Princess Goblin Story - A derpy little goblin-living sim

Edit 4: Bugfix/Minor Content addition

Most recent version is on at: Princess Goblin Story by Vagrant Slime
(Game Jam version is set as Jam.1)

Modern, non-game jam version can be found at the itch, and also at the project thread for this game:

Old Jam.0 Links: Mega Upload mirror: 404.23 MB file on MEGA
Dropbox Mirror (May be dead from excessive traffic): Dropbox - - Simplify your life

A dumb little game about a dumb little goblin. Run about town and build up skills and gather what you need in order to have a shot at reclaiming your body, or just get extremely fat in the process.

  • No actual combat to this RPG, but there is an eating contest.
  • Trainable stats and a home you can slightly customize
  • Jobs, contests, being a guinea pig for transformative medicines and more
  • Lots of missing features due to time crunch!

Update for Jam.1: Bed Upgrade 1 fix, re-activated the quest from a pair of references, minor tweaks to various features. Happy Ferret Inn and Meat Skewer Stall re-activated. Cooking now gives Cooking Skill. Tinkering Kit can make your own dress & be used for training without a book case. Slight changes to Lilium’s text. Probably a handful of other minor re-enable/fixes I’m not recalling.

As a slight spoiler because I did not put a note in there: The highest stat requirement right now for anything not hunger/weight is an 80, you can consider yourself set with that much.


This should certainly be developed further post-Jam. I love this kind of concept, and so far this seems well-executed.


You had me at Goblin.


This is a pretty interesting game so far! If you’re planning to keep updating after the Game Jam, I’ll be looking forward to it!

One thing, I can’t figure out how to work at the Grey Dragon, the guy at the counter just repeats his initial dialogue and I’m not sure who else I can talk to. Also, after the first day, most of the location options disappear? I can only go to the Marketplace and Happy Ferret Inn.

Edit: It just fixed itself somehow after I did an eating competition, not sure what made it happen though.

Edit: Another bug, I bought a new bed, but when I woke up the next day I was trapped inside it.

Is the food and drink option supposed to do something? Everytime I click it nothing happens. Also I’m having the same issue with the Grey Dragon @Korota is but mine hasn’t fixed itself.

The dropbox link is 404.

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Food and Drink is infact not functional, and the Grey Dragon Pub itself has no features as it is excluding a single joke.

Apologies, but as Cr0me said, dropbox link’s dead.

yep link is dead, please fix

Dropbox link is dead

That moment when it turns out the game is popular enough to get blocked for “suspiciously high activity”. Switching to a mega-upload I guess, I’ll probably try to pre-emptively make something else on top of this too.

Edit2: Multiple mirrors put up, hopefully they don’t all die.

I think this is a wonderful base of a game. The writing was cute and trying to math to optimize the eating was entertaining. Most the issues I have with it can be excused because of trying to make a full game during a game jam.

I would love to see the game fleshed out a bit more after the jam. Finishing up some of the areas that were unfinished, make cooking less of a chore, maybe add another weight level or two to smooth out the weight gain.

Regardless if you continue working on the game after the Jam, I am looking forward to whatever you make next.

Most likelyhood I’ll continue working on the game, there’s an awfully large amount of content that my initial design document had to abandon for time concerns. And I mostly didn’t have time because I rationed it out awfully I’ll be honest, after the 1.0 of the initial design document is when I’d consider if I’ll leave it as is or make another thing.

Also, for people’s sake, a list of “Not properly fleshed out” things:
The Buffet Royale is not implemented, Grey Dragon Pub is basically not implemented, Cooking is barely implemented as it is, Potion Brewing is super bare bones means to get money easy, there is only currently a good/bad ending (and three transformation/inflation related bad ends), and only one dating partner currently in the game that isn’t fully finished at all. Don’t expect the game jam version to get any real fixes beyond maybe a drastic bug fix, sorry!


so I’ve got a dramatic bug that needs fixing, when you buy the first bed you are literally stuck in it when you wake up, it’s like there are wall around you preventing you from moving

Could’ve sworn I fixed that bug specifically, but I guess the fix only worked on the Bed Upg 2
Bed doesn’t actually do anything in this version anyway though so probably best not to bother with them anyway.

Edit: Bed Upgrade 1 should be fixed. Still does nothing in this version!

Also, incase anyone wants a reference guide of the cameos I threw in without permission incase you want to be removed:

Phage and Crew in the Grey Dragon
Lanna and crew in the Happy Ferret
Mischeif goblin from Mischeif(You can steal/buy a rubberstrand from her)
Dispatch from Starbound Fatties
Bard & Thief from Eat the Dungeon(They have a quest now!)
Cherry from FattFatt, walking left to right like her game.
Sebastian from Apostles
Witch from Wicked Pump


Dang. Usually, I refrain from voting during these things, given my input tends to be so tiny, but this. This is genuinely good, and it’s exactly my taste. Perfect meta gaming material, good grind for try hard folks like me, Variable difficulty to abuse meta abilities to the fullest, and the icing on the cake? This game was capable of making me feel perfectly fine playing it in absolute silence. Sure, there’s a few bugs here and there, but for an “alpha build”, this is amazing. You’ve got my vote.

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I love the concept of this. I’m hoping you fully flesh it out once the Jam ends. It’s got an amazing amount of potential.

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I found a weird bug. Interacting with the cooking tools in the player home makes it so you can only go to Marketplace and the Inn. Doing some more testing, it seems to limit you to the first two options of any menu.

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Also found a bug with the eating contest, not sure if its intentional, but you can always exceed your fullness and win each contest.

Whoops, yeah I was worried I’d miss that again. If you ever run into this problem just talk to the Monita at the Eating Contest (Unfortunately she closes for the night so this may mean you need to sleep and go the next day) or Lilium at the Port Way Seamstress. (Belum in the Alchemy labs also should work). A higher cooking skill also should open up more of the menu accordingly as a final workaround.

Also it’s intentional that you can overload your fullness, but you have to do that on the very last thing you eat otherwise you’ll be too full to continue. The enemy can do this too, which is relevant for exactly one of the enemies you go against.

I really like what you’ve got so far. Found a bug with the alchemist. Namely, if you go into debt purchasing a potion, she keeps feeding you potions, and your debt level never goes down.

Really, really hoping you keep developing this after the Jam ends. There’s a lot of potential here.