Plasma Belt - Crude-Iba's Entry

Most recent update: Link to 0.1.1 here!
Older versions for posterity and curiosity:
Link to 0.0.3 here!
Link to 0.0.4 here!

This is a solo work, all art and music done by me.

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Hey! This is my first foray into both this particular jam and also game jams in general? I’ve mostly been working on one single game <.< But I’m here with one you can actually experience!

Take command of Devloc as he frees his spaceship from invaders in the tried-and-tested twin-stick format! And if you do it well, he’ll get more powerful and also fatter. That’s the world we live in, baby.

Controls are WASD to move, click to shoot, and R to restart. Yes, this doesn’t currently support an actual stick. It’s a work in progress. Still needs things like that, and music, and more art assets, and more than one stage, and a title screen…

I suggest not giving suggestions for new content and features, because well, it’s a work in progress, and anything that you say that I agree with is probably either 1. something I am actively working towards, or 2. something I don’t want to think about right now because I’m already working on point 1. Especially if it’s “add more weight stages;” you think I’m a coward??? I’m no coward!!! But if you really wanna, hey, I can’t stop you.


I do not think you are a coward… Or maybe your just trying to intimidate people?

Looks really good! Can’t wait to see more of this.

It’s nice to see more Male-centric WG games here. :slight_smile:


I have to say it is a nice idea and I do love top down shooter.

Solid basis for a fun game. Didn’t run into any particular issues other than when I tried to full screen. The character art is cute and has a lot of personality.

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This is a really great game so far! Great characters and game play although I wish the firing speed was slightly shorter. Really looking forward to the next update!

I noticed that when you move the player sort of vibrates. when you did the camera follow the player did you do something like this?

func _process(delta):
	$Camera2D.position = $Player.position

because if you did a simple fix for it is to either make the camera a child of the player or put the camera position code in func _physics_process(delta): instead

Ah, I didn’t know you could resize the window <.< this liberty has been squashed because I’m hardcoding everything.

Nah, the camera’s already a child of the player, just with some smoothing. I haven’t noticed any jittering.

I looked into it and the reason why it jitters for me is because I have an 144Hz monitor so I can see the jitters but if I change it down to 60Hz it looks ok. this can be fixed by changing the cameras process mode from Idle to Physics

How in the heck do I open this file type???

inside the .zip there should be an .exe and a .pck if not then something is wrong

I don’t know why I waited a day to respond to this, but the firing speed is ideally something that changes with your belt! Although right now it doesn’t change very much.


Oh okay, that makes sense then, keep up the good work!

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OP updated with version 0.0.4! (0.1.0 is reserved for the final of the contest and then I will probably never use that first digit. This is how versioning works.) Not much new content, just looks a bit more presentable, and now you should be able to get up to belt 6. Next I’ll probably focus on implementing more than one level, so there’s actually like, a progression of sorts. I cannot promise I will implement saving.


The new update is really good! The new robot enemies took a little bit of getting used to but after a few goes I can beat them pretty well. The new belt levels are great and I love the little animations that come up when you reach a new one! Overall this game is really enjoyable!


The presentation of this game is extremely good. There is also an element of actual challenge to it that I enjoy, and the reward for succeeding at the gameplay is more weight gain rather than the weight gain being rewarded for losing. The dialogue is witty and the designs are cute.

Great job!!!


As I’m a sucker for Hotline Miami, I’d imagine you took inspiration from it.
It’s a fun game, but one thing that kinda annoyed me is how you’re not able to see enemies that are off screen, especially the strongest ones you have so far. Funnily enough, HM had a fix for that; If you held down the Shift key and used the mouse to look, you could look even farther,
Think you could implement something like that?
Also, a cross hair would also be nice.

Anyway, great game! can’t wait to see more of it!


Updated OP with what I hope is the final version for the jam! There’s now a proper campaign, and I hope you’ll be satisfied with it!


Got to what I was pretty sure was the last bot, shot it, and the game crashed.