Poll: Unwilling Gain?

For the sake of curiosity and the off chance that it’s informative, what are everyone’s thoughts on scenarios in which the gainer isn’t happy about fattening up? Such scenarios can involve force feeding, sudden magical gaining, or just an overall lack of enthusiasm for fatness on the part of the gainer. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

  • I prefer unwilling gain over willing, but like both.
  • I like it, but I prefer willing.
  • I like both and don’t necessarily prefer one over the other.
  • I may or may not like it, depending on the details.
  • I don’t like unwilling gain at all.

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Elements of punishment, poetic justice, and revenge are things I enjoy in weight gain fiction.


If they end up genuinely distressed and upset about their gains then it’s VERY much a no go for me. But if they’re just more annoyed and slightly flustered about it then I can find that to be kinda cute ^^7

Bonus points if they’re eventually comfortable and accepting of their larger selves, or if they even straight up enjoy their gains ^^


I think the answer here very much depends on if you are talking about in real life, in a game, or in fictional writing.

In real life, unwilling gaining is very much a no go for me beyond polite encouraging. I’m cool with things like bringing food to a friend’s house or suggesting dessert/seconds when you are out and about, but anything even remotely pushy is not good at all.

In games, I think there is a lot more leeway, but I think it needs to be a very good game to make me like it. Essentially it needs to feel justified in some sense to not feel scummy, and that is sometimes hard to do in a game.

In writing, give me unwilling gaining all day long. It’s a very fun genre with a number of interesting tropes that can be explored (former athlete/prom queen/cheerleader for example). And it is much easier to create more nuanced scenarios that feel much better here. For example, the story Large and Live on Fantasy Feeder is a fantastic story about forced weight gain, but it feels both playful and fun in a way that is really hard to replicate in any other medium.

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I like it in certain scenarios, particularly when the person gaining weight has been victimizing others or otherwise abusing their power. One of my favorite fantasies in this vein involves a man trying to stealthily fatten up a few unwilling women, only for them to turn the tables and fatten him instead. I also like the idea of fattening a character who’s been fatphobic toward other characters, or someone who’s just a jerk in general and ends up loosening up as he gains. (Bonus points if the character learns they like being fat and gaining more than they like mistreating others.)

That being said, this is one of those things that I only enjoy when it’s done to men. If a woman’s gaining, I prefer to see her enjoying it, or at least learning to like it over time.

Slightly tangential, but I tend to prefer it when the “gain” aspect plays second fiddle to the “eating/food” aspect. I like my feedees to be foodies; gourmands driven by gluttonous desires or with rampaging appetites rather than focus on gaining.

Definitely hits a switch when feedee has gained massively and they are either oblivious to it or dismiss it as they are still hungry.

I like weight gain when it’s forced. I’m not much into the long-term feeding element, but I’m not necessarily into instant weight gain either. Like a sorceress unknowingly cursed by gremlins that make her gain weight with each spell she casts, or a cyber agent captured and used as a test subject for supper-fattening serum. There might be hope to return to normal, or at least cancel the weight, but it’s hard to acquire and/or there’s only a limite4d time to use it.

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if the gains main purpose is to be lewd then I would like the character to like it or be neutral to it. if one or more characters are not into something I usually lose interest.

if the gains main purpose is something else (like being silly), but it’s also lewd, I usually like it.

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I declined to answer the poll because my ideal response would be, “I only like unwilling gain.” I should make the distinction that “unwillingness” does not mean “forced.” @BlakLite, you captured my preference best with the

line. I tend to describe my ideal gaining scenario as “unintentional,” rather than “unwilling,” even though the terms are essentially synonyms. By indulging in fattening foods and living a sedentary lifestyle, you are unknowingly willing yourself to gain weight. From that perspective, the gain is willing (since no one is forcing you to live that way), yet unintentional (you were not trying to gain weight).


I’ve always had a soft spot for a reluctant gainer. She may not have set out to gain weight, but poor diet and a lack of exercise has seen that become somewhat unavoidable.

Reluctant and unwilling gaining feels the most natural since gaining isn’t a typical stance adopted in real life, so it’s readily relatable in that sense. I tend to view the focus of the character’s motivations shifting to gaining only as the pinnacle of a feedee’s journey, from unwilling or incidental feedee > willing feedee > accomplished gainer.

Having a feedee be excited about growing bigger and gains from the outset can feel a bit hacky if not done right. For example, the Cat Queen from Roops’s “Feed the Crown” makes it clear that she sees herself as too thin and there are no bones about her extreme characterization when it comes to stuffing and gaining, so she gets a pass.


Hindsight being 20/20, I realize that I should have made the distinction between forced and unwilling, and incorporated additional choices into the poll. Also, shame on me for not including an option for unwilling only.

for me it honestly really depends on the scenario.
for example, i think space thumper is a good example of a game where unwilling works well because it does not have “lewd haha!” jokes/focus and the MC is forced to gain out of necessity

another good example of unwilling gain is currently unnamed stuffing rpg, because while it does have lewd jokes/focus, the part where it works is that she herself has a fat fetish but isnt willing to gain herself, so the irony saves the scenario.

I mean, I don’t like it, but I don’t think it needs to be eliminated as a story trope or anything.

I don’t mind it if the person had it coming or obviously a captive of someone/something