Princess Goblin Story - Finally updating after a year long delay

From Princess Goblin Story - A derpy little goblin-living sim , the game about a small goblin getting fat, or fumbling trying!

Current Version: 0.412 (Not even remotely finished tbqh)
Download here: Princess Goblin Story by Vagrant Slime



(0.412) 434.93 MB file on MEGA
(0.4): 434.93 MB file on MEGA
(0.23): 430.48 MB file on MEGA
(0.11): 429.02 MB file on MEGA


  • Casino fixes, including but not limited to not being able to save after working, blackjack working not enabling (may take two talks still though), using menu on gambling table to possibly break it, gambling breaking everything unless you can do another job or something to re-turn off event flag, and more.
  • Critical fix for the bad joke clown as he was not updated to do his new jokes properly.
  • Bad End toggle fixed. If you are playing .41/40 you can soft-fix this by just talking and giving back the bad end pot to the bad-end guy again, it was checking for item instead of the toggle.

v0.4: The Allure Update (part 1)

  • The casino is now open for business! Gamble or work your way there with attention and tips. Or, at least, somewhat these things.
  • Belum’s Potion Brewing has been expanded to it’s full assortment! The potion brewing slightly updated to be a bit more dynamic, but a shallow imitation at best of the full product in store.
  • A creepy guy is selling stuff for folks who are out for bad ends…
  • A few bug fixes, such as pies giving only 7 gold instead of 70.
  • Furniture Store now designates what does what to somewhat at least show what to keep in mind.
  • A slime rambles an apology for this late update, but you can see a reply further below over this stuff.
  • Balance is still completely borked. Much more to come hopefully sooner than a year’s worth of time, as if nothing else the framework is down for most of this stuff.

And technically I got this out before the game jam started!

Brace for bugs and otherwise, this is still probably buggy.

Old Changelogs

v0.1 Updates:

  • Eating Contest fix: Only the first round could actually glut out, and it was practically impossible to because your opponent would usually do so first, or you just win. You now actually have to somewhat try and/or gimick out your opponent.
  • Food Stall now works, it’s the blonde woman at the market. She sells a good majority of the foods, there are a few you will have to cook on your own however.
  • Cooking Table fix. If your menus bug out from a future bug (some options vanish) just use your door at home or talk to Lilium/Belum/Monita.
  • Sonia should now sigh at the most recent joke from the Bad Joke clown. I apologize for their very existence.
  • Belum’s potion debt now can be cleared instead of having to clear it on your very first job for her, she no longer takes your money before calculating how much you owe.
  • Lilium now sells some clothes for Sonia to wear/Sonia can wear said clothes about, check the mannequins in her store to buy them and the dresser in the top right of Sonia’s Home can be used to switch between clothes (Planned for these to have buffs/bonuses but for now they’re just cosmetic). Sonia also has work outfits for Belum’s Brews/Happy Ferret (not including performing)
  • The casino has been added, but is still not enabled for play/work.
  • Lowtown District is now a place to go to, but there’s no functional buildings there.

v0.11 updates:

  • Eating Contest fix (again): Some more minor tweaks, if you glut out on the last bite of food that should now count as a loss (People thought it was too easy!)
  • Happy Ferret Inn entertainment job fix, if you were waitressing instead of playing a piano do one of those jobs one more time, it should fix out next time!​
  • Slight tweak to make blueberry’ing a bit easier (It does some -fitness now)​
  • Monita is now a dating option, though like Lilium only her first date is really active. She however, does have another option available too…
  • More map! There isn’t much point to it but there’s more to the city anyway!
  • (N)SFW Toggle, incase anyone even cares about that. Scenes will be blackscreened or text will be changed, I don’t plan on this locking out content moreso it just gets glanced over.
  • Training weights no longer burn fat past 24.5 lbs.
  • Gaining hunger from gaining weight now properly increments your hunger levels, this didn’t matter for most checks but it made the Eating Contest’s display show incorrect maximums​.
  • Minor other fixes that I didn’t document so well.
  • A dumb little slime was added into the library to apply any certain version-difference fixes I’ve forgotten about, or anything that needs to be added or otherwise (Such as the NSFW toggle). Also serves as an ingame update summary of sorts.

Version 0.2: The Bakery Update

  • The Fae Tael Bakery is now open! Currently it’s a bit lacking in later-depth but once again, the baseline of the job is there now. Future content will feature more stuffing related shenanigans, but for now there’s only the current stuff in right now. Careful of overeating!
  • Bug fixes galore, including but not limited to the bug that happens at 900 weight ‘reseting’ the game indefinately, some other response bugs, and a bunch of other ones I’m probably forgetting.
  • Two new outfits, probably the last ones for a decent while. Functionality and bonuses for them still pending
  • Fat size 4, the very fattest you can get is in now.
  • A new title screen, art from TheRedStacks. They make the best chumby goblins, go check them on twitter or otherwise!
  • A decent amount of balance tweaks, particularly towards Monita’s stuffing sessions. She now has a hard cap, lower amounts of gains, and for now is limited by date on what she has available. Later on this will become a matter of relationship/quests to unlock more/better stuff, but that’s when I get to fleshing out everyone’s relationships and quests.
  • Also big enough to probably warrent an explicit note: Fullness now depletes at a far slower rate, down to 1/4th your bar per time-block. Watch what you eat!
  • More location stuff and notably, the City Map! Check with the library’s slime if you’re loading an old save to get this. Fast Travel now only handles locations, the city map will take you to more specific zones without requiring to walk there.
  • Front Gate of the City is now added, along with a few other tweaks to travel zones. This should complete around 80% of the city-map, the final sections to the North of it.


  • Fixed a debug disable I did that broke the bakery job’s rewards lol


  • Fixed a bug that broke your hunger/fullness recovery. If you used the bakery before v0.22, go talk to the library slime again.


  • Fixed the bakery so your fairy friend will no longer glut out permanently, she regains all her hunger at the start of every shift as intended.
Old Screenshots


played through twice already and now with a new update, ill play it again. excited to see the new stuff!

Goblin dress up time!

There’s not a whole lot new here, I would suggest just taking your www folder’s save folder and throwing it into this one. It might break your stat display in menu but you can try out the few new things (Outfits/Weight size for 100 lbs or more) without having to start from scratch.

Can’t wait to see how far you’ll go with this one.

I really like the idea behind this game and it’s nice change to not have an RPG maker game that doesn’t revolve around combat, but i do suck at this game and have no clue how to progress well enough at the moment to get a good ending

I might’ve missed where/how to get the invite for the ball, heh.

Just out eat people, it’ll fall into your sizable lap.

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I did want to have a few hints or otherwise scattered in dates or other dialogue but there was no time in the jam version. The library has a few hints, but to be more explicit:

You can obtain a dress by Lilium at her Port Way shop(2500 gold or 5 rubberstrand silk, you’ll have to buy one or two for 600 but there should be enough scattered through the town beyond that) or by making one yourself using a Tailoring Kit and high enough skill.

You can get an invitation by Beating Elanil AKA the 5th eating contest challenger, or going on a successful dinner date with Lilium, you’ll need to be chubby minimally for her to accept. She’s into slobby girls, indulge them and you’ll be rewarded kindly. If you have an invitation already she instead gives you $ if you haven’t gotten a dress yet.

And the minimum weight you need to hit is 75 lbs, or +45 lbs from the starting 30. There’s several ways to get this weight, Eating Contest and Lilium Date are the two easiest to do this… This amount is actually a slight bug, it’ll be fixed to 55 lbs (+25 from starting) in a future version.

Also, as for the ending: You need to attract the prince’s attention by high ettiquite/fitness/skill/intellect/weight.

Expect a lot of these values to change or be tweaked in future versions for the record.


Finished playing a run of it and i have to say i enjoyed it but i never was a fan of games with a time limit if their was just a mode where i could decide when the ball happens that would be fun so i could see all the content.

When I have more in, that’s indeed a thought/plan I had in mind. It shouldn’t take too long to replay it but an endless mode was something I’ve already kinda wanted. I’ll worry on that later though.

I really like the concept and what you’ve got so far, looking forward to future updates. A few notes:

  • Cooking just doesn’t seem worth it, cost-wise it’s so expensive to buy ingredients and the cooking kit, just buy food instead.
  • You can accidentally permanently consume the cloth material thing and the game gives no indication what it is at first
  • The eating contests are incredibly easy, r1 and r2, and then r3 is frustratingly difficult, seems impossible to win, and I can overglut myself to like 20 or 30 above, and still lose.
  • Money is tight. Like… really tight. It is very frustrating to try at all to keep fullness up with how much it costs to feed yourself, and really stalls all progress outside of gaining weight.

You don’t need food in order to keep your fullness, just keep doing the eating contests.

Cooking for the most part still isn’t honestly, it’s one of the few stats you can train that actually can’t be used for winning the end of game, so it’s that useless right now. Best to train another skill honestly.
Using up the cloth isn’t intentional, that’ll be another fix I guess next ver.
Contest 1/2/4 have various AI gimicks, 3’s though is a pretty straight forward fight. You stand basically no chance beating those past them though if you can’t beat 3, they’re more or less a fullness check.
It only is tight if you’re indeed feeding yourself so often. There’s usually far better uses for your fullness than actually just eating your own food for now. Balance-wise I’m considering changing the rate fullness goes away though, as well as other jobs/time spenders that won’t take fullness into consideration as well.

With the cooking, honestly you should put in something like recipe x5 or x10, to make it worth it.

If my math is right, the best profit is Bread, with a 5:1 coin-gain ratio, or a .2 multiplier. coming close second is pizza, with a 35:6 ratio, or a .171 multiplier. Getting free meat may make a pizza profitable, assuming you go for cooking, but the long term determines a net loss in both coin and gain. The worst ratio is the giant egg, which is ironically the most expensive item. The rate is 20:1, or a .05 multiplier. This alone makes me ever so curious on how this is going to be balanced in the long run. Granted, having certain jobs give special item can change things marginally, the overall coinage given by aforementioned occupations is what will really decide how this is going to be balanced. Quite the puzzle you’ve made for yourself, don’t you think? I’m just going to LOVE metagaming the heck out of this when it’s finished, and see just how you balance everything. What a game this is!

To be painfully honest: None of the balance currently in the game reflects how this game will probably be, stat gain/gold rates/food amounts are all over the place, and I’ve not even bothered to really apply math yet. I’ll probably go back and go over all the event/job gains to even them out at least somewhat, but for now there will be clear winners for certain things.

Such as Lilium dinner dates giving obscenely high weight gain if you don’t mind losing etiquette, or how you can use the 4th Eating Contest fight for 75g to get up to 7.6 lbs per go, or the home bookshelf giving rather high stat gain at only a relatively small upfront cost.

In games I tend to horribly min-max and make efficient several things, and I’d rather not make the game based on a few not so obvious or math-reliant puzzle solving sort of dilemmas, so before I can even say this will properly be a 1.0 version I’ll want to at least fix up the jobs, let alone everything else to be fair and balanced enough.

For now though, this is a buggy, early beta build that is still little more than glorified demo.

Happy to see this get its own thread! I’ll probably wait to play again until things are a little further along, but I’m definitely keeping my eye on it. OwO

Downloaded the latest version, and encountered one small bug. I was taking the performing job at the Ferret Inn, and it had me waiting on tables, not playing the piano.

Two questions:

  1. How do I initiate the Lilium date?

  2. I made the dress myself and tried to working on it to improve it a bunch of Times, but it didn’t change at all, any clue what I’m doing wrong? Also, yes my skill was rather high (I think).