Prototype Dungeon Crawler

Ive been a long time lurker of this forum, and i thought about making my own game for a while so i have started on a dungeon crawler, honestly its pretty bad most of the core mechanics aren’t there, its honestly still a very WIP project. Anyways though thought to still post it then let it rot on my machine indefinitely.



It’s a bit of a mess in its current state. First of all, you aren’t supposed to put colons in the commands in Sugarcube (It should be “set”, not “set:”), and there seems to be a good number of typo’d closing statements (noticed a few "/ff"s and "/f"s instead of "/if"s, if they aren’t outright missing). Also (this is more of a personal preference thing more than it is a bug, per se) I feel like the stats at the bottom of the passage would be better suited as part of the sidebar (“StoryCaption”) than as a Footer.

I would not say that this prototype is in even a remotely playable state with how it is at the moment, but that isn’t anything a bit of playtesting and debugging can’t fix. Can’t wait to see how this project develops.


Yeah i realize its quite a bit of a mess in organization and just overall formatting, I had just quickly picked it up as a side hobby. also the random miss formatting is probably attributed to me swapping from harlowe to sugarcube to no prior experience.

Ultimately i think im good on the whole game dev aspect, im not too good on the whole creative aspect of it.
This just kinda feels like a bad rip off of tower of gluttony and i got no more ideas ngl.

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I mean, my first game started off as a blatant ripoff of Food Fugitive, but it branched out and eventually became its own thing over time. As long as you keep working on your idea, it should eventually gain its own identity.


You’re working on a game. Good luck! I hope you fix the sort of spaghetti code. Yeah, I don’t make games, but it’s always good to test your game to check for glaring bugs.

Thanks for your insight. Do you have any good guides on starting twine? Ive been watching the dan cox videos & reading the documents, but they either don’t go into detail completely what they do and they leave a little bit to be desired on the whole explanation.