Phoebe's Holiday Hoggery -- A (Late) Christmas Game Thing!

Hey there! In the doldrums of working on my main project, Fatties Eating Fatties, I ended up conceptualizing a Christmas puzzle game thing. At the start of December.
For Christmas…

Um, whoops.
Anyway, here’s an FEF spin-off starring the gluttonous housewife, Phoebe! Playing as her husband, Jeff, feed Phoebe whatever you can find in this brief ‘puzzle’ game. Can you sate her before she eats the whole neighborhood?

It’s a bit jank and repetitive, as it turns out puzzles are a pain to make if you’re dumb like me, but it’s completable, with 4! endings, based on how committed you are to being a good neighbor.

EDIT AGAIN: I’m dumb! If you didn’t do the vore end first, then an oversight locks you out of it. That has now been addressed!

Sorry for the inconvenience!


This is very impressive, let alone for being completed in one month!

Might just be me, but since it’s an exe file, the game won’t let me save.

You can get it to save if you make a folder with the .exe and another folder labeled “www” in it, as far as I recall.

I can’t for the life of me get Phoebe to get drunk. Are drinks supposed to persist between houses or do they reset per house? Sometimes they display as a negative integer, which is a power I wish I had whenever I go out drinking.

My god, I just checked that, and you’re right! I had no idea it would do that… I guess making it recursive breaks the saving plugins…

Getting her drunk is only needed for the all-vore ending. I had… “ambitions” when I started making mechanics, but I got overwhelmed with stuff in the end and so only a skeleton remains.

good a little question how many endings this game has since the normal ending which is that she eats everything and the end vore but I can’t get her drunk

Aye, I’m struggling with getting more than two endings: the Neutral ending and the Cannibal Christmas one. Avoiding using egg nog or eating zero neighbours didn’t seem to have an effect - though I did spot that in the “no neighbours” run it played the Neutral Ending cut-scene but the TV screen was sparkling like I could’ve interacted with it had I control…

Endings aside, this was great! A raucous, ravenous, rapacious romp! It’s actually a fairly novel concept to be tasked with meeting ever-increasing demands to satisfy your gluttonous feedee in order to make progress -surprisingly a theme that’s not touched more on in the community! Really gave the gameplay that air of desperation as the put-upon Jeffrey struggles through his ordeal, so great theming overall.

There are 4 endings total:
Eat everyone, neutral, an ending where Phoebe’s cured but she ate someone, and a cured no-neighbors eaten run.

The eggnog at the start, in fact, a trap of sorts; you need to not take it, so Agent Skein can access it to make the cure. It’s kinda poorly signposted though, a real “it makes sense to me so it should make sense to everyone else” design choice.

@AlexKay thanks for the kind words! It was definitely a fun scenario to write.

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My pleasure in playing! And yeah, I had an inkling about picking up the initial eggnog as that was one of the few things I hadn’t tried.

A small detail, but I also appreciated the restraint you showed with Jeffrey in the Cannibal Christmas ending as he was clearly not okay with Phoebe’s rampage resulting in the abandoning of Phoebe to her own devices at the end. Thought it was a neat touch of sanity in all the craziness.

Herokero, can you tell me please why does my alcohol meter constantly go negative? I am trying to feed her with alcohol in every house, but it alcohol meter just drop down when she move to the next house.

Ah! That’s, um, a leftover design decision. I originally wanted a lot of feeding options with multiple outcomes per house (e.g., getting Phoebe drunk would lead to one house, feeding her lots of meat would lead to another, getting her drunk in certain houses would cause her to eat the neighbors still there, etc) but I ran out of time to flesh it out, so I ended up scrapping that idea. Getting her drunk only matters for the first edible neighbor now…

A re-do of this next year(?!) might have that integrated better.

Oh, I see now, thanks. But… If I don’t need to get her drunk second time can you tell me please how to get “Eat everyone” ending? Looks like I am missing something important.
P.S. If you let Phoebe drink alcohol from fridge in second house the event with her devouring neighbor in third house don’t start even if you feed her all six bottles. I am not sure if it is a bug or not :slight_smile:

Oh, that’s definitely a bug lol. I need to yank scrapped mechanics out better, I guess. As for the eat everyone ending … once you get the first one by getting her drunk, it should be smooth sailing… Every subsequent house has at least one person, except for one, which has 2.

And sometimes Phoebe needs prompting.

Ok, thank you, I will give it a try again. By the way, am I able to get her devoud someone in the last house? I tried to figure out how to unlock door to bathroom where is a kid, but no luck with it.

Made another run, but still have no idea how to let Phoebe eat someone in last house and how to let her eat agent in the penultimate house. :thinking:

In the Vore Everyone path you should be able to eat someone in every house starting with the booze neighbour. Make sure you get caught by the neighbours where possible and pick the brightly-lit house as well when offered. Unlocking the agent allows Phoebe to automatically eat her.

I’m having problems at the party house. When I get the third bathroom key, it doesn’t enter into my Special Items inventory.

Never mind figured it out. Wide hipped older lady is next.

Okay for essentially a game jam style game (You made a xmas game in one month) This turned out surprisingly well, your sprites are getting better and better, you can tell you got tired of making the puzzles but the ones you made turned out well enough, easy but you said it was your 1st crack at it. Like this is really good and wow the best ending actually is the best ending, I did not think it’d top the omnivore one lol.

Overall you did a good job, thanks for working over December to make it, you’re really getting better and better at game making! Like seriously, no real complaints for what was supposed to be a simple stuffing game. Love the dialogue as always and ya did a good job getting the characters from fatties eating fatties on writing dot com, I’d be proud of this if I made it, good job

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I’m having trouble unlocking the Vore Ending. I’ve tried everything I can think of to get Phoebe drunk more than once and I can’t seem to pull it off. I know I haven’t gotten the Vore Ending because Phoebe can’t automatically eat the agent.

I’m stuck. At this point, a video revealing how to get it and revealing the ending is enough for me.

I got the other endings tho! :smiley:

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