Project Galactic Expansion - A Starbound body inflation mod (on hold indefinitely, looking for new project lead)

This mod has had threads here before, but they were never more than concepts and ideas. However, this has now changed.

So what is this mod?

The Big Balloons Starbound mod is a mod featuring four kinds of inflation: air, helium, water and blueberry. These substances all affect the player character’s physics in logical ways; air makes you light and buoyant, helium is similarly buoyant, but if too full, makes you float into the sky, water weighs you down and blueberry does what water more, as well as colors you blue (as blueberry juice should).

The inflation types aren’t binary, either; the characters have five stages of inflation, and the substances the characters are inflated with can be mixed and matched, allowing for a very straight-forward system.

What’s coming?

There are plans to create a multitude of inflation-inducing items and weapons, both to use on your enemies and yourself. Along with that, enemies and other little bits and bobs are planned to be added.

Can I help?

Absolutely! In fact, the mod is in quite a need for more spriters and programmers! The math for the inflation system has been figured out, but we’re lacking a programmer who has enough experience to apply that to Starbound. Alongside that, the group does have some artists, but none who are specifically sprite artists.

So please, if you want to help make this project into something more than concept art and Unity code (yes, the math was figured out in a separate program I developed in Unity), or if you just want to see how it’s going, join the Big Balloons Discord!

BLame - size 1 and 2 player spritesheet
StarLynx - paintings
Revolvio - codex entries
The Notion Brother - Big Balloons store sprite

EDIT: Here is some fanart/concept art made by one of the Discord server members, stars of saturn:

(note, the sprite isn’t part of Big Balloons, it was simply used as inspiration)

EDIT 2: replaced the invite link with a working one

EDIT 3: added credits


Are you planning on making this compatible with Starbound: Big Fatties or no? If it’s a separate thing it’s fine but I feel having both of them together would be nice


Unfortunately, due to how much more complicated the inflation system is, it’s unlikely they’ll be compatible. There is the possibility of building the mod based on BF, but that is unlikely to happen.

Never say never, though, as how the actual main mechanic will be programmed (and who will be the one to program it) is still up in the air.

Spread the word! Let any kinky Starbound modders know about this.


So, The 2 mod can’t coexist with each other?

This is exciting news! I look forward to when it releases! If BF is incompatible with this mod, I’ll just make two variants of Starbound until they, perhaps one day, can be.


I’m honestly thinking about looking into this, but I don’t know if I can find the time. While making both this mod and BF work together in the sense that they influence one another might be tricky, I’m positive that there is a way to let them coexist, having both installed and one active, so people of both tastes can play together.


We can still discuss how it’d work over on the Discord server if you’re up for it. Username’s the same as in here.


A bit of a progress update: we have a programmer, and art is slowly trickling in. The internal systems are being tested in-game. However, we’re still at a dire need for sprite bases for the inflated forms.

In case anyone here wants to help with the player sprites, let me know/hop on the server to chat!


Art’s slowly trickling in, and even the character sprites are starting to get work done to them. Here’s what the shop’s looking like right now!


Man… this is the kind of mod I could only dream of. If there’s any way I can help, I’d be happy to lend my hand!


Some members of the Discord are writing some upcoming codex entries for the mod, available in the Big Balloons store. They’re available on the Discord if you want to read 'em, but you might want to wait 'til the mod’s out so you won’t get spoiled.


Considering I wrote about five of them so far, I don’t think I have much to worry about~


big balloons mod? That sounds very nice

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I eagerly await this mod!! It sounds awesome!! (Coming from someone who’s into inflation anyway, lol) I wish I knew how to sprite, code, or write stuff because I’d help in a heartbeat!


You’re free to join the Discord even to just follow the mod’s progress, or to give suggestions. Contributing to the mod isn’t a necessity to join.

So, New user here (Lurked for a while) - I hope you’ve all been okay developing the mod and it hasn’t been a tough time - though I was curious as to how it’s been culminating so far! I’ve been excited to see the first build whenever it arrives since I found the posts!


Thank you for being interested in the mod! The actual physics themselves are mostly done, with the exception of fixing some issues with buoyancy. The sprite system isn’t implemented yet, as right now it’s just using sliders.

While the progress in the past week or so has been a bit slow, progress is still being made. The first two of the (hopefully) final five player sizes are basically done. I’m just waiting for the artist to release the final sprites so others can start spriting them for the other races. Will definitely post an update here, though!


Ah, Great! Good to see it’s all shaping up swell!

Oh wow, honestly can’t wait to see this up and running in a fully realized form.


How’s everything holding up? Everyone doing alright?