Princess Feed by HPP

I’ve found another relevant game on Pixiv here, which appears to be about fattening up a princess.


I have no idea what’s going on or how to progress. I understand the top menu is food/drinks and you can consume them, but the calorie count doesn’t go up for me and I’m not sure how to advance the “story” so if someone has advice on how to do so please let me know! Thanks in advance!

just keep eating everyday and she will getting fatter each day.

Have you found out how to progress? I am having the same problemes as you

eat, snacking and go to bed, repeat.


in japan, you need be 20 years old that can called adult, so this is a game talking about young princess who don’t have responsibility get fat, but This is the same as a fairy tale,go comfit it.

Just a quick heads-up that like the other Japanese game that was posted here recently, all the WG in this one happens exclusively through text. If you can’t read Japanese, you can safely skip this one (unless someone makes a translation).


Whatever happened to that one translator we had floating around here?

Here’s a run through with Translator++ for MTL.

It’s so short (only 1 map) I’ve also edited so that the text fits in the window and added a plugin to add an extra line for Item’s and Skill descriptions.

I did finish it, so it’s pretty slow going to the next tier of curse. You can check your status for various sizes too. As a hint, it’s always better to eat the higher tier item even if you don’t get completely full.

Princess Feed (65.9 KB)


you just put that file into the original?

If you don’t mind me asking, how do you gain access to the rpgmaker files to use Translator++?

If you use translator++, just click the Game exe file. It should then load all the data into the translator

Yeah overwrite the files in the www folder with the files in the patch.

You are amazing! Thank you for putting in this answer!

Anyway to have her not go through with that breast form thing?
Or is that just a story thing?

I ask because I fed her nothing but peaches and it still happened.

Does it let you edit it all manually? If so, I might translate some of this guy’s stuff. Maybe.

Someone know problem the games MV freeze and Black screen?
Sometimes have the problem playing some games RPG MV.

Yep Translator++ puts the entire thing into an Excel Sheet like program, Super simple.
Here’s a screenshot.

Works for almost all RPGMaker programs. Although you have to be careful about some of the more complex games that uses custom scripts (Plugins). Sometime it tries to translates the special codes the plugin uses and causes the game to crash. Usually it’s an easy fix if you know what to look for, like “\n” is a new line in custom dialog box plugin I’ve seen that google translate sometimes changes to “\ n”

This game is so amazing small (being only 1 map) that it was easy enough for me to go and double check the word wrap which I wouldn’t do normally. It also lacks any plugins. So I think if you’ll like to learn to use Translator++ this would be a quick easy game to cut your teeth on. Feel free to message me if you need help here. I can answer any questions you have too since I’ve been using it for a while and I got the most recent version since I’m on his Patreon.

@onipuck When I went through the game files, it looks like this version doesn’t yet have those features. The only skills listed are those related to general fat, digestion, and breasts. The variables are in though. I assume a future version will add it.

@ItsCU Does it happen on startup? It might be due to your locale (The default language set on your computer). I use Locale Emulator to run programs in a Japanese locale, tends to solve odd issues with rpgmaker running in different regions.

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hey this game do have a good ending right?