Random idea. Feral growth.

Disclamer. This is just a random thought I have no idea if will ever be made in to a game or story. I just opted to share a random idea I had.

So the Basic of the idea is. the player is a “feral” creature. aka just a creature closer to nature like how you can have a anthro fox living in a house and a “feral” fox living in the woods. but your not playing a fox or something your playing a more powerful monster like beast. my default (but If I did make it in to a game I would add more) is a dragon. you just try to hunt expand your den (living space) and gain in power and size. and of course weight. you start off as a much smaller dragon (or other) and as you hunt you get both larger in straight size and weight. likely you gain the weight and then use that weight to grow in size. I was also thinking you could do things to affect the area like a spell that makes the fertility of the area better. more food=bigger prey


honestly I thought I would get at least a comment by know though the likes are nice

I’m not sure there’s much else to say. It’s an interesting idea and I don’t believe I’ve seen something exactly like it but it does bring thoughts of Noone’s and Krishonk’s games.

fair point I was just hoping some people may be able to help be better this idea. Like do I want the main player/monster to form a hoard and why? I don’t think they could have much use in buying stuff but it could attract raiders. or in other words fast food

one thing I thought of was if the game was a roguelike you could have the player make a hoard as a way to keep score and fatness/size as a type of leveling

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yeah that could work. fat could be used for magic or at least special magic aka a upgrade system but with a cost weight itself to a point buffs the player (way to much relative to your size is bad. you should not way like 100 pounds if your the size of a small dog kind of thing but when your as tall as a two story building your more like 10 tons on average) with the gain more size being a upgrade
thus fat is both a fuel and xp

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Another thing to think of would be of how scale affects everything. For instance:

  • How small does your creature start off as?
    • Enemy choices and food options would be affected whether you were to start off the size of a wolf vs the size of a house cat
    • Being able to eat raccoons and deer vs only mice and fruits
  • How does getting bigger affect viable prey/other food sources?
    • You would need to determine what size certain creatures spawn and find newer, larger creatures for the player to face.
    • Should vegetation be edible as well? Should normally non food objects be consumable?
    • Different environments can also have an effect on what food is available
  • How fantastical can prey get?
    • When your character gets to the size to eat bears on the regular, there isn’t much beyond that for them to eat without bringing in more mythical creatures
  • In both terms of width and height, how big can you get?
    • At each level of character height, do you put a hard cap on how fat they can get? Do you allow the character to become immobile? Would this be a game over or a temporary set back until the player can move again?
    • How many height levels are there? Should height be something that increases as the player gets more massive or as they get stronger? Is mass and strength one in the same?
    • Is the increase in height automatic or does the player have to rest in their shelter?
    • Where does the height cap at? 2 stories tall? Large hill? Mountain? Visible from space? IN space? IS space?!
  • How prominent is vore in the game?
    • With the many references to prey/predators, it almost wills itself to being a vore game similar to Noone’s game or SFRPG.
    • Will the player have to deal with being preyed upon by larger creatures and how frequently?
  • How short should the game be?
    • Do you want a fun little one off or something to waste the hours away over multiple sessions?
    • Should a fullness stat be used to increase time spent at the expense of being able to unleash unbridled gluttony? Should this stat be something that can be upgraded independently of size or be absolutely limited by size? Would fullness affect other stats?
    • Should elements be added to make the player want to play the game all over again? Like allowing the player to focus on certain stats like Strength, Dexterity, or Magic so each run can be a different experience. Or adding different beasts you can play as. Can the player different biomes to start in as a sort of difficulty tweak/unique challenge (lush forest vs barren desert/tundra vs dangerous juggle)

Looking back on this after finishing writing it and actually proofreading it, I realized I got way into brainstorming ideas for it. If only I could do that for college essays lmao.

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dude I do the same thing alll the time. I have in fact thought of at least the concepts of three sequels to SFRPG well two the third is a remaster and combo of all three. its fine to “over” brainstorm as long as you don’t get stuck with the idea that those ideas HAVE to happen that way.
also I will try to answer all your posts and stuff when I get a chance to write it all down on a proper doc. though do keep in mind this is just a brainstorm I can’r program or art anything and I am still trying to work on my writing and getting comfortable with the idea of writing fetish content. I make these idea post to work out the idea. for either the time I do learn how to program and make the game or can Pay someone else to do what I can’t. that and I find the whole planing thing fun in the first place

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Don’t worry yourself too hard about trying to get back to me with answers to those questions. It was mostly just to help add more depth to the conversation. Get the gears turning in someone’s head and hope an epiphany is reached, ya know? If neither of us get anything done with it, maybe someone else sees it and runs with it.

hey every one reading mind helping with one question that’s been on my mind.while I did and do want to go with the idea of well not playing a normal character anthro or other wise in a city and gain weight buy like buying food. its been on my mind that well I don’t know enough to really design the character weight gain in a purely animal style. I mean in context if/when this is every done it can be attempted. but would it be wrong to while still being “feral” they characters are anthro? this came up when I thought of adding some insect based starter characters. mostly spider queen,ant queen and scorpion. (note all the insects would be female since I have the idea they are more minion based class) but insect based weight is hard out side taur or anthro forms.

I think it could look a bit out of place with anthro/taur creatures. if they would look like a Godzilla monster it would be fine.

after reading about fat insects I needed to try to make one. of course insects don’t actually get fat because of their exoskeleton but realism have never stopped me before.

I thought it would be harder but it was relatively straight forward (others would have to judge the quality thought since I’m biased). so I think fat insects wouldn’t be that much of a problem.

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Now that I think about it, what creatures are added to the game may be severely limited but type of game it is. If you don’t know how to describe and put into words the process of the insect classes getting fatter, then it maybe it wouldn’t be the best idea to do a text based design. If you were to go with something more visual like the rogue-like suggestion, how would you give the player a sense of being big? Do you make the player character take up more of the screen or just shrink the environment down around them? How would gameplay be affected by your increase in size? If a slime character was added would it just end up being Tasty Planet?

to answer a few questions.

  1. the player would start as a medium sized animal some where around a fox and a raccoon but will grow in size as they play.

  2. weight works as xp gain enought weight to “level up” and your stronger but don’t go to far for your size. too much weight is bad but more weight can be gained as you grow in size.

  3. as you get bigger you need new hunter large animals won’t get much form rats after all while its fine for a medium class animal.

  4. the player is also a omnivore while not able to eat most plants directly aka no eating grass your free to eat things like fruit but your mostly gain weight by hunting and while you can just eat a killed enemy if said foe is weak or small enough you can eat them whole if your hunger enough.

  5. there are mythical creature to eat as well. so just because you eat a bear in a single bit does not mean there aren’t bigger creatures.

  6. at a basic idea I say the player will at least max out at the size of a small village. and even then that is the lowest I will aim for. I don’t have the max but planet size would be a decent guess. also yes other predators will try to vore you as well just not as often. I also want this to be a long as game something more then just a quick forget me game that you player for 5 minutes.

  7. I do not currently have any idea about how to truly handle the size growth one parts want me to make it a sleep for a year style the other more evolve over night style. you would need to find a safe place to do so.

  8. there is a fullness and while it grows with weight level (size changed WHAT to you eat meaning prey takes a different amount of fullness not having more) but it will be a stat players can grow on its own. its mostly how stretchy your stomach is and having more weight helps but is not needed. hunger will be its own stat in the current plan,

  9. races will have play styles the current race ideas.
    9.1 Mammals a balance style.
    9.2 reptiles a slower mix of tank and stealth. your not going to be faster then your prey most of the time but anything trying to eat you is likely to be your meal. either because you ether sneak up to them or they can’t even hurt you.
    9.3 avian the mage of the races fast and very magical but physical weak due to their nature (real birds have hollow bones if they fly after all)
    9.4 Insects the summoner style. less on your own hunting more leading a bunch of your minons to do it. (note every class/race does get minions the insects just get the easiest time with them)
    9.5 the special race. unique for each. aka the species that didn’t fit. more aka things like slimes and elementals

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I’m not sure I understand what style of game you are going for or how the game world would look.

both are still being devoloped. this was just a random thought I had not a game but with all the work you and Yamhead have done with the discussion Im trying to turn it in to a game

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ok so current ideas. the game as as RPG Survival game. I’m not sure on the rougelike I don’t think I fully understand the term. in a medieval fantasy world. since I don’t know for sure If i can find a artist I am aiming for text based first and thus will need anthro character to better describe anything. So I have decided to use two forms of anthros “tame” anthro, the human with some animal like features, fur/scales/feathers on limbs animal ears and tails that kind of thing. And “Feral” anthro, feral anthro is the animal with a few bipedal traits full body fur/scales/feathers/chitin etc muzzles when appropriate beaks and the like

note you play as a “Feral” anthro

maybe this will no longer a idea in the future

rouglikes usually have procedurally/randomly generated levels and permadeath.

ahh yeah I like the random level not the Biggest fan on permadeath if the game is but it depends on how its handled. also long as the game gives ways to avoid it and its not just you pulled the wrong lever get shot it the head kind of thing its ok