Patreon is no longer safe for wg creators

So a creator I follow, WorthlessChub posted this to their patreon and I think people should know about it, especially those with Patreons that relate to WG

Seems like Patreon is getting the blackjacks and fastening the Jackboots, be prepared to move your shit if your stuff doesn’t have “A community support”, “educational focus”, “a greater narrative” or are “contextualized in a manner that abides by Patreon’s guidelines” Whatever the fuck that means.


I kinda instinctively wonder why although to us it doesn’t really matter. Explicitly capitulating to the credit card or not, a ban is a ban. And I couldn’t blame any one for not wanting to stick around and test their seriousness.

To that end, I gotta wonder what else is out there? What other services are like patreon? I feel like I’ve heard of a few but none jump to mind; and I definitely don’t know if they’re any more friendly to us than patreon is.


Subscribestar is Patreons edgier cooler rival, so if we would be shifting, my money’s on them being the next


Downside to that being that they knowingly allow lolicon and shotacon. It’s pretty fucked, tbh.


Yeah for real. Of all the kinks on Patreon, and on the internet in general, feederism is the kink that’s being banned here? Pretty bizarre to me.


What kills me is the vague language in the new rule. Any flattering drawings of fat people aren’t necessarily part of the specified criteria , but the phrase “including but not limited to” leaves room for fuckin anything.

Regarding other platforms, Ko-fi, then? I dunno what that’s like but it’s another platform I’ve seen some artists use.

Investors or shareholders not wanting to be involved with fetish content that supposedly encourages self harm, I’d wager.


Ko-FI outright forbids any adult content. End of discussion. They won’t do it, and they have bots who look for it if anyone links to them.


Now, this is probably a case of one executive finding WG porn on the site and getting puritanically offended that someone is posting fatsmut on HIS website. But it does make some financial sense if you think about how tech companies make, or rather don’t make, their money.

The problem with new services nowadays, like Tumblr, Twitter, Youtube and, yes, Patreon, is that the people running them aren’t interested in making them actually profitable, they only want to appear profitable enough to be sold off to whoever will pay enough. After the deal is made, the creator can wash their hands of the whole business with a nice tidy paycheck while the buyer is left holding an empty bag with absolutely no idea how to make the website sustainable.

This can lead to incredibly short term thinking like what happened to Tumblr when the tried to remove adult material on that site. The people in charge don’t actually care if the service gets sued for being discriminatory against fat people or whoever else is impacted by oppressive policies, since they won’t be the ones on the hook if they can offload the tainted goods fast enough. All that matters is making the scam look as attractive as possible so that some rich idiot will fall for it.


Looks like subscribestar is no option either…


Based on how I read that, provided the weight gain happens from eating competitions, it’s a-okay…?

It’s there, but there are many many many grey areas……

Really hard to discern how serious they’ll actually take it to be honest with you.

Substances and machines are out… but getting fat from just eating seems okay?

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“Inappropriate, pornographic, obscene or otherwise objectionable” is pretty vague, but is pretty common policy language for social media websites nowadays. It also doesn’t specifically target “feederism”, “force feeding”, “using substances to achieve weight gain” or “using devices to fill the stomach” as being prohibited.

Subscribstar’s policy also states that it is “under no obligation” to “monitor, edit or remove” such material. I’d probably avoid posting full-on sex scenes on the site but most creators on here would probably be relatively safe using it for their income.


I’m in a Patreon “A. Club” (yes the period is intentional) for adult creators. Our club was invited to meet with Patreon next week about these updates. I plan on attending to get clarification, and hopefully push for some, if at all possible.

I don’t have high hopes, considering we live in a society that is ashamed of sexual enjoyment and hates fat people, but it’s worth an effort. I’ve unpublished my page out of a sense of paranoia in the meantime, though.

Wish me luck.


Oh this happens when a Company wants to Clean up there site so they can get more shareholder but most of the time it do not work and they loss tons of money also there are tons of Loop holes with this new rule.


The TOS states:
“Works involving disordered eating, feederism, and related topics that have a community support or educational focus, are part of a greater narrative, or are otherwise contextualized in a manner that abides by Patreon’s guidelines are permitted.”

Part of a greater narrative? There’s AE, BE, Preg, Stuffing, and WG in the games I make, but it’s part of a greater narrative. It’s speculation, but our content may be allowed and this rule is more targeted towards mukbang streamers or the gainers that are trying to eat themselves to death, both of which exist on the platform.

I look forward to what @SirKata comes up with - thanks for engaging Patreon and asking the tough questions, and good luck.


I was seriously thinking about opening a patreon someday, but damn, it seems it won’t be the case. This is unfortunate.

I think @AnonymooseProduction is correct and that these new changes mostly apply to creators who make IRL content.

I have also read through the guidelines and came across their exemption on incest:

Which would give reason to say that all games/comics etc. do serve a greater narrative…

I also found that the some guidelines include multiple exemptions for animated works as seen here:

So maybe they´ll add that to these as well.

But I guess we´ll have to wait and see what happens.


Hey, if I may provide some potentially helpful insight when talking with the powers that be–

The DSM definition of ‘disordered eating’ makes no mention of feederism. Including feederism and disordered eating in the same breath is misleading. It medicalizes what is otherwise a sexual kink. Painting feederism in this light is conservative, fatphobic, and kink-shaming.

Further, one could argue that any sexual content, or that social media platforms in general, damage “physical, mental, or emotional health of those on the platform.” Where do you draw the line?

I might also ask them to define “consensual versus non-consensual force feeding” just to watch them squirm. “Consensual force feeding” is a bit of an oxymoron…


I certainly hope that the wording is simply unnecessarily broad or ambiguous. I don’t follow too many people on Patreon, but I’d hate to lose the ability to easily support several of those that I do follow.

It is odd that this section of the community guidelines doesn’t have nearly as many exemptions as the other categories newly included with this version of the community guidelines

Either way, I should archive the Patreon posts of those artists that I follow, and I would recommend that others do the same. We don’t know when or if these rules are going to be enforced on WG artists and it’s better to be safe than sorry in cases like this.

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tbh if they wanted this to not happen they would have added this from the start so my guess is something else is at play here… that or patreon is just prepairing to die

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WTF? Is it just me or a lot of companies being taken over by a bunch of idiots now that are literally ruining the companies themselves?