Pokemon weight gain dungeon [ver 0.4.2a js test (2024/Apr/9)]

I think the Immobile line will not be constant, but will change depending on the player’s status. So, depending on your status, you may become immobile immediately, or you may become extremely massive and still be able to move.
And since it hasn’t been implemented yet, you can now gain weight without penalty and without limits!

The specifications of Mystery room will change with the upcoming version. (Already implemented) You should be able to visit it more stably!

And I’m also worried about vresion compatibility issues… In conclusion, there is no compatibility. You can read data from the previous version into the new version, but I think an error will occur somewhere.
I’m thinking of an alternative to this… Until then, you might want to be cautious about digging into one version…


So then there’s not a weight above massive like a blob or something unless extremely massive is it. I like the idea is if you have enough speed or whatever you can be huge but still mobile.


I got over 400 lbs and no change in size description so I am assuming that massive is the last one.

Update time! (was actually scheduled to be finished about a week ago.)

As previously announced, there are some visual updates. In addition, some QOL updates also serve as updates. For example, making it possible to use items consecutively.

Additionally, I also implemented some weight related sentences and some events by someoneoutthere! Thank you for waiting!

And I made some changes to the mystery house encounter. Now you should encounter a mystery house once every explore. Also, in preparation for further updates to Cubone, I made some changes to her events.
This is my biggest concern with this update. If you were supposed to be in the dungeon but suddenly get thrown out into town, please let me know.

The report is like this. Well then, please enjoy this time too~ I’m considering whether to do moves or evolves next update…



Congrats on another update, hope life is better for you now since last time. As for the update, im enjoying a lot the colour and icons, helps it out a lot. Also the new menu to consume items to avoid having to repeat going from menu to menu is great.
I started a new game but this time chose Totodile since i love him a lot too and when using Bite it gave an error message and said to contact the developer, so im doing that. Everything else worked great, got to a big size and didnt see any new bugs outside of Bite.
Cant wait for the next update if you are doing more dungeon and evolutions.


It happened me twice, i was in the floor 3/4, appeared the mysterious cave, the cubone cave and then i was thrown out to the town


Unless… the cubone cave count as a room all by itself

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I feel honored to see my ideas implemented. And the change to item usage is much appreciated as well, of course. It’s also good to see some of the uh… stranger translations fixed. (Poor Growlithe…)

One very minor bug I noticed is that when entering a dungeon, sometimes the game lists the wrong number of floors (i.e. it says 7 floors for the tunnel or 4 floors for the plains). It didn’t happen every time, though, and I couldn’t really tell what was causing it.

Also, when I entered the Mystery House in the tunnel, it seemed like it didn’t consume the Invitation. Visiting Cubone did, though.

But anyway, it’s a good update. I’m looking forward to seeing where the game goes from here!


I believe the plus one floor is the cubone room since it always spawned as a floor for me and was the only thing on it. Also you got the floor count swapped on the dungeons funnily enough


Hello! Just some random and miscellanous thoughts/suggestions I thought I’d drop here. This is already one of my favorite games here, design-wise!

  1. A way to exchange EVs or “belly points” for orher things, such as money or items, might be neat. Maybe as a “deal with a devil” sort of thing. Another thing for between floors maybe?
  2. “Elite enemies” might be a neat idea to add as well. Different pools of stronger/bigger Pokemon, who could have some extra EVs, as well as occasionally higher than normal fat values. Probably as a between floors encounter.
    2b: Some elite pokemon ideas (that would also potentially be fun to fatten up as a playable Pokemon) would be:
    Tunnel: Lickitung, Make Rhyhorn an elite (and maybe replace its spot in normal encounters with something else? Psyduck or something), Kangaskhan, Aerodactyl
    Plains: Tauros, Miltank, Zangoose (maybe at least until a more mountain themed dungeon might/will be added)
  3. Not sure if it would be a good idea or not but maybe port the mechanic from the official games that kicks you out of a dungeon if you spend too long on a given floor, if only to encourage progression instead of grinding up fat/exp.
  4. It would be more writing work, but I think it would be relevant to include an avian/winged bodytype, since it’s different enough from regular bipedalism. And maybe a quad/bipedal switch bodytype, for Pokemon like Pikachu, Rattata, Cyndaquil, etc. (which have all been officially shown to be nearly/just as comfortable walking either way), which could culminate in something like “your belly has gotten so big that you can no longer walk on all fours, forcing you to walk upright.” But that bodytpe is probably a lot less relevant.

The updates say there were these scenes added based on your weight but not once has my player character been able to “dodge” anything. Also you misspelled Kecleon (you have it as “kecreon”)


by elite enemies… you mean a totem pokemon? the ones that got introduced on alola… maybe that suits your idea

Probably closer to dx’s strong enemy mechanic in all likelyhood

I wasn’t intentionally referencing any Pokemon mechanic. I just thought that having distinct encounters with stronger Pokemon would potentially allow for some more diverse Pokemon to be inplemented. I was mostly thinking along the lines of like Diablo’s elite enemies or just minibosses in general.

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The end-of-dungeon scenes also respond to your weight, but as for dodging, at the moment, it seems the only way for an enemy’s attack to fail is if you feed it apples first.

By the way, while trying to get the “fat dodge” messages to trigger, I discovered a pretty major bug. If you successfully run away from a battle, then in all subsequent battles, if you’re faster than the enemy, then the enemy won’t be able to get a turn. This will continue until you fail an attempt to run (which might not be possible if your character’s speed is too high).


I didn’t expect to get so many replies after just leaving for a while. Let me answer some of the things that caught my attention…

This happens when I couldn’t specify the move effect correctly, or forgot to create it in the first place. Thanks for pointing it out!
By the way, the same thing can happen with items. If you strangely see “You can’t use the item this way.”, it’s a setting miss.

Well…this happens because the flag that the player is in the dungeon is wonky… The punishment that I had roughly set up came around.
I need to think of a method that works more stably…

It seems that the info of the last dungeon you entered is displayed. This is also a wonky flag management setting… Also thank you for reporting on consumption of invitation!



Hmm, interesting. By the way, regarding EV, I’m considering adding something like pomeg berry, which decreases certain EV and increases fatness accordingly. Events that are directly related to increases and decreases EV…

This is also interesting. However, it seems likely that it will not be implemented until much later.

As for the body description, Gillsley is currently working on it, so let’s talk to him (or her) about it… The new description is for each body part, so I think it’s highly extensible, but some special bodies are still a little tricky.
Another thing is about species that are originally fatty. Like snorlax. It’s hard to imagine them being truly fatless.
If they are thin weight, I imagine “they have some body fat, but it’s nowhere near the healthy amount of body fat for that race” . What do you think?

Or wait until you can change evasion and accuracy with the stats effect update, which will be around ver 0.6.0a… Will this project last that long…?

Also, thank you for reporting the issue. I’ll check it later.


Update time. But this time it’s not so much fun.

This time it is an internal update. I am adding a large amount of moves and species in v0.5.0, but it is difficult to manage such a large amount of data with twine editor, so I decided to load external data so that I can edit it with visual studio code.
As a result, the operating environment has diverged from the situation that twine was originally intended for, so I would like everyone to check whether they can test it in their own environment.

From now on, a folder called “pwgd_data” is required in the same location as the PWGD html file. Of course, pwgd_data also changes depending on the version, so please do not separate these two.
…I wrote a cautionary note, but everyone here is used to using PCs, so there’s no need to bother with such a cautionary note, right!?
By the way, if data loading fails, an alert will appear, so you should know right away. If you are unsure whether it has been loaded, please open the console. Whether it was loaded correctly is output to the log. Like this.

Other than that, I just fixed some minor bugs. So it’s almost the same as v0.4.1. However, the bite bug and running bug should have been resolved.


Hopefully this means I can play as a Spoink or Stunky soon.

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I just want to mention that having the data be separate from the html makes it so that the game is no longer playable on android devices as-is. While I’m not oposed to playing twine games on PC, I generally prefer playing them on android.

MCRugerMasta’s Curse of Something has both an in-browser version that’s usable on mobile, as well as a downloadable apk, so it might be a gold idea to do something similar.

Not demanding anything, of course, just bringing this to your attention.