and just wing it, the game will seem like a mess if you do it, I like the questions you posed and I’d hope to see this get developed, also welcome to the site


Hmm interesting would love to see that


sounds like a fun idea, best of luck dear ^ -^


Thank you! I will follow your advice, thank you for the feedback and for the welcome!

Thank you for the feedback!

Thank you so much, I hope you’ll enjoy it!


Hey , just asking , how much progress have you done to this game ?