Project: Android

I wanted the design of everything to make sense with the world hence I came up with the backstory to it.
I wanted to bring to life one of many possible future problems the world is going to face in the future and this game hopefully raises some awareness to it as well as provide a newer setting to these kind of games. Other backgrounds are coming very soon so stay tuned :slight_smile:

I do wounder. will you be able to move houses? and I really want to ask will we only be able to play a male Mc

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to answer first question, that’ll be revealed in the story so be sure to play when its released and to answer second question yes it’s a Male MC since it’s important to the main story, I may introduce a female lead if a sequel or spin-off is made on a later date.

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That’s great your focusing on lore base + game design into the matter. Some games just jump into it and give you consequence free world to play with. (cough cough Cyberpunk police)

I have a few suggestion for the game design.
For the rooms you should add decaying areas in the apartments and make the bathrooms and kitchen dirtier. If these apartments are meant to be the low of the lowest. Then it should feel like the apartments like Cyberpunk did, just in your own design choice.

Here’s a few examples:

Outside exterior

decayed look(just down size it for your game)

Some rooms should be filled with garbage or destroyed(vacant rooms)
For apartments meant for the lowest, than room service doesn’t exist.

For the hallway or main lobby as people don’t clean it up.

Ideas of what a cheap apparent complex looks like.

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I forgot to mention that buildings usually have service staff that’s included in bills that maintains the building and the hallways just like IRL apartment buildings in the UK by law, I thank you for the finds though :slight_smile:

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I do wonder. should the rooms have super basic cook where in the rooms or some kind of community kitchen?

… that’s a thing? All that happens here is, if your apartment fails a health inspection, they send in a cleaning crew at your expense.

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It wasn’t from the university itself but was a private rental but yes I’d say the room was probably not much bigger than that one. I had to store most of my clothes in a suitcase under the bed

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There is a communal kitchen due to the design of the floors in these buildings, some folks who own a room or 2 converted spaces sometimes will use a hot plate or a microwave but it would be difficult to sleep in the same room as you cook hence a lot of folks generally don’t do it.

how customizable is the android?

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all characters are drawn by hand and digitised in Paint 3D so physical changes are not achievable but there will be a huge cast so if you have a favourite flavour you will find it :slight_smile:

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Just had my computer crash at the worst possible time, I was taking down notes for all characters you meet in the game and before I was able to save my computer decided it didn’t like the song I was listening to and decided to crash killing about 45 minutes of notes. No big deal though I’ll re-write the character traits and basic info except for names and screenshot for you guys later this evening :slight_smile:

Rooms have been allocated & Numbered and There is base information on most of the games interactable characters.

Here is the floor number allocation:

Here is the first character info list:

I wish to keep a lot of secret characters secret until the game is finished and you guys can discover for yourselves, all information here is final and all character art should take about 2 months of spare time.

I would also like to take opportunity to express that your Android Anna is not the only lady you can have a relationship with and I’ll keep secret those you can in the final version as to add to suspense.

I hope you guys like what you see so far and I shall get back to working on the project now.


Looks super good cant wait for more.

more is coming as I am currently working on other interiors and even the rooms themselves very shortly, of course only 12 will be revealed before release of the game. :slight_smile:

Since I wish not to spoil too much for the games release I am please to announce all the general backgrounds have been finished and here are the mixed character areas you’ll see throughout the game.



Convenience Store

Factory where Robert Works

Laundry room

swimming pool

all of these scenes will be in the game for you all to find and all rooms will be under wraps until the games release. I will be working on alot of character artwork these next few days and previews will be coming shortly :slight_smile:



Character artwork for 2 characters are done and background assets are nearly finished.

Character story arcs are currently in the planning stage and all shall be finalized within the next 6 weeks.

All romance characters will have ages amended within the the next week so they are all age appropriate for the main character Robert (aged 37).

4 new characters have been written into the story including NPCs and Romance options.

All visitable rooms are being decorated for background shots and shall be done within next 2 weeks.

I am pleased to announce Magazine covers for all romance characters that can be found throughout the game on different paths.

Research on character design has reached 1000 total assets gathered for inspiration.

That’s all for this update, work will continue on the game even during the upcoming game jam although my time for those 2 weeks will be split between this project and the jam entry. We still have no official lunch target and the game will only release when its fully completed and tested. :slight_smile:


This sounds awesome looking super good. Not sure if this has been asked but I take it there will be some form or weight gain in this game correct? Ether way looking forward to trying this out.

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Yes there will be WG in the game but it wont be the main focus of the game although all romance characters will fatten up in some way or another. NPCs will remain same size.
There is also an emphasis on story in the project as the writing is inspired by real world taboos depending on romance character who’s path you follow. I’ll be revealing some more details tonight at some point.

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Awesome looking forward to it.