Pokemon WG text game by UnknownCleric2420



Ok, well now I feel silly for forgetting about Gardevoir. x3


Celesteela is already heaviest pokemon but she still look too slim, and Pheromosa emm… you kown make her become slob.


How big will the pokemon get?


I kinda prefer clean fatties, not dirty, covered with food, pimples, and stink fatties


I completely agree with you


maybe he could add a “keep it clean” option that turns all slobs into clean fatties


Was thinking of suggesting a female Eevee with its evolution (if she evolves at all which should be an option) being influenced by the player then I realized that might be a bit too complicated as each evolution would probably have different fat distributions depending on the evolution.


They’re gonna be able to reach immobiltiy. :3


in that case would it be possible to stop before that happens, because I like my fatties to be as large as they can while retaining mobility


Yeah, it will be possible, however I’m not sure how easy I’ll make it. ^^,


how about a weight limiter


Ok, I think I have a few ideas as to whatI could do.


as long as we got a choice as to when to stop and it doesn’t go on even if we don’t want it to


one last thing, we we be able to be the fatty ourself?


Yes, I’m planning on it :3


Oh that’s a really nice option you can just be the character themselves instead of dating them great for those who want to be the fatty themselves


good to hear, I am looking forward to this


I’m a simple old boy; I see mentions of anthro pokes, I click and like.

It’s just alluring! I’ll happily wait in line, and hope to see just what you craft!


that’s us furries, we see something that catches our eye, we click, if it matches our interests, boom, we like, I suppose that’s how I became a furry myself, I just stumbled across Weasyl one day and then started searching for other furry sites and boom, I’m a furry


how about liliygant since we should have more cute mons