Quiz for Everyone (Please Read)

@dingotush Okay, I will do that. I think I have to get some sort of link that doesn’t expire and that refreshes (if this site allows for that). However, if it doesn’t, I will post the results at the end of the default 2 week period (survey automatically closes after 2 weeks).

@Altair123 You are correct in assuming that I only put homosexuality in there as a discomfort because there are those who are put off from it. Same with religion and spiritual beliefs. I am a Christian but I also know that not everyone will want to hear about the Gospel, let alone have a main character or side character with that as a predominant trait. I was just adding a bunch of things that I figured might end up in a WG game that others would not want to see. Some of my wording was wrong, like the gender question. I didn’t mean to word it in such a way to offend, so I do apologize for that. However, I will move on from this and learn to better word things. I did try to re-phrase and add more options but the survey locked me out of it because it already had votes.


Here are the results. This link updates every time you hit refresh or open it up again.


Thanks for that! And kudos to freeonlinesurveys for the mouse-overs so this colour-blind individual doesn’t have to break out the eye-dropper tool to work out what’s what.

I’m still curious about how many are put off by hetro pairings, but at least some have taken the time to write that in in the “other” category.

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If I could put in politics twice over I would.

I’m not saying you cant have political views, just keep them out of your game or at the very least make it up to interpretation. I don’t want to hear about that shit as is, let alone in my fetish games


Will that was fun I hope this helps.

First in reply to the the quiz, i think its great, it goes for the important info and comes with most of what is needed and the topics that arent there, are easilly possible to check with the “other” option.

Regarding this, i also think its good to have the homosexuality to put as a choice, tough i feel sad it could be seen as something to “avoid” in making a fetish game. If a straight guy is doing an all female game and they dont want to put anything male on it. Its easy to see why. They probably dont feel comfortable. There are tons of wonderful female only games here who i feel sad for not having the option but i can understand why. But the way you seem to have worded it, seems like you as a gay person “might” forfeit some kind of gay content in your game because of such metrics and i hope that such information doesnt bring forth such ideas.

It feels like a bit of an oversight to not have Fantasy as a genre considering how prolific it is. For me at least it is my favorite Genre in general and a personal favorite for WG games as well.

Also it might have been helpful to developers to know not just what fetishes people have, but what ones they AREN’T comfortable with. For example, immobility isn’t my cup of tea, but it doesn’t bother me to be present in a wg game at all, unlike something like slob or blueberry which I can not personally stand.

Over all though, I do think you did a pretty good job with this and I think that it’s a good idea. I hope devs and such find it helpful to understand our little community here. I know it helped me understand more!

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Not so. If anything, it would make me consider an option to hide such content. I am a firm believer of making content for myself first, that way its going to be something I’m passionate about. I wouldn’t ever remove content for the sake of appealing to the masses, but allowing them the option to hide the content, I am ok with this, so long as it doesn’t affect the core narrative of the game.

Additionally, the information would tell me how much of the “market,” so to speak, I am locking myself out of, so I can set my expectations appropriately. If 90% of the respondents said that it was off putting, then I would know not to expect rave reviews if I release, say, a WG-focused gay romance visual novel.

Regardless of the data, I will always put forth that developers and artists should follow their passions, and not market trends. At the same time, its not going to hurt to be cognizant of said trends.


That leads me to think of the causal relationship between consumer interest and availability. Just because there currently isn’t a large market-share for say, gay male WG, doesn’t mean that there can’t be fluctuations to that extent further on. In fact, I would go so far as to claim that those shifts in trends can only be driven by good content being available. Only when consumers know that developers are out there catering to their interests with decent content can existing trends be challenged. It won’t happen on its own.

Also worth noting that a WG game can be enjoyed independently of the kinks it caters to if the game itself is good enough to be fun on its own merits. One doesn’t have to get their rocks off to every game.

So take heart, developers who feel like they are on the periphery! Keep making the games that speak to yourself and who knows? Maybe you’ll have the killer app that will cause a stir and make a difference for representation!


Gay content was among the least voted dislikes, so seems not to be a problem.

Yes that seems a much better way and makes a lot of sense. Games like Noone´s RPG allowed all male / all female or both and even had options for other types of content like popping and bursting. More options might be more work for a developer but might allow putting what you want and those who play can choose to see it or not. Good point.

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Welp, I’ve filled it out…

Well then! Underage is only 69(nice)%… Rape is 68% And, of course, swears are only 4% We’re all adults here(Though I hope I haven’t offended the literal 9 people that are uncomfortable with it, with my own profanity(genuine btw, in case this comes off as sarcastic)).

This is really fascinating actually… Some people don’t like ANY nudity…

I’m curious how many of my fellow lolicons(to throw myself under the bus, but the brief drama back during the gain jam that was going on when I joined, the thread of culinary combat, probably let THAT cat out of the bag early on, if anyone remembers, I’m not afraid to admit what I am(at least in the US it’s legal…)) there are here, and WHO they are(I still remember that loli ain’t allowed here, I’d just like to know so I don’t feel so alienated)… I’m a little surprised the survey even HAS that choice(but I’m surprised more by the low number, I expected it to be near the top(suicide is higher… which… I voted for that too, so I get it…)… that’s… really relieving actually.)

OH! How many people voted for VORE?!

Only… 26%… There are more lolicons here than voraphiles… that’s… kinda weird, actually…

Please ignore my comment if you’re offended by anything I might say, I don’t want to start any drama again. If you want to have a “debate”, let’s do it over dm.

I was reluctant to do this… but it was a little fun, and really insightful. I’m glad this was made.

I think a lot of voraphiles tend to hang out on Eka’s portal more. While there have been vore games here, they can be kind of rare.

I don’t think you can draw that conclusion. there is a big difference between choosing “I like x” and the opposite of “I am not comfortable with x”.
there are probably also people like me that interpreted the option as “under-age character in the game at all” (which in retrospect is probably not the intended interpretation)

@Yamhead Actually, that is the intention. I didn’t mean pedophilia. I assumed nobody would want that, but then again, I shouldn’t assume anything, and honestly I’d rather not know if there are any pedos here.

I’ve read stories where the beginning takes place as a 12 year old who got big through the years. Though it wasn’t sexual, I still didn’t like that idea of starting a WG story so far back. So, I put that in there as a choice of “I don’t want any under-age characters at all”.

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Neat-o! A shame there’s no base sample size in terms of an automatically recorded number of survey participants, but guess I’ll pull the total number from the fourth question as my best estimate, which seems to be 238. Now then, hopefully this won’t be an excessively long post but no promises~ uwu.

Question 4: While I suppose I’m definitely one of the people who would’ve preferred the “I identify as…” route of wording, I still tend to forget how many males tend to frequent sites like this, like overwhelmingly so. As it is a demographic question, it probably would’ve been more appropriate to place it at the very start of the survey but no harm done!

Question 5 & 6: Fascinating to see how different the choices here get! I can only assume that most people shyed away from choosing immobile initially due to (unfortunately) having life-disruptive consequences, but as that issue is much more non-existent in a more fictional setting, the choice seems far more appealing. Hopefully someday in the future people will be able to live out their blobby dreams in real life without any of the problems that’d come with it~

Question 7: Hoooooo boy, in my experience with surveys, questions where people are allowed to put their answer in text are often the most fun to read through! Special shoutout to my fellow fat-lover out there from the esteemed country of “s”, I see you out there :sunglasses:. Otherwise though, I suppose the results are about what I expected. A lot more Americans than I expected to see (as a fellow American myself) compared to other English-speaking countries but interesting all the same!

Question 9: Surprised that romance didn’t take top pick in this once since weight gain stuff seems to be an intimate thing for a lot of people, but guess that view is less of a focus when it comes to gaming, extremely fascinating to see for certain! I also see a lot of “Fantasy” in the other section, even though I assume that’s what the “Fiction” option was specifically meant to represent, but oh well, I’m sure it’s fine!

Question 13: Some very fascinating fill-ins in the other section, particularly the two I saw that expressed a lack of interest in actual weight gain itself. I assume this refers to having more of an interest in seeing a character at a big size from the start, rather than getting them there or further through feeding, but still a surprising thing to see since I would’ve assumed the actual weight gaining process would be one almost universally liked to at least some extent across anybody into this kind of thing, but hey, just goes to show how fascinating data can get sometimes! Very interesting responses indeed!

Question 16: Ah yes, the most interesting one out of them all, as expressed through my earlier post. In the interest of not turning this post into a full-on essay, I guess the only one I’ll touch up on, especially since others already have as well, is the Homosexuality one. By all means, I definitely have no problem with people who selected that since I definitely assume it just means “I’m not into this so I’d rather avoid experiencing this”, rather than “This has no place in WG games and should never be in them” to the people that chose it, so more power to you! Same for the responses in the other section that chose Heterosexuality as their fill-ins! I don’t ever really see people bashing people’s sexuality on this forum, so I’m more than willing to trust there’s virtually no malice behind such selections.

Overall, yet another fun survey to do an analysis on! Sorry to anybody that has to scroll like a mile in order to get past this message though ):. Definitely appreciate the people that took the time to respond, or attempt to respond, to the questions!

@anon82925365 Noted! I guess depending on the kind of world it is, I may be willing to excuse a fat child being present (assuming they’re not, like, a blob) if they’re only meant to serve as just another kind of NPC in a game, especially kinds where weight gain is much more focused on the player or the party, and not so much NPCs, but as far as a child actually gaining weight goes, generally something I’d prefer not to deal with.

But yeah, generally less than ideal to assume that anybody that didn’t pick the option is into minors gaining weight – very rarely is data ever that binary in it’s meaning. Same way it shouldn’t be assumed that anybody that didn’t pick certain kinks during the very first question absolutely despises the ones they didn’t pick, I’m sure that’s not the case.

About the MMO:
I understand our fetishism is a minority (about less than 5%) so I won’t expect to appeal more than a niche.

Anyway this number’s problem aside, there are many options for make a MMORPG focused on our kinks and fun.

For PvP:
3 player factions but each with particularities:

One leaded with wizards and focused on : Magic weight gain
Wizard noticed fat people have more facility to control the magic so they use their fatomancie for making themselves fatter, for the power and the knowledge

The other ruling with cultists, with: Normal food and stimulants
These people think the fatness is the only way for getting closer to their divinity, feeding a chosen is a great honor for them they hope their divinity to help them.

And the last managing with scientists with : Technologies, chemicals and fat ray
Scientists love experiment and they noticed fatness could answer some of their questions that’s why they need to make some subject grow a lot.

As a PvP MMO, the goal is to have the advantage against other faction and that’s not with territories(domination) or wealth but with fat characters. All characters can be fat, they get some buff to the detriment of speed and mobility, but more interesting they get faction buff at measure they pass steps of weight gain. Weight gain step are expansive so it’s always more interesting to focus on a few “chosen” than the overall population.
The problem is more steps are reach, harder it get to continue to grow, need more resources, need more people, need more building, need more artefacts, etc.
Other faction can destroy their production building, cut them from resources and other way.
The chosen can lose a level if they haven’t enough food (or other stimulants, magic, etc.).

For PvE:
-One faction player (Feedee, Feeder, FA and their friends)
-One or more faction enemies (weight loses industries and in general or all super power against weight gaining.)
players must cooperate for wins against their enemies, for that they must capture npc building gather resources, destroy dieting center, and more of all feed their feedee and make them grow, like the PvP MMO Feedee’s weight step give an expansive buff faction size (can be also guild size, like that the guild chief could be the feedee). The competition between players is passive, but the cooperation is very important for building or wins against enemies.

Enemies will make events that will challenge players and always give a pressure on them.

PS: the feedee role isn’t passive it’s like a normal player role + he/she need to be surrounded with magic helper, helper or technologies. For move, fight or be nourished or weight gaining.

I didn’t select “underage,” but it’s not because I’m into children—it’s because I don’t object to children existing in the game world. I don’t want them involved in any sexual content, but I’m not bothered by their presence in a setting.


Fair enough. It was a bit of a jump to assume that everyone that didn’t select something, didn’t select it for the same reason I did(or… didn’t?).

Here is a bit of information that I forgot to include in the Ultimate quiz: body-type likes. This is in my other quiz that is geared toward my game.