Project: Quimbly

I have started a project called “Project Quimbly” and it is basically me going in on my inspiration to make a game about hopping from club to club to date different girls and ween them into inflation. The concept has changed a bit but I’m sure the content wont disappoint. (there also is a lot of feeder ism content as well)

I started a discord for development: Discord

The old post I made: Club Hopper

Edit: since the creation of this thread MUCH progress has been made so I will go ahead and share some concept art that the artist is working on

These are what we’re sharing publicly at the moment. Feel free to leave suggestions and ideas in this thread and the discord

Job Demo: Builds Of Project Quimbly - Google Drive

We’re now a curated project(
Project Quimbly(Development Name) - Weight Gaming ) !


Well nothing concrete but at the moment sorry. As it is though we want to have a release of some kind before asking for any patreon support. then we want to use that patreon support to better the game

Thank you to all who have joined the discord, it’s fun to build a community haha! :blush:

I suppose for people who check this thread from time to time I should mention that we are getting somewhat close to a release with some of the core game mechanics done!!


Here’s some new art

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Hey that’s pretty cool my guy :+1:


I made a little showcase of the jobs system here you guys can try out

let’s play is up, hopefully it brings more eyes to the project :slight_smile:

is it normal that im just stuck at cleaning dishes?

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no it should stop in 30 seconds and your payout should be there unless you are playing the link in this fourm this is the wrong fourm I made a new one when the game came out located here: