Release 0.28 2020-02-20 (Bughunt)

A couple of problems were reported in v0.27, so more unit tests were added and
bugs removed.

New stuff:

  • Added the cook to the kobold mine, he’s the last of the planned characters there

Other bits:

  • Added a debug watch toggle ‘w’ command to the console
  • Fixed some error handling in the expression parser so it won’t cause inaccurate errors to be reported if you finish a quest then save and reload
  • Fixed some minor problems with Orion’s dialogue once you’ve completed his quest
  • Fixed, hopefully, all the “actVis” errors

Known bugs:

  • Kobold guards have been caught eating their own “weapons” - it’s emergent behaviour (sort of)
  • If the player dies the game pauses briefly as it runs several in-game hours of “simulation”

As usual, download from the usual place, and start a new game. Previous saves will not have the new content, and will likely fail to load.

If you can support me on ko-fi, it would be really appreciated as I have very limited income at the moment.


Kobolds. I don’t know why, but I ADORE them. Same thing applies to both murlocs and “Dendres”

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dumb question: is it possible to make an html version?

It’s not really possible to do this in HTML/Javascript; there’s to much complex code to be able to do it safely and be to able to test it. When I started coding it could run as an applet (no longer supported in most browsers) or via WebStart (which later started to require a code-signing certificate - which I can’t afford).

There is a way to play in browser still though.

If next update doesn’t have a woods that I can explore and find Sasquatch people, I will be infinitely disappointed.

So this started out as a dumb thing I post because I just watch Jaboodydubs’ Bigfoot video but when I have the idea some thought it could be something interesting.

Now let me explain, the idea of “sasquatch people” wouldn’t do anything more that Kobold don’t already do but a Bigfoot like character that stalks the player though the “woods” could be something.

The “woods” could be to the left of the forest and would be a magical forest instead of woods.
There could be more chicken like enemies but these could be like Owlbears and weird really hostile stuff like that, that fights back instead of just staring at you.

There could be ideas to find that could help in battles or stuff that works like the poison mushroom from Mario 2, stuff that looks nice but could really fuck you up really bad.

Anyways there could be there could be some props that say that you could see a figure that runs off or eyes distance just watching you.

When it attacks you, it’ll be super op and almost one hit you, when you pass out you don’t go back to nurse, you’ll wake up in a cave on a bunch of skeletons and maybe there’s still someone alive that you could try to save and escape with.

Well you caught you could go back to where you woke somewheres else deeper in the cave and a harder spot at that.

If you manage you will have access to go back inside the cave, maybe so you could come back to save that npc or npcs.

I don’t know how this would fully work but I just wanted to throw my idea out, a idea that I think would spice up the game abit more.


I’m going to have to set your expectations low then, the next update definitely won’t have Sasquatch people in it. It’s probably not surprising that my plans go quite a bit further than what’s been implemented.

Having said that, I’m going to save this away in the ideas bucket; I do like the idea of being stalked through a forest, and the mechanisms behind NPCs in the game could totally do that. Some of the things you think are there turn out to be plain paranoia, but others are real. A rescue mission that you inadvertently come across by being captured yourself would make a good side quest. It’s definitely got me thinking…

while this is more of a personal love of this feature I have to ask
could we ever repair/ improve the starting House? (I love to build bases thats what I ment in the beginning)

Yes, that is on the (long) list of things to do but fairly low priority, though I’m not sure if it will ultimately be in the starting house, or some place you end up buying/renting further down the line. Certainly fixing the roof and getting the bedroom habitable for a better night’s sleep should be a thing - I have to flesh out the sleeping mechanics more first though.

Still can’t get it to work. When I open GameFX2.jar, it opens for a split second and closes

thats cool. hopefully it MUCH later (since I know its low priority) could lead to really building a base for the player. and I only say that becuase I love building a base

You’ll need to run it from a console to discover what’s happening. There’s a start.bat file that should work (or for Unicies). Make sure you’ve unpacked it properly with a reliable archive tool like 7zip, and not navigated into the zip file the way windows explorer bizarrely allows.

Also, this is an old release, take a look at v0.29.