Pokemon WG text game by UnknownCleric2420


I already gotcha covered there. Sent a Lilligant character I created to them. :slight_smile:


Can you like make a Skuntank character? Skuntank is my favorite Pokémon and it would be exciting for me to meet one in game.


how about giving it it the ability to expel gases with various effects, like fattening up others, or maybe expansion of the various parts (mainly belly, boobs, and butt)


What do you think of that idea?

  1. That would be considered slob, which according to the poll, most people do not want in the game.
  2. I am not including any more characters in the game, at least for now.

well if Slob is disabled it could just be him spraying out musk like an actual skunk, plus I was adding on to Tag’s suggestion of the character


Dangit… I wanted Skuntank in the game. Why did you disallow additional characters for now?


he is most likely trying to put the already suggested characters in the game


@DarkShadowWulf is right, I’m having writer’s block and I already have 13 characters to work on at the moment, I can’t just add even more >.>


Dangit. I hoped a Skuntank character could be in the game.


I’m looking forward to this. Good luck on the project mate! Hope it’s going well


You ever need any help for proof-reading, pre-reading, or editing, I’m more than willing to help.


Likewise! I’d be happy to help as proof-reader and editor as well, if you need one. :slight_smile:


well good luck with that, I hope you got a lot of good suggestions for charcters