Python Based Fetish Game

Hey, My name is Super, and I have been trying to work with Python for a little bit making a Fetish Based Weight Gain and sex game. The main idea and motive behind it is making more additional options when it came to fetishes and sexual content in noone’s FTAG. Python is chosen for the code due to my lack of experience in making a game.

I would like to have feedback about who would be interested, along with anybody who would be willing to volunteer to help me work on the game.

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Thanks! I also need to ask if you have any tips on what I should be using for an engine? If not that is okay!

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Question: Does it going to have furries in the game?

If your new to coding, i would stick to something like Ren’Py, there are some helpful post on here regarding using it like easy to make text based games in, along with displaying art.


If you want to try and get to releasing the game, good luck on that! It’ll take some will, and effort. I know some python, but I haven’t touched it in years, so I suck. If I could help, I would, but I can’t.

Yes, it will have multiple races and such, I plan on making either a basic console version or a graphical gui version

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Oh? That sounds really awesome! I would LOVE to play as other races because it really adds a lot of more variety to character building