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I can confirm that previous issues with plugins causing error messages on startup have been a virus flag when it shouldn’t be. When I started the game, I purchased an entire plugin library and threw the whole thing in without using all of them.

So please keep calling out specific plugins and their error messages, it helps to find which ones are causing trouble.

I would say that I’ve been given reports that windows defender is more simply identifying a particular (usually unused) plugin file as a potential threat and blocking it’s use by the game. Still, you can disable defender before unzipping just in case. Another way for troubleshooting this error, you can easily disable windows defender before running the application. You should also be able to turn it back on right after, but I haven’t confirmed that.

There should also be a whitelist ability for defender where you can add the game as an approved application. I’m also not sure exactly how to do that.

how many endings are there currently in the latest build? I have already finished the first ending

I thought I had replied to this.

So currently there are two endings for each gameplay. The main ending is that the Main character finds a way home after repairing their ship.

There is a special ending for each, with its own cutscene image. In version 7 and 8 it was still a little buggy on achieving it however. I’m addressing it directly in version 9.

v0.8.3 Released!

So launching the unlocked pregnancy gameplay did have a few more bugs than expected, mainly around events that I thought I had compartmentalized better between different gameplays. There were a lot of little code things to add in each of these, and I managed to fix most of them.

There is also the ongoing work towards pruning plugins that I am absolutely not going to have the time to use, and trying to learn about how I can utilize some of these to provide a better gameplay.

v0.8.3 is some extra bug fixes, and is up on itchio right now. Enjoy



  • Fixed a bug where cave appeared in map 3 without selecting a gameplay first
  • Fixed an infinite anomaly event node on one of the later maps
  • Fixed variable assignment that was causing the infinite anomaly event on the blinding snow map
  • ALPHA 6’s sprite is direction locked, so won’t change in appearance
  • “Weapon_unleased” plugin removed: was causing startup error messages for some
  • Finished out logic for puzzle added to map 1
  • Created code for gathering nodes for Cherries and Melon
  • Pregnancy gameplay unlocked!
    • This is mainly to release the mechanics and to make sure they are working and fun while the last two art images are being finished by the artist.
    • The pregnancy gameplay had the most different mechanics out of any of the expansion themes
      • The anomaly energy seems to have made some sort of life form on the planet surface. And to a lonely sole survivor, they do look exactly like what you’re thinking.
      • Resist their psychic calls. Or not. Beware if you give into your needs, the surprise comes quicker than you might think.
      • Most activities on the planet surface will erode at your willpower first if the MC isn’t pregnant. Each psychic call from the aliens brings a chance that the MC gives in.
  • Upped the amount of ore rewarded from common, uncommon, and rare ores
  • Pregnancy stages 8 and 9 art is complete and in place
    • Writing support has provided all dialog text for pregnancy stages and logs
  • Added all pregnancy stages to the status check so that a player can track and enjoy the MC’s current state
  • New Tutorial is finally here!
    • Intro cutscene still needs some rewriting and formatting to fit into the text boxes
    • But intro cutscene now informs the player to visit ALPHA 6 to turn on the transporter, and gives the player the decision to select the expansion theme of choice from the beginning.
  • Plus a lot more tiny bug changes.

How did i somehow miss this one? this looks interesting and has a very nice looking sprites and a bit of glow up to make it pop out more i like it.


Thank you. It’s the artists that really helped make it come alive. I have a channel dedicated to links for all of the artists on the discord channel if anyone is interested.

I am still looking for artists, especially sprite artists! Any artist that is interested please message me through discord or link your own discord, deviantart, or link to your commission contact form!

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I really love this game! However, I’m having trouble finding some of the large anomalies in certain regions (such as the last large anomaly in the snowy area, I can’t find it.). Any help would be appreciated.

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Likewise, the game tells me there’s anomalies in the desert and the snow area, but they’re nowhere on the actual map.

The snow map is getting completely reworked. In development, that white ground was nowhere as bright as it is in the actual game. It’s so bright that some of the current anomaly markers I’ve been using from the default tiles and sprites just disappear in all that white. I’m working to redraw that map completely, as well as making the anomalies animated while shopping for new sprite art for them for better visibility.


Oh ok. I sometimes forget that this is still a work in progress. Apologies! :sweat_smile:

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No you’re good. In fact the feedback helps a lot. I’m the only dev, so it really helps to target specific areas for bug squashing.

If ever in doubt, check out the discord server! Usually the community there is very active and helpful, and I have dedicated channels for bug reporting so I can track there and see screenshots and such.

is the area where you find the fuses finished? i only find single red and blue one and don’t know what to do next.

is act 3 the end of content?

* i shut down Allice but there seems to be nothing else left after.

There are planned endings for the game. Depending on actions in the later acts, there are multiple endings for each story. There are some bugs preventing easy access to some, but that is getting addressed for the next version

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I’m having the same experience. Did you figure out how to get the green fuse?

The green fuse is supposed to be found on a side map on a previous map. However, a bug was preventing access. v0.9 is addressing this now, as well as adding new story elements. Extra dialog and story, but also ALPHA 6 will be able to provide more insight into accomplishing puzzles and alternative ways to making progress.

That being said, it is possible to solve the fuse puzzle with only one of the rewards. That reward will give you navigational data to use on your navigational computer to reach another map

Hey everyone! Version 9 is out!
The main changelog is on the discord server. I’ll copy it over here and on the itchio game page tomorrow. Enjoy!