Pokemon weight gain dungeon, [ver 0.4.0a-wip (2024/Jan/26)]

I tried writing some weight-based variants for the apple picking scene at the end of the Plains dungeon. I feel like the scene at the end of the Tunnel dungeon (on repeat visits) would also be a good opportunity for that kind of variation. It mentions that you take a look at your reflection in the lake, so it would only be natural for you to notice how your body has changed, right?


I see, do you think this change depending on the weight stage when the player most recently arrived?

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Ah, actually, I was thinking of comparing yourself to when you first passed through the tunnel, when you were thin. But your idea might be even better! It might require more writing, though… Well, I’ll give it some thought. Maybe I’ll come up with something.

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That is awesome! I’m going to play it

Hi. Sorry for not posting lately. And I won’t be able to touch the computer for a while due to bigger real-life event (moving). So I think updates will be delayed even further.

Therefore? , I decided to collect ideas during that time. I’ve just created a special file with Google Docs, so feel free to write in it!


The document is view only, we can’t write in it.

I think a Google Forms might work better for this anyway, since it would prevent people from editing each other’s ideas.


Events for Dungeon:

Move Cubone out of the dungeon so visiting them is less rng dependent.

Visiting Cubone enough times would give the player an offer as a secondary place to stay.


Oh, sorry. my bad.
I tried recreating it using Google Forms. I hope it goes well.

OK, got it.
Cubone…or rather, I think I’ll completely recreate the mystery room encounter. (Always appear only once before reaching the end of the dungeon)

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I have submitted my form, and most certainly hope that we get that cookie.


Edit: I’ll actually just put this in the ideas forum

I seen what you said about evolution a while ago, you could probably make the evolution stones for eevee be found in the dungeons when you explore, (thunder, water, dusk, leaf, etc), as for other races, could just be a confirmation that you want to evolve when you get to the right level (example, bulbasaur evolves at level 16, so when you reach that level there could be a popup that says something like “oh, you’ve leveled up quite a lot, would you like to evolve or stay as your current pokemon?” And to not annoy players every time they level up, if you decide not to evolve but want to later, you could have it as a button while you’re in your room)


Thanks for the ideas! I have already read through most of them, but I would like to respond directly to some. Some people wish to remain anonymous. :

Evolution systems are mostly PSMD or RTDX style. (Not GTI). I would like to keep the level the same, replace Happiness with Explorer ranks, and replace everything else with currencies like Evo crystals, so that we don’t get overwhelmed with tons of unnecessary items just for specific evolutions.
Also, evolution only occurs in specific places.
Also, in order to evolve, you need to go to a specific place. That is, unless you go there, the evolution dialogue will not occur.

  • Vore
    Someone mentioned Vore, but I’m ctrl+v this from a reply to a previous FA’s comment…

First of all, regarding vore, I think it’s a little sensitive to deal with it in this game. (Maybe it’s just because I’m not interested.) I think moves like vore may be implemented in the future, but I don’t think I’ll ever write a real vore scene.

  • Species
    I received several ideas for species, and of course some of them were planned by myself.
    For those who don’t, I’m planning to create something like a community dungeon with an off-main story and have them appear in it, what do you think?

There was someone who anonymously submitted a huge amount of ideas! Thank you! (I wanted to give credit if possible.) It was a proposal that conveyed the passion. So (Because they allowed it), I’ll try to reply to some of them here. (I don’t know if it gets across though…)

  • npc gain
    Unfortunately they are scheduled to be implemented… It has already been implemented to defeat the enemy by making them “too fat to fight”. And there will also be a wg scene of the islanders from Malus isle (btw I don’t like name Malus “region”, so I plan to rename this way). I don’t want to talk too much about the story, but please understand that it won’t be a protag-wg-only game…
    But I have to say this: I prefer protag-only-wg! In other words, only important chars that are protagonist or similar are fat. Because it gives speciality to being fat. I often think of things like ``an IF world where only the protagonist and partner are fat.‘’
    (Bonus, art of my rescue team. It’s a bit old work, though.)

However, maybe the town that appears in the original will make a cameo appearance? I don’t know if it will be related to the story, but at least it’s not related to fat at all, so it would be interesting to have a normal foreigner vs. an abnormally fat Malus islander. What do you all think?

  • hire a caregiver
    I really like this idea! lol
    But how should I implement this in a game where the player always travels alone? For example, make equipment such as an extreme grip or walking assist device, or make it a caretaker pokemon (item)…

  • abilities of pokemon
    The plan was not to implement that, but… There were so many that it seemed like it would be difficult.
    I’m thinking of using an equipment system instead. Equips with the same effects as some abilities will appear.
    By the way, the equipment system does not have fixed parts like head, armor, etc., but rather it is like equipping a large number of accessories at the same time. Like PSMD. (Or terraria?)

I guess this is it for now. If I come up with a new idea, I’ll reply each time!
I’m currently busy with moving, but I’m planning to start working on version 0.4.0a as soon as I’m done.


That looks like a great idea! And I LOVE your art that you posted, I love marowak, especially fat ones!


I feel for the caregiver bit, you could have flag that triggers separate text for activities, said flag only being active if you have a caregiver. So in example, marching text would be normal, but if you have a caregiver, alternate text would be given.

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Don’t know rhat hapenned here… but i saw a player that picked charmander and when he reach the 100kg he became immobile… but my eevee weights 210kg and he still manage to walk normally with the same description that says “massive body”

Really? There’s no weight penalty now, so it can’t be immobile…
Is that reproducible?

I assume its talking of the picture i posted in January, when you still had the immobility system, now its not there anymore, so thats why they are asking.

oooo so there’s no more weight penalty now? so… what happen now when you keep gaining weight?