paranoidProgrammer's BF Addons (Granular Race Support)

This is the official page for all of my Big Fatties addons. This includes the main one, Big Fatties: Expanded. If you ever have any suggestions or requests, leave a reply. (Remember to mention the mod name you’re leaving the suggestion for, though.)

To install these, just download the .zip file, extract the .pak and put it in your mods folder.

Big Fatties: Expanded

Big Fatties: Expanded, BFE for short, is a small addon to Big Fatties that aims to expand the amount of content. It adds (normal and granular) support for a lot of new races, plus a whole truckload of new objects, both decorative and functional. Plus, there’s even new items, which also includes many new foods, and support for other mods (currently only SpawnableItemPack). Do keep in mind this is a very early release, and there aren’t that many supported races or features.


This is a big list of every single thing in BFE, neatly categorized.

Neapolitan Feeding Tube - A mix of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry to create the ultimate taste.
Expanded Shop - A work-in-progress shop, used for selling everything added by this mod.

None yet.

Adds support to SpawnableItemPack for Big Fatties, Big Fatties - Huge Foods, Big Fatties Expanded, Big Fatties - Fat Item Collection, and Mod Fatties.

Download temporarily removed for serious bug fixing.

BFE: Race Support

A separate mod from Expanded, that adds in modded race support. Works with Granular.

This addon is not compatible with Mod Fatties Races, as we add in support for some of the same races. There will be a separate version that is compatible, but it won’t include Granular support as Mod Fatties Races doesn’t either. These compatibility updates will most likely take longer, as they’re not priority. (Mod Fatties Races hasn’t been updated in over a year.)

List of supported races

The mod is still very new so there’s not that many, I apologize.

Pengukin (nothing past Plump looks right because of the beak)
Gallifreyan (from WhoBound)
Troll Race

Draconis (366.8 KB)


Can’t wait for the release!

Excellent! If help is needed I am here, I am slow but I will get it done.

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Ooooooooooo, I’m very interested to see what these new items are. Also nice to see my addon being supported as well

are you taking race support requests?
if so, could I request the cute kangaroo like Lyru from The Deep Kingdom mod?
(I requested it in the Mod Mod thread too but if what you say is true then it’s never going to be seen.)

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Gonna be a lot of polls, I like community feedback when working on projects. I’m planning on making a few more feeding tubes (currently just cosmetic differences) and the first one I’m planning on making is a neapolitan feeding tube. Should I mix the colours of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, or simply make it look like three layers of liquid? Hard to explain in text.

  • Mixed
  • Seperate

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New update out! I already made the mixed sprite, but next update it will be separate.

It’s a bit bare bones, since it’s what I made before I forgot about the project.

Can’t play the game with this mod installed. Gets to the company screen, then terminates itself.

Make sure you unzip the file and put it in correctly

I’m getting the same issue. I’ll check for mod incompatibilities when I get the chance.

you have bunkins in normal human and in the alt humans and you misspell titanic, that seems to be causing trouble, other that that, great mod!

I apologize for the issues, everything seemed fine on my side. I have updated the misspellings and misplacements, and everything should work now. I believe the crashing may be because the current version might not actually be compatible with ModFattiesRaces, there will be a compatible version next update. Thank you for understanding.

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going to download the update, but even uninstalling the mod my game is constantly crashing

It’s incompatible with ModFatties and ModFattiesRaces, quite inconvenient.

Ah, interesting. I knew about the ModFattiesRaces not being compatible, but not ModFatties. Will check it out.

would you ever consider Lyru?
It’s one of my favourite races and I miss using em’ <~<’

So I keep getting this error:

[15:48:32.293] [Error] Application: exception thrown, shutting down: (ItemException) Duplicate item name ‘blobendgallifreyanchest’ found

And I can’t even imagine what other mod would use a name like that tough,

That would be ModFattiesRaces. It’s not compatible with this update, you’ll have to remove it from your folder to use this mod.

if u add draconis, and avali support i’m sold


Sorry for the inactivity, some stuff came up and I wasn’t able to continue with modding. I’m now back though, with a poll.

I had the idea of turning this page into a page for multiple mods, as I have a few that don’t really fit in with what I’m doing with Expanded.

  • Make the page host multiple of my mods
  • Make separate pages for all of them

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I also had another idea (that fits with the multiple mods per page) where I make the race support separate, so people can use the races without all the extra junk. But of course, I want to get the communities feedback on this first.

  • Seperate the race support and Expanded
  • Keep them together

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That’s all, just an update to say I’m continuing work on this mod and a few polls. New update soon.