Question about blogging

Hello everyone

I was wondering, Is it okay to start a blog on this forum to show progress and to get feedback e.g. when creating a game or anything else that relates to WG, even if you don’t have anything for people to try out?

Or is it better to keep blogs on other sites and the post a link here?

I don’t think I have seen anyone have a blog here, where they show project progress. And the category ‘show off your project’ looks like it’s more for games only type of projects.


Plenty of projects have a thread where the creator posts updates every now and then, like the Forks thread. There’s quite a few threads with no game that currently exists.


As Shugoki stated, so long as you have an established project that you are actually working on to some degree, you can still post it in the projects thread. Of course, posting progress on a place like twitter, and then linking to the post in the thread in order to kind of consolidate feedback sources on your end should also be fine so hopefully everything goes well if you decide to blog your progress here, I’m sure plenty of people would be intrigued either way!

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If its about a game you are developing, fetish or otherwise, feel free for the most part. The one thing we ask is not to make a new post if you are just in #projects but just reply to your original post. #curated-projects have much more flexibility and can make either new posts or reply to existing.

That being said we are more of a forum then a blog though I have been considering adding a feature like devlogs to the site as that might be nice for devs so a better platform for that may be available once we get it released.

Now on the anything else that relates to WG front it really depends on what you are wanting to do. Games or projects are going to usually be ok but if its something that is kind of off topic for the site we probably will not allow it. It really depends though and if you are uncertain you can always DM any of the @staff or me and ask directly and we can give you the go or no go.


Thanks for the guidance, I’ll keep that in mind. :smiley:

I think it’s better to lead here