Queen sized, Started 08/23/2022, Updated 09/18/2022, 0.06.v

Old version:
So basically I figured out what I wanted to make, so Queen sized is going to be a kingdom management game where you play as a new Queen, your goal is to not run your kingdom into the ground, what you do will affect your kingdom, the npcs, your wallet and most important your waistline.

do you have what it takes to be a Queen?

The first version may take a while for me to make so hold tight.

08/24/2022: So I have the intro made and now i can start on the basic systems, so give it a test and tell me if there is any problems.

08/25/2022: ok so I’m working on a population counter and for some reason it keeps coming back as a error, here is the code, if anyone know how to fix it let me know. (if: $food >= $pop,(set:$pop= $pop*$popg))

08/26/2022: Ok so I have the basic systems and math in the game, not much to do and most likely many bugs but now this is where the fun begins, the next update will add, civil decisions, economic decisions, more things to do to pass time. but enjoy and tell me all the bugs you find.

08/30/2022: I bring you version 0.015, so what’s new? Well now you can go to the library where you can learn how to conjure gold, and in the next update much more. so not much to do but I have set the ground work for much more. Also would anyone be interested in a patron?

New version:
are you bored of version 0.015? want a change, want to see bigger (queen) and better game? well I’m glad to present version 0.06! What can you do in this version, you can eat food, gain weight, get smarter, read books, cast spells (not fully done yet), look at your self, upgrades and maybe some other things I forgot to list, so what are you waiting for play now.

also you can download the game here: Queen sized 0.06v 09/16/2022 Download by aweridothatdoesgames?


I suppose one question is how will the game play out? Will it be something like a SimCity type of game or more like Sort The Court/Reigns were you simply choose one of two options?

so you will have skill levels depending of those levels will determine what you can do and how effective the that choice is, also depending on what choices you have made will also be a factor, how ever I’m not sure if twine can do that as I don’t have a ton of experience with it, but that’s the plan.

I like the sound of this one! The concept makes me think of Reigns: Her Majesty.

You know that’s actually a pretty cool idea. It wouldn’t be too hard to make a Reigns type game with like an image of the queen on the side and you can see how your choices affect her.

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As much as I love Reigns: Her Majesty, that would be a dream come true! :heart_eyes:
I don’t know how to digitally draw, yet, but I am planning to learn very soon! (I will be focusing on learning manga/anime-style art.) Maybe I can assist at some point!

I’d be down to help with programming and writing if you’re interested

yeah if you want, that would be great.

I would love the programming help and I could also the use help on the writing

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Sounds like the start of a good rp

Thanks for the kind words

I am very interested in what becomes of this, if you’re asking for writers I’ve run many rp’s and I’m also a DM so I could help if needed

I have to say that this project is probably one of my favourites on this site so far, even though there is not much content to play around with I really like the Idea and the wirting, even though with some errors, is really intesting, I cannot wait to see more !!!

Thanks for the kind words, and glad to hear that you enjoy the writing.

Right now at this stage I don’t need writers I need some who knows how to code in java but when I add npcs I would love the writing help.

nice so far
i am looking forward to more

Having played the test version, I’m very interested in seeing how this project pans out.
The text was a little hard to parse, but I thought the descriptions for different sizes were very solid.

Best of luck, hope the programming goes well.

One question, mostly out of curiosity, will the Queen be the only one gaining weight?

as the Queen your actions can affect the weight of npcs and even the populous.


That is good to hear. Sounds like the game would have been good either way, but that is even better.