Queen sized version 0.08v updated 10/09/2022 WIP

10/04/2022: Hi its me, so I was updating the game on my alt account and I said hey why don’t I just make a account like my deviant art account.

Anyways, I give you update number 7, so what’s new (not done yet)?
Well, we now have the starts for NPCS to be in the game, and we have the starts of being able to hold your own royal court and random events!

If you have any ideas or thought please let us know, and if you find any bugs also let us know, thanks.

Thanks to Somchu for 99.99% of the programing and a lot of the ideas.

10/09/2022: Hello and welcome to update 8, so what can you do now? well there are now random events, a few NPCS, you can read to pass time and um, maybe some other things, any ways please report bugs and give us your ideas also join the discord.

you can play the game here: Queen sized 0.08v 10/09/2022 by aweridothatdoesgames?

and download it here: Queen sized 0.08v 10/09/2022 Download by aweridothatdoesgames?

If you have any ideas or want to follow the development of the game you can join our discord here: Queen sized and other stuff server


So a small snag so far, I went to look at the kingdom stats and I’m stuck and unable to scroll at all

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That is unusual. What type of device are you using?

Looking good so far, but on trying to appoint a Marshal, it seems both options are bugged? The male choice brings

“Error: <>: bad conditional expression in <> clause: startsize is not defined”

whereas the female choice goes to a blank passage. I only bring this up after having poked in the file and seeing that there is content for them, but fully understand if this is just “not ready yet”.

Edit: Trying to hire either Marshal goes blank, just that the Baron has an error on the summary page beforehand.

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Fun, simple, and hot premise.

I will say this probably needs a lot more work before it’s really “playable” but I like what’s here.

Some ideas.

“Holding court” would probably be a good chance to throw in some evolving storylines, or managing respect / self-esteem. Peasents & nobles giving gifts which you can put into the treasury for a quick cash infusion but will lose the respect of the people when you do so, a grifter who successfully scams you coming back and getting caught when they become more audacious, farmers begging for food handouts during a famine, people coming to you with criminal cases and asking for your judgement, etc, etc.

I really hope the magic system will be expanded upon. I love low-key fantasy worlds like this and I can even see a bad end were an attempt to lose weight using the WG / WL spells and a voodoo doll going horribly “wrong”.

One thing that might be fun to see is a “royal procession” option, where you ride out through the city, seeing the standard of living, and depending on your weight level, riding a horse, chariot, carriage, or being crried on palanquin.

If you’d like some more event, castle, character, or story ideas, please feel free to drop me a message. This is a project I’d love to help come to fruition.


Is an absolute blast. Not sure what’s supposed to be here and isn’t, but just in case: The Marshal positions are open, and have people to recruit, but the passages don’t route anywhere. Assuming its incomplete, but like I said! Just in case.

(Anyways, keep doing your things, love this lil’ project.)


Hello from the Development Dungeon. Gonna be honest, the game is currently absolutely not in a playable state at the moment. However, we are currently working hard to get the Court in order.

For the moment, however, it is safe to assume that nothing in the Throne Room works at the moment.


Big valid, know how it is out in the code trenches, but wanted to make sure I knew what was what on that. Keep it up, enjoy the project, try not to stress yourselves, yadda ydadda, have fun!~


Sorry for the late reply, I’m using my laptop

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A few bugs to report, one the alchemist potion seems to break the weight tracking, second after every event I get the same two errors reports, they don’t stop me but they are annoying, and I’m pretty sure one of the events is completely broken as all that shows us is two red error messages with no buttons


Looks really promising so far! Curious to see what comes of the library.

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Got a new version out, peoples and persons.