Patreon is no longer safe for wg creators

One of the reasons paypal is bad, is paypal is a fake bank. They essentially have all the rights and powers of a bank, but none of the legal responsibilities of a bank.

So they basically just do whatever they want whenever they want.

TLDR: I am not surprised to here something bad has happened due to paypal’s whims.


Hey, all, I come back with some Great News. The tl;dr version is: We’re fine.

The section regarding “feederism” was more referring to coerced and truly forced actions with forceful feeding and gaining, etc., without any prior consent. Where it’s clear or can be determined that this is a form of violence in forcing activities surrounding forced consummation on many levels.

Patreon has advised that they’ve received a lot of feedback regarding this specific point in the new guidelines, and thanks to this feedback will be looking at refining the language for better clarity.

In short, we’re okay. This will be further reviewed and revised for clarity, and is also being acknowledged and addressed for being understandably confusing and unintended misunderstanding.

The section regarding sexual activities has been flat-out stated to be allowed for illustrations, animations, and comic. As long as it’s not real people (or computer/A.I.-generated to be photorealistic, e.g. looks like a real person you took a photo of).

I want to also apologize, I don’t always word things as succinctly as I intend them, even after rereading what I’ve written.

If you’re confused, or need to know more, please reply to this post and ask! If you feel I missed anything or it’s not clear, I’m happy to clarify or expand on this!


Patreon: We only really meant nonconsensual.

Also Patreon: “…force feeding (consensual or nonconsensual)…”


“FORCE” feeding, i guess they didn’t have one of us in their team to warn them that you can use force consensualy


I brought that up too, but given the sheer number of questions, it was forced to be addressed offline. I’m still waiting on an answer for that item. Coercion was brought up as a focus of concern.

I still find it concerning this was listed at all.


Does this mean IRL content is not okay? Or do we have to wait for them to clarify about it?

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IRL sex and masturbation is still banned, but IRL feedism is fine. The showing of IRL force feeding is going to be a very fine line, however, until that is further refined. Or at least I’m hopeful it will be for the time being.

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SubscribeStar allows NSFW on their NSFW site, They even specifically mention NSFW game development right on the front page.

This online platform is perfect for 2D/3D artists, 18+ game developers, erotic voice actors, and other digital artists working in the NSFW field.

I’m personally planning on moving there later. I’ll keep my Patreon around for a while longer because they do recommend you have around 500 “followers” or other platform equivalent on whatever platform your game/art/etc is on, at least according to what they said to me when I made an account. I’d say for games that’s probably downloads or link clicks to monetize your game.

EDIT: Seems Patreon is rolling back the changes but I wouldn’t trust them still. They are the most reputable site but they have a history of making bad decisions. SubscribeStar has much less reason to abuse you when you can simply go to their competitor if things get too rough, but in Patreon’s case, few know that much about SubscribeStar yet so they’re practically the monopoly on the industry. You may lose a few patrons due to switching platforms but I think it’ll be much better in the long term, as Patreon isn’t the sort of website where you can only use one or the other, and I’ve had a pretty good experience with SubscribeStar so far.

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Can’t say I’m shocked at this point. Just more of the usual garbage from Patreon.

because of that I refuse to do any patreon payment from now on, hopefully creators move away from patreon.


FYI, I’m being forced to make a SubscribeStar account because one of the creators I patronize has already had their account nuked by the newly-restrictive rules. As such, I’m trying to move as many of my Patreon subscriptions over there as possible (I hate having to make multiple accounts, and want to deprive Patreon of middle-man money as much as I can for being assholes about this).

That being said, why does weightgaming only have a Patreon? I’m subscribed to it, but would VERY much prefer to shift over to SubscribeStar for that subscription as well. Is this something you’ve considered?

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I’m not eligible for a credit card…
Because europe.
So no subscribestar for me.