Possibilities for Baldur's Gate 3 modding?

So Baulders Gate 3 recently released into early access. And I was wondering if it was possible to mod the character models in anyway? I’m not a modder, but if it’s possible it would be an interesting challenge to try and mod in some fat models

or we could do it ourself’s and not be dicks about it

edit: the game is made by the same team as Divinity Original Sin 2 (and seems to be in the same engine) and they did release modding tools for that so I would expect that they would do it to this game as well

edit2: the post my first statement was responding to was withdrawn so it doesn’t make much sense anymore


I mean I wouldn’t mind asking in a more straight forward fashion. Maybe just say “Hey, we’re big fans of character creation and would like to see this expanded upon, would you mind giving us access to diverse bodies to personally our characters?” If we’re reasonable Larian Studios may listen because they seem to be pretty responsive to fans

Also that’s good to know about the missing tools most likely being available in the future. Although from what I recall there didn’t seem to be a lot of mods created for DOS 2 that dealt with altering a characters appearance in any drastic measure

there was an advanced character creator made. I think it’s mostly because the people modding it doesn’t care to much about changing the visuals

In my opinion Baulder’s Gate 3 have a great potential in modding. Not just models, but a gameplay too.
Why? Because BG based on D&D 5e. What also based on it? Yes, Expand D&D.
I think we can translate many mechanics from it into the game. Like spells, items, weight effects, even classes maybe. But that all depends on what they will allow to modify.
It maybe possible that they won’t let us add new Eating skill, or new classes.


Gotta remember that Baldur’s Gate 3 is a 3D game, too, so you have to worry about tracking down 3D animators and modelers, rather than just needing a table and an imagination.


If it’s anything like Divinity they were pretty good about modding, only thing is the tools took quite a while to get released after the full release of the game.
Man having an adaption of some EDnd spells and mechanics would be epic but definitely a mountain of effort.


That sounds like a lot of work. I think it would be better for us to crowdfund an Expand D&D mod for the game in order to incentivize a modder, or teams of modders, to make the mod come into fruition.

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Anybody been keeping up to date on the Baulder’s gate 3 modding. It looks the the character creator will have robust options but lack the range of body types we would like to see. I’d love to help with modding that.


I do know they have body types for most character races now. It’s just the option to be either slim or muscular, but that could mean the infrastructure is there to allow custom body types.

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(First I’m sorry about the edit, the spelling was bugging me so bad)

While I can’t modify, as I’m terrible with visual artistry as it is, I’m very excited about the pending release for this game and the possibility to see mods come to this. Whether fat mods, character customization options that may or may not include fat body types, etc.

And the game’s pretty amazing, too, so it’d be really fun to see these mods in action.

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Ah no worries about the edit. I created this topic three years ago on my phone and didn’t bother to check my grammar so I appreciate you coming in and fixing it. And yeah definitely, I think regardless of any mods it’s going to be a great game! The beta is already pretty solid.

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I know of these two mods


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also found out about this