Text Adventure Game - Strasbane University



Hi, I’ve decided to post a very early alpha version of a text adventure game I’ve been working on for a few months. It takes place in a university and has magical elements. I want to know what everyone thinks and what people would like to see in the future. It can be found here:


Future Plans:

  • More Days
  • Increased Maximum Fatness
  • Non-Binary Genders
  • Customizable Rival
  • More Self Customization Choices
  • More Lore
  • And More…


Seems super promising so far


Looks interesting! It’s kinda hard to get around, but it’s easy to get used to. Also, I’ve noticed script errors when talking to some people, is that normal?


I actually had to make an account on the here just to show my support on this project.
You can not comprehend how invested I was in this world just from the start. I have not read all the extra world building dialog, but i really should.
Three mix of mysteries characters with your typical cute school characters are a real charm and makes me feel even more welcome. Plus having to switch your weight at the start just to see how you eat is quite nice. Especially if you choose to be obese right from the start.

There are a fair number of typos and the occasional code showing up when speaking, especially with Jenny before you even leave your dorm.

I was honestly heartbroken that there wasn’t more the moment i joined a club. But I do know there’s going to be plenty more to come.

P.S. - With more customization coming, could it be possible to get purple eyes?


Wow, I really like this already! Hoping to see more of this in the future.


Looks like it has a strong outline so far! Like mentioned above there were little small mistakes but they didn’t bother me too much, though. The only thing that really got me was Laura Berry since when you first walk up to her to speak to her, it claims that you “walk up to the boy”. Which is more’n likely a coding mistake, but all in all there’s nothing wrong or glaring to say.


I’m looking forward to more of this one, and was disappointed when the events ended after the club sign up.

Yes, there are some funny bugs; I don’t know quite how it came to be that I was giving other students my name as “Look at my bed”. I nearly lost a mouthful of coffee to that one.


It depends, I know there are parts where I haven’t finished the dialogue but there shouldn’t be any on day 1 or 2 unless I messed up.


Thank you, and yes purple eyes is definitely possible with customization. I’ll be adding more selectable options available from the beginning and there will be more magical options available later. A lot of the spelling mistake are probably due to me rushing and the fact the program has to spell check, I try to copy the text into word to find them but I still sometime miss them.


That error is likely due to Joe being the first character I made so some of his text probably accidently appears on other characters. It should be an easy fix if I find it.


I loved the game! I’m definetly drawn to this kind of world and I can’t wait to see more of what you have in store for the game :slight_smile:


Woah this is really really nice. Im super interested to see what else you can do into this, and i will def be supporting you in the future ^^


@Revengeancer Played the game so far and I am very impressed!! Love the game!! Please add more interactions with the girl in the cafeteria!


Currently I got done some bug fixes, added some customization options, and added two short quests during day 3; one for Joe and one for Kathy. I can only update the game Friday to Sunday so I was wondering if people wanted me to post small updates each week or if I should wait until I get a larger chunk done like adding a quest for every character (which I plan to do).


I want you to take your time. Plan out how you want the updates to come. Once a week sounds like a heavy pressure for smaller updates, but waiting longer for updates makes it seem like you need to make more. Best to work in what you think needs to be done at the moment.

Personally, I’d want all of Day 3 to at least be finished before an update is to come out. It will give ample time for more world building, plus get have us become more acquainted with the characters we like.


i would like one update a week


I would like one week update as well


I’ll work on the game tomorrow and Sunday and see if I can have all of day 3 completed before the end of Sunday.


do i have to explore the whole school before i can sleep? because im getting lost each time


To finish the first day you have to approach the students in the plaza and speak to each of the six students outside of your dorm: Sweatshirt Girl, Studious Girl, Energetic Girl, Chubby Boy, Shady-looking Boy, and Shifty Boy.