QueenSized V2.0.3A now public! Emerald dragoness Expansion in the works!

Your parents die while off on some trip, leaving you as the Queen. Once you have taken power you can organize your royal court with all kinds of characters, not only can you talk to them, but you can also fatten them up! Or at least most of them, and don’t forget you can fatten yourself up as well, you can go from scrawny all the way up to an immobile blob of a human. With over 300,000 words there is a lot of content to explore with more being added all the time.

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How you ever played Queen Sized and been like: “Damn, words are cool and all, but I really wish this game had images that weren’t made by an AI.”, Well do I have news for you! We hired an artist and paying them s̶l̶a̶v̶e̶ ̶w̶a̶g̶e̶s̶ a living wage. Here is some of their art for the game so far, enjoy!

You can find our artist here: x.com

Update 1.11.2B:

Added a very long event that can happen when reading a romance novel in your room. Let me know if you guys like the spicy writing, also big thanks to Amy Spiral~ [Amy] for the idea and for helping with the writing of this 10K word event.

Emerald dragoness Expansion info:
So, what’s this going to include? Well for starters there is going to be a myriad of new court events, nobles will be added, military command, a more in-depth kingdom management system, resources, manpower, difficulty settings, more starting options and more. Really this expansion is going to overhaul the game. I’m going to be real here, development has been all over the place because I really haven’t had an end goal in mind, but I think that working towards this will really help with that as I’ll have direction and a goal.


why make this a new topic? Im super excited to try this version lol but why do you always make a new topic and upload a new seperate file to itch.io? makes it a bit harder to track the conversation.


Where do you check how much money you have? I’m looking on the left and don’t see it

sorry for that , ended up actually loosing the Password for my other account, Will be updating this topic from now on.


Look at Kingdom’s statistics

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well, thankfully, running out of food has no obvious penalties, because the pages after buying food do not lead anywhere, so you can never buy food.

also, it seems that the merchant who sells the advanced magic books never returns after the first visit


ohh understood! Glad to hear all is well at least


in v9 I’d always end up randomly gaining infinite money and population and losing infinite food, what’s new in v10?

The Infinite money bug is fixed, some of the new stuff to look for in V10 is new weight stages for multiple NPC’s and your character, lots of other bug fixes, lots of new bugs lol, and lots of new events.


This game is awesome, long time fan.

It’s been a while since I’ve played, how do you see your character’s image? I thought it would be “look at yourself” but that’s text only. Has it changed with this update, or am I misremembering

Idea behind the game is not bad.
But you should really concentrate on fixing bugs before moving any further.
There are hundreads of them. They are obvious. Take some time for debugging, and then present the result to comunity to track few remaining ones.


So to see the images you just need to download the zip file from itch and then play the game from in the folder and then you should be able to see images, however the player images have been removed for now as the player descriptions were revamped, we will hopefully be adding them back in or making new images. Thanks for playing!

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Hi, thankyou for the feed back, we’ve been primarily working with our Discord community for bug hunting and we fix them as they are brought to our attention, Currently we have 2 Dev’s working on the game and they have been maintaining a decent balance with adding new content and bug fixing. I hope you can understand however that the time we can work on the game is limited in a given week or day, if you would be interested in helping with the large amount of bugs you’ve run across plz feel free to join the discord and yell at us :slight_smile:.


There seems to be a bug that prevents you from seeing your player description when you pick the wolf race, but other than that good work!

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Just fixed that today.

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I just started playing but I don’t actually see that option. Is there a certain trigger for that or should I have it from the beginning?

The game is definitely a nice little prototype. I had some fun messing with it :grin:

I will say, I did notice a few issues, but setting aside incomplete features as things that I imagine will get polish later, there were a few that jumped out at me:

-You get one chance to learn a new spell. That old man never returned in future “hold court” encounters. Is this intended?
-Except for teleport, the new spells you can learn also didn’t work at all. Once I learned them, they instead behaved like “decrease weight” when I clicked on them. Just sent me to the same menu as that spell.
-I could not reliably get the character “in the mood”. Reading a particular romance novel did the trick for a while, but once I got to a heavy enough weights to not be able to reach themselves, I could engage the saucy scene ONCE. After that, no amount of reading romance novels would ever get them in the mood again

-Maybe some character interactions (being fed, being flirted with, etc) could also affect “mood”? So far it only looks like reading the smutty book did anything.

-This is a real long-shot (and probably not in the cards), but would a character gender select be an option to consider in the future, perhaps? I know it’d probably involve altering a lot of passages for different pronouns and other scene details where your clothes and appearance are mentioned, but keeping character relationships the same. Maybe calling it “King-Sized mode” :joy:

Other than that, love the furry options. Very happy to see those implemented in some form.


ok let’s tackle these 1 at a time

  1. Yes, that is intentional for now. WIP

  2. All the other non teleport spells are just placeholders for now. WIP

  3. That’s been an ongoing bug since it was added we’ve tried fixing it multiple times soo I’ll have to get back to you on that one sry :confused:

Your suggestions

  1. We currently are working on that, no date when it’ll be in game but you will see it eventually… hopefully

  2. No sry it is in fact “not in the cards”.

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If you have an INT of 3 or higher the Kingdom’s Statistics should appear instantly, so if you pick the Slim starting weight you can’t see it, If you still can’t see it plz let me know because that’s very bad.:slight_smile:


New Patreon update is Live Today

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