Polls regarding the Pokemon WG Game

What themes are you OK with me putting in the Pokemon WG Text Game?
EDIT: THE POLL WILL CLOSE ON APRIL 8TH. Thank you for voting!

  • Vore
  • No Vore

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  • Immobility
  • No Immobility

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  • Slob
  • No Slob

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How long you want this poll to last?

Probably going to keep it up for a few days to a week. Not everyone is very active on this site.

Edit: Also someone might change their mind.

Once you vote on a option you can’t take it back

Ah, my bad.
Well, nonetheless, some people will still take longer to see this than others.

I know that just was wondering how long the poll will last.

glad to see that vore and slob are on the lower end with their votes, though the majority on immobility is worrying, how about an option to disable these instead?


Well, I may add it later, but at the moment the game is barely even functioning, all I have down is the character creator. However I may add in the ability to toggle all of these themes in the future.

a little bit of lite slob can’t hurt, right? ’ 3’


Yeah, I’m not a fan of very extreme slob, I’ll do everyhting but farting >.> But yeah, just a bit of it is fine by me :3

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tbh I don’t mind slight burps or farts, but not full on, food and dirt everywhere, slobs, maybe just a little bit of mess while eating that gets cleaned up afterwards, but not covered in a massive mess/pile of filth 24/7


I have to agree with DarkShadowWulf. I can handle a bit of slob, but I find it can become way too gross way too quickly.

Honestly, if you want to include any and all of these themes, the polls should be more what you add first rather than as a whole, and just make it so you can enable or disable them later on down the line. ex. “Well I want to see vore and immobility but not slob”.

A simple solution to a simple problem. No need to cherrypick what gets included overall.

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Well, yes, I understand that, however I was actually planning to have a sort of toggle for it down the line. For now though there will only be immobility. ^w^

I appreciate you asking, I really enjoy slob stuff but I can see why it isn’t for everyone.
Anyway, keen to see the results and upcoming game! Good luck with it!