Random idea I had for a visual novel

So, I thought up this idea when I was taking a shower lol. I don’t know if I’ll ever do something with it, as my fictional writing skills are rather poor at the moment and I can’t draw or program at all, but here’s my idea-

You play as a college student who signed up to host 3 foreign exchange students to learn about their culture while also teaching them about American history and culture. On move-in day, you discover that all your roommates are beautiful woman! One of these woman will be from Japan (because it’s a visual novel lol), another will be from India (because India seems pretty cool to me) and the third will be from France (because why not?). And throughout the visual novel, they will showcase their countrys fashion and teach the player about their respective culture’s. But what they don’t realize, is that American food is quite unhealthy, and so their waistlines begin to expand as the story goes along.

I came up with this idea because I love learning about different cultures, love seeing traditional clothing from other country’s, and love seeing big 200lb+ girls in said clothing.

What do you guys think about this?


If this idea seems weird or anything I apologize in advanced, I thought up and wrote this at like 2am :joy:

Hey this I actually a pretty cool game idea I just find it funny it was a shower thought lol

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Yeah, I suppose it’s a weird thing to think about in the shower :joy:

Maybe you update it in time to have other girls from other countries, people like to see their country represented doing a “Australian Update” would draw in the attention of Australians for example.

However that’s a future implementation that you may not do and it’s nowhere near that stage of development yet.

Great idea that you have though.


This seems like a cool idea. Gotta be careful though, so you don’t accidentally include offensive stereotypes. Those can kill any game. Especially if the humour is based around stereotypes, which it seems it would be in this “potensial game”.


I’m glad to see that folks seem interested in this! And I do appreciate the warning about stereotypes. I don’t want to offend anyone, as what I do hope for is a story where the player will actually learn about the different countrys that each girl is from while also enjoying weight gain content at the same time.


I like the idea! One suggestion, make the girls have different body types if you want them to be more unique (for example one gains weight on her chest mostly, while another gains weight on her legs and ass, ect.). Have you got an artist in mind, or are you going to make the assets yourself?

I was thinking about having the girls gain in different areas if I ever did actually make this, but they would all definitely have a nice belly. And if I do ever start this, I’d probably have to get an artist on board, as I have no ability to draw.

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Liking the idea though i would also suggest also suggestest maybe making the character you play also able gain weight as optional just for those who want some Male Weight Gain.

will you be using the open source Visual Novel Engine Ren’py?

I was unaware that there was an open source visual novel engine, I’ll definitely look into it. Thank you for mentioning it!

And as for male weight gain, I’m afraid I personally do not enjoy it. I have nothing against those who do enjoy it, but if I were to write this visual novel I would like to focus on what I find attractive (being a skinny/fit man with an overweight women), as I believe that would create a much stronger and more enjoyable narrative.

One possibility I could do is write the protagonist in a way that doesn’t mention their gender or body, allowing the player to self-insert themselves as whatever they want. But for me personally, I enjoy a visual novel where the protagonist has a more developed personality, such as in Majikoi. But this is in the very early stages, so I’ll have to see what works best


Seems like a good game idea my dude, if you are looking i’d be happy to lend help art-wise lol.


Oh wow, that’s very kind of you! If I ever get this thing off the ground and make some serious progress storywise, I’ll definitely contact you. Thank you!

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Np my dude, hit me up if you ever get this project on the road, https://www.deviantart.com/69killmenow69 is where you can find me and my work XD.


I did have a bit of a chuckle when you wrote “hopefully no one thinks this is weird.”

I mean, really, this is Weight Gaming. Trust me, when it comes to fat fetish material, I doubt you’ll find a more accepting crowd around, lol.

This is definitely an interesting idea, and I could really see it working. It’s certainly something that would take a bit of research. Probably the best and easiest way would be to speak to someone from each of the respective nations the girls are supposed to be from. Given it’s a VN, you’d need a few specific details for certain scenes, and some basic manners unique to their respective cultures, but not a multi-volume thesis.

Now, in terms of protagonist, honestly just write whatever you’re comfortable with. Nothing makes a story or dialogue feel more artificial then attempting to force yourself to write something you really, really don’t want to. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience here. If you want a blank face the players can insert themselves into, write that. If you want the PC to be a fully developed, fleshed-out character, write that.

Personally, I do find the latter easier to write. If I find myself stuck on a plot point, I can ask myself the obvious question, “What would X do in this situation?”

This is a very interesting idea, and even if this never gets off the ground as a VN, I’d love to read a story about this some day. Best of luck, whichever way this goes, eh?


Hey, thank you so much for the encouraging words! With this much support, I may actually have to put some serious effort into this :laughing:

And yeah, it does seem like the fats community is a swell once!


As an Australian, you have my blessing to make/help with any Australian stereotype…if you consider adding an Aussie.

(I would recommend getting people of appropriate cultures to check with the appropriate character to avoid potential offending issues)


Thanks for the Australia pass :grin: :australia:

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I’d say the best bet to avoiding that issue is to get someone’s OK from that culture.

I’ve given them the Australia pass if they decide to add an Aussie, I’d help in making the character any way I can.

It’s not racist if the race you’re joking about gives it a thumbs up.

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I can help you make characters quickly (with weight stages) using koikatu’s character creator. Here are my chars: Portal Stuffing characters (animation) - Album on Imgur

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