Quiz for Everyone (Please Read)

This is a quiz designed to help developers see who makes up WGF and what they like and dislike. There are 17 questions and I implore all of you to take this short survey.

I recently made 2 for my game specifically for reason of seeing my target audience, but that got me thinking: why not help out all of you who want to know the statistics?



… and done! The only question that threw me was #10, regarding game-length, as that to me is like asking how long would I like my piece of string to be. It’s entirely dependant on the game, surely? There’s no overall “WG game” genre to which a standardised timeframe can apply.

Preference aside, it was a little unclear to me if you were talking about overall game length, game session length, or time until I see fetish content.

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Ah, good point! The question was regarding game content i.e. how long until you beat the game or finish all the games content, much like how video games are given gameplay/game time scores in hours. For example, Dead Space has a gameplay content score of 14+ hours, meaning that is how long it takes for an average gamer to complete the game. I’m not entirely sure how the base the score, whether it is based on campaign A to B only but I believe they don’t include bonus or extra content when making those scores.

Basically, it was a game-content score rating. How long do you like your games to be content wise?

I’m sorry for the long-worded response, but I wanted to be clear hahah! Thank you for the pointer!

Finished, and I’d like to say I’m surprised that in the choices for preferred game genres there wasn’t Puzzle and/or Strategy games. There have been some fairly good ones in recent memory. I did just add it in the “other” option but still, kinda surprised.

Otherwise AlexKay already said anything else I had to talk about.

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I answered the poll, I hope it will help you.

Also I couldn’t precise it and I know it can be irrelevant for the range of game you planned to make because of the complexity.

But I am interested in games that work in multiplayer like MMO or on community servers, I always prefer play with other players and roleplay with them.

Interesting questions! I think question 16 was the one I found most intriguing though. I don’t think I’ve seen people go too out of their way to include some more extreme themes in their games that were listed there, at least on this site I suppose. I guess I haven’t exactly played every game on the site though, so not like I can make a definitive statement about it though.

Still, I’m more than curious about what people answered so I’d definitely love to see the results whenever they’re ready! I’m not much of a game developer here, but hooooo boy do I enjoy some data!

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Survey was very interesting overall. Like @Disguy said question 16 I found intriguing though. I generally don’t mind when “regular” games have that kind of content (aside from more illegal stuff), but with fetish games I feel unless more personal/ dark topics are what the game is focused on then that stuff generally doesn’t mesh well with erotic or fetishy content.


Yeah, I knew I wouldn’t get all the genres but that is why I left in an “Other” option. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure how one would make an MMO Weight-gain related game! If you have ideas I would like to hear them, as I am sure others would too.

I like numbers as well @Disguy hahahahaah! It may be that developers don’t think about those things and it may be that most of them will never see the light of day in a WG game, but I still found it important to cover as much as I could to allow developers to see what people DON’T want in their WG games.

@Xpansionism I agree, a lot of those topics probably won’t be explored in most, if any, WG-related games, but I still find the information useful for when/if developers want to add a darker tone. The most I see being utilized would be the manipulation and in-depth details about adverse health effects.


I feel a weight gain related game that dives more in depth about the phycological part about it would definitely work though, like in a visual novel or even an rpg. I’ve read stories on DeviantArt that have some amazing characters with darker more personal tones to them. So if you put the erotic fetish stuff in the background and focus on personal stories and character interactions I feel that would be very interesting.


I’ll be really interested to see the results of this! Might help calibrate some of my ideas for future projects (and just kind of neat in general). I wonder how similar my tastes actually are with the community.

And just my 2 cents on the “extreme stuff” question, we actually do have quite a bit of some of those topics. Depending on how the player identifies (when given a non-gendered protag), or pretty much any RPGMaker game, I think over half the games on here end up having or even showcasing same sex relationships. Plus, 2 popular games (Apostles and Worshipers of the Gain) definitely delve into some religious concepts, at least as a flavor. And of course, violence exists in any game with combat. I think when done tastefully a good portion of those topics can add interesting depth to the game without detracting from the kink aspects. Except one (for me): sexual assault. I know there’s an older text adventure that is similar to Yaffaif (I think it’s Noone’s?) where one of the combat options is literally “r***” and that was an immediate close and uninstall for me.

Hi! Just a couple brief critiques of the survey design:

“What were you born as? Male / Female” is an inherently transphobic question that also erases intersex folks. There’s no way for us to answer this question honestly & the phrasing feels hostile to trans folks whose actual, lived identities have nothing to do with our birth assignments.

The question to which “I like to pretend there are no adverse effects to WG” is an answer has a fatphobic framing. Weight carries no inherent connection to physical health that is not better explained by diet cycling, poverty, or medical discrimination, and in fact the research indicates that the correlation runs the other way: health conditions associated with high weight like diabetes cause weight gain, not vice-versa. I’m not here to kink-shame, but it’s actually death feedism that’s a fantasy, based in medical fatphobia and not fact.

The “what are you uncomfortable with” question is unfortunate in that it places homosexuality in the same category as rape/abuse/statutory, which is common homophobic tactic used by hate groups to other LGBT people. (And it begs the question, why isn’t “heterosexuality” an option, there? I’m bi, but there are a load of people on this site who prefer wlw or mlm content only.)

I understand that this survey is meant to be useful to game devs on here, but there’s actually a pretty vibrant LGBT community within the feedism scene who’re erased by the way the questions are framed, which means we won’t be reflected in the data set and the findings will be misleading.

(PLEASE don’t interpret this as an attack. I don’t think MODOK is a bad person for any of these issues, I just think that our biases are never more apparent than in survey design and I want to offer feedback for future information-gathering attempts.)


Agreeing with pretty much everything just mentioned - surveys to gather data on the community are super handy for getting numbers on things, but the phrasing of question 4 in particular is very off putting. I know a few people who have contributed significantly to the site and community who can’t be accurately reflected by that particular question and the available answers.


Guys, I didn’t mean anything by it! I was just making a survey at 5am that I thought would benefit the community. I sincerely apologize if my words came off aggressively or hostile, but believe me I am not an enemy to anyone here.


Like I said at the end of my post-- I didn’t figure any of this was necessarily intentional, and am just offering feedback. <3


I just tried to edit the questions, but the survey says I cannot because there are already people who voted.

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Enjoyed the quiz, I know that others in this forum will disagree with me, but I do think you did a pretty good job of casting a wide enough net with the survey in terms of representation (FFS one of the options for discomfort was homosexuality, i’m not uncomfortable with it myself but gotta respect the spine in this day and age to include that). The people who are bemoaning the survey for putting homosexuality as uncomfortable just cause it is placed in the same category as rape, It is also in the same place as religious and spiritual topics, politics and social justice topics, by that logic they are comparing politics, religion and social justice to rape and mutilation, so clearly it’s nothing against the LGBTQ community itself, more what the box says about gauging comforts in the community (Which the comment about the vibrant community should show that there aren’t many who are).

I think you did perfectly good with the survey (Albeit adverse health effects popped up a shit ton of times and each time I shot it down) making sure LITERALLY everyone’s viewpoints were incorporated, being objective, you know…like a good survey maker should. Not sure if anything will come of it but hopefully the results of the survey come soon, definitely am curious about what the community answered :slight_smile:.

Tl;Dr People assuming you were implying Homosexuality was just as bad as Rape and Mutilation on question 16 accidentally imply that Politics, Social Justice Topics and Religion are just as bad as Rape and Mutilation. I am going to assume that this was just a big misunderstanding and hope everyone has a better day for it.


Speaking as a gay person, I fully accept and understand that people would find homosexuality off putting in their fetish games, and as someone that would look to make a game in the future, would find it useful to see what portion of the community would find it off putting enough to not even play a game featuring it.

This is useful information and I did not read it as an attack on my sexuality.

Now, if people cannot behave in these comments, we will lock this thread.


I’m curious about this research; my personal experience is that diabetes caused (unwanted) weight loss, so source? Admittedly, mine originated from another disease, or the treatment of it.

Anyway, back on topic, as a potential consumer of this data, I have to say birth gender isn’t a terribly useful data point. It would be much more interesting/useful to know which pairings players were interested in seeing/reading, and which role (if any) the PC would be playing, rather than trying to infer it from the other data.

EDIT: I’m male, but I often “self-insert” in games as a female (not just in fetish games) and would appreciate m/f and f/f pairings involving my PC. I’d be up for my PC observing m/m pairings, because, done well, that pushes my buttons too. Sexuality is complicated, and this is the kind of nuance that this and other surveys don’t capture.

Obviously one take-away from this is that designing surveys needs to be done with care.

Perhaps a better option would be to just share the results here for all to see as other surveyors have in the past.