Project: Android

I have begun work on a new visual novel project called Project: Android.

Set in the year 2060 where social and economic problems still loom despite visible societal improvement in past few decades. You follow the point of view of the main character Robert, a single 37 year old factory worker living in what citizens describe as a ‘Coffin home’ flat about 20sq.ft. in size where facilities are communal, considered the lowest form of housing in society.
After a stressful day at work Robert enters a magazine competition to try and win a bigger house but ends up with the runner-up prize, an Android.
In this universe Robot Beings gained sentience in 2037 and were eventually given citizenship and equal pay for their work although they can still be bought by Humans for services, modern androids are almost Human in touch but require knowledge in order to function to full potential. Robert will have to share his life in his ‘Coffin Home’ With his new Android as per the legal ownership agreements.
How will life with an Android fair for Robert between his day job and his tiny home? Find out in Project: Android.

Current Flat backgrounds:

Android character

More updates will be regular and game will be playable within a reasonable amount of time given it passes a certain threshold in development.


That’s a Marie Kondo-approved living space!

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Great interest


I know it’s meant to look as cramped as possible, but it kinda looks like the towel rack is so close to the door that it might actually prevent it from opening all the way, heh.


that would depend on the direction it opens if you open the door away from the room it wouldn’t matter


That door should open outwards, else it’s a fire hazard.

we found Just a robot’s sister

Inwards, as in into the room, surely? A door opening outward into the corridor outside would present more of a fire hazard, no? Most offices and apartments operate this way.

Maybe the towel rack could make a statement as to the haplessness of the MC - either in their luck for getting a particularly crappy coffin home, or in their shoddy DIY skills.


Definitely agree on the fire hazard angle, as whatever hallway this “house” opens up to would look like an absolute maze-like nightmare in an emergency, plus I figure whoever came up with such a cramped design would probably have the doors open into the room so they can get away with making the hallway narrower.

Speaking of the towel rack, it’d be vastly more space-conserving if they had one of those door-mounted hanger rack things instead of putting the towel on the wall.

Ooh, replace the towel rack with a picture of an open window, then remove the actual window in the back of the room for maximum grunginess.


It still tickles me to think that the rack’s placement is a testament to MC’s planning skills, hah.

if you look carefully its aligned with the frame and would end up behind the door. :slight_smile:

it opens inwards as per building laws.

it was added since there’s no clothes rail item in the programme I used for the background.

sadly there’s no clothes rail item in the programme hence I had to put the towel rack over the radiator since it would make sense, plus in cannon it would make sense to improvise due to size of the room.


  • I am currently working on the whole building blueprints for those curious about the building layouts for folks in the situation the MC is in.
  • There will also this afternoon be screenshots taken for assets in the game as well as more artwork being done for characters and CG scenes.
  • Music has been collected for use in the game thanks to the Bensound royalty free collection and will be implimented once artwork and back ground assets are finished.
  • MC character art reveal will be within the next week, he is 37 so expect Chris Redfield over Cloud Strife when it comes to age appropriate design.
  • I am running down potential names for Roberts Android and will be revealed when game is released.
  • Magazine covers will also be findable throughout the game and I plan on having at least 25 total.
  • Other characters within the universe are being concepted and sketched and I plan at least 15 minimum in the game as well as rooms and appartments.

That is all for this update. The game will not be released until it is fully finished and i hope you guys stick around for the final production once it is finished, also if you guys want to see concept pictures throughout be sure to lets me know :slight_smile:


Looking forward in seeing the results. Can’t wait to try it out once it release.

For context of how small these apartments are in the game here a a few blueprints.

Here is the blueprint for an entire floor, take note there are usually 95 floors per building of this type in this universe.

Here is the blueprint for a ‘coffin home’ apartment in this universe, so small that bathrooms and kitchens are communal. People can buy multiple of these rooms but is usually difficult due to the demand hence even landlords own 2 flat at most and some combine them into slightly bigger rooms.

Here is a video explaining into deeper detail.


Gotta give you credit for managing to find pictures of the place I lived at University for about 3 months lol


Now that’s a good introduction to level design. Lore

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were your rooms really that small? O_O