Reflections VN New Alpha

Hello everyone, I was going to simply post an update on the old thread but there’s so much to talk about that I simply decided to make a new thread

It’s been a while since the last time you’ve heard from me and this VN project I’m working on, I’ve recently resumed working on this project and I’ve got a ton of news to share with you, let’s start where we left off, the old version of the VN was fully coded in godot by a former associate, and while the engine is super flexible for all sort of games, it is NOT very flexible for VN making, sure with enough work you can make most of renpy’s features work but yeah that’s extra work you have to put into it before you can start actually doing any VN making, and I was also unable to help with the code which frustrated me, all this made me switch to renpy where I’m currently coding the VN myself, so far I’ve reached the point where the old godot version was but with a TON of improvements, such as

Quick Save and Loading ​​
Save states
Back button to go to the previous screen
Actual preferences menu for sound level, text speed and much more
Added several new face expressions for alan,veronica and petra
Added a brand new animated background for the text box
Game can be played from start to finish (godot og content)
Added a windows icon (small addition but still)
Improved animations and text effects over the godot version

the only currently missing feature is sound mixing but this is mostly because I prioritized graphics and story over everything else and I’m kind of lazy looking for license free background music and granted some of these improvements are part of renpy’s toolbox but still I see it as an improvement over the old godot version

you can find this new and all future versions on my Patreon
there’s a bit more outdated version available on itchio too if you feel adventurous!
lastly you can give me feedback and discuss the VN via the dedicated Discord Server

I will also post some screenshots below!


Welcome back! It’s good to see that this project is back in production, I was quite excited for it back in the day.

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Awesome, yeah, renpy has so many basic features that I take for granted nowadays, I struggle to even play VNs without those basic renpy features.

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Interesting concept. And masterfully done transformation scene. However, there are some visual problems still before the end of the current content.

Good luck with game development! Looking forward to newer versions.

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those issues are fixed in the patreon version above
also a brand new version is out

added a patreon button in the main menu
improved the WG animation for veronica

brand new update available


yet another version and the last one for a while, I need to work on bigger updates


new version is here!
I spent so much time working on veronica’s new shape that I couldn’t work a lot on the actual game, good news is almost all her new assets are ready to be included in the game code and you will definitely see her new shape in the next version, for now you’ll be able to play at least 30 minutes of new content

there are some other minor changes I’ve made but can recall right now, please remember to give feedback on the main anastimafilia server or in the patreon community chat for the VN

have fun and see you next week with a BIG new update


new weekly version is out and this one is WIDE

a new vero is introduced

more refinements and extra content added, this update is the culmination of A LOT of hours I poured into art and sprites!


Ooh nice, I have to ask, does this have a mobile version?

if its android where you want to run it, I might be able to compile an APK you can install, if its IOS, I don’t think I can help you with that right now

wait nvm, I made an APK for the VN, if you’re on android you can try installing that one, file is attached to the patreon post above

Brand new version available on p@treon! a big one in fact!


the game can now be played directly from your browser
this use case scenario is for those who don’t have a desktop PC,Mac, Linux or Android Device

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New version available on patreon!
here’s a small changelog

fixed a lot of bugs regarding animations and sprites swap
video cutscenes can now be skipped (if you want to)
new playable content
several parts of the script were revised
a couple of new sprites for petra
petra video updated (still WIP)
added more credits

a lot of new content available for you guys, I hope you like where things are heading! there’s one shot where there are like 4 characters on screen, it was pretty hard to code but I managed to!


there’s a new version available!

submissive vero path is finished story wise
several new assets were added
bug fixes in a few places
revamped dialogues between veronica and giselle
and much more


Is this new update for free?

all updates are patreon exclusive, you can also buy the game on itchio and get all future updates for free


Oh nice! Might have to go buy it on Itch now. Was waiting for the full release before knowing this

A new version is out!

audio has been added to the game
added sound effects for several scenes
bug fixes and other stability changes to improve the user’s experience

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