Pokemon WG text game by UnknownCleric2420



Hello everyone! After playing Strasbane University (Or at least what we currently have of it) I am proud to say that I am making a Quest game of my own! It’s official: I’m actually doing something on here! Yay!
Currently there is no real title, if anyone has any ideas for that let me know and I’ll edit this post.
But anyways, aside from that, it’s going to be a WG dating sim type of game, with Pokemon as the main characters!

EDIT: Holy crud, 1.2K views! Thanks everyone for your support ^w^
I’ll try to get a playable build out as soon as there’s at least 1 date-able character.
EDIT 2: Jesus Christ, 2.4K views! Thank you so much!
EDIT 3: I am no longer accepting character submissions.
EDIT 4: I’m experiencing some serious writer’s/coder’s block at the moment, production has slowed down.

Polls regarding the Pokemon WG Game

Can’t wait for it come out


I’ll wait eagerly for this~


how do I DM on here?


Click on my name then select Message! :3


I have the great excitement! :smiley:


Sounds like something I’d be interested in. When I actually have time, I’ll send a DM to you.


Is it 100% furry? :thinking:


hmm not sure how to think about this. Great on you for deciding to create your own project.

If its going to be a furry game with the actual pokemon as the date able girls I do have a character that I’ve been working on/ wanting to make that is my fav, a female Aggron. I can let you use it if that’s the case

But who’s going to be doing any artwork for this project? the members that subbmit the OC or will you comission someone, are you just going to google for artwork? or will you be the main artist for this project?


This will be sweet can’t wait for it to come out


Mmm interesting are the dateable girls anthro,moemon(humans in cute outfits), or regular pokemon and might as well include a Latias and Cresselia in it as they are the only confirmed female ledgendary pokemon.(and maybe heatran but it may be a bit hard to make it look good fat)


I hope you can make a storyline for Hex Maniac, she is my favorite NPC in Pokemon.


Yes, it will be. Sorry!


They’re going to be anthro. :3 I’ll consider your ideas!


It’s going to be anthro Pokemon only, sorry!


It’s going to be made in Quest, which is a text adventure game engine. While you can add images I will mostly be relying on text descriptions.


okay, I’ll still offer my one OC the Aggron girl and maybe a few more if you’d like

even though you’ll mostly be going for a text based game I was planning to make oc pokemon anthro’s art and few years ago I ased what I think is an awesome fat anthro pokemon artist EddyTheOkapi [shame he’s given up on fat girl art] but I did ask him if I could learn his style or drawing and he agreed. So I might get back into drawing and sketch up a few designs in the future if your interested once you’ve got the project made

don’t hold your breath on this but I’ll see what I can do as it’s making me feel inspired to resume my drawing skills, I can’t promise anything colored yet


Just female Pokemon right now? Most of my Pokemon characters are male, but I can come up with a female one if that’s all that’ll be in.


It’s both female and male, and you can play as either male or female. (Possibly going to add non-binary genders as well.)


well, do you have Gardevoir ?