Release 0.34 2020-08-19 (Public) and 0.35 (Patreon Early Access)

This release sees the farm shop opening, and a new bovine shopkeeper.

New stuff:

  • Farm shop open.
  • Cow girl shopkeeper.
  • Bovine species.
  • A chest you can pick in the bandit camp if you’ve the skill.

User interface stuff:

  • You can now eat from a carried food supply like the bag of pastries.
  • During character creation the body shape settings have proper names and
    shouldn’t lock out after changing sex.

Other bits:

  • Fixes for the Kobold cook’s job so he doesn’t get stuck.
  • Fixes for food supply items so no more error messages about duplicate ID’s


  • 74 different locations (and another 126 in the advent dream).
  • 24 NPC characters.
  • 1442 Java classes (238k+ lines, 5.4Mbytes of source code).
  • 47 Story files (12k+ lines, 305kbytes).

Known bugs:

  • Kobold guards have been caught eating their own “weapons” - it’s emergent behaviour (sort of)
  • Starting character sizes may be a little off after changes and need some further tuning

As usual, download from the usual place, and start a new game. Previous saves will not have the new content, and will likely fail to load.

If you would like to support the development you can do so on Patreon where there are a number of different rewards, including walk-throughs, early access, developer documentation, and more… .

Release v0.35(Patreon Early Access) includes:

  • Milk and another pastry available from the farm shop.
  • Breast feeding in the farm shop.
  • Horn and tail transformations.
  • Bovines as a playable species.
  • Wait 5 mins button.
  • Imperial (freedom) units now show fractional parts instead of decimals.

Alternatively, if Patreon isn’t your thing I have a tip jar on ko-fi

The download has been updated (2020-09-23) to fix the dream/sleep/pastry bug. If you have run afoul of this bug:

  • Save your game.
  • Download the zip from the OP as normal and un pack it.
  • Start the game in debug mode (eg. by running startDebug.bat).
  • Load the saved game.
  • In the text box below the story pane type the console command: /=/.dreams.stop()
  • There will be some nonsense output - ignore it.
  • Just in case, save as a new file.
  • Hopefully this will resolve the problem.

I’m seeing a bug where I can’t sleep on any object, no matter how extreme my fatigue. I noticed it started after I escaped Nug once, but I don’t know if that’s related.

@happytpr is the game not giving you the option to sleep or is it giving errors when you do? If you can send me a save game by DM that would be really helpful.

Not giving the option. I’ve sent you a save where the error occurs.

So, a very strange bug: I enter the Orc’s cave and he tries to kill me and succeeds. I appear in a cage and all he does for the rest of the day is stroking his D. Day later he comes back with a bag of pastries but before I can eat them he kills me, because I had tried to hit him even though I didn’t, and I reappear in the cage. I eat the pastries wait 2 hours and he comes back and “I” try to kill him again but this time I succeed and now I’m stuck in this cage and the orc is dead. I’ve tried to retry from my safe before I entered, but sometimes he’s in a duel with some “woman”. Only time this worked as intended was when the bandits captured me instead.
Could definitely use with a fix because now I can’t get the skeleton key without making a new character.
Edit: this is on the version 0.34

@Itsjustgary: This honestly wasn’t a situation that I had thought would occur! There’s actually a couple of bugs here. Firstly the Orc shouldn’t be able to attack you once you are in the cage, and you should not be able to attack him once you are inside. Secondly the woman (who will be the one who gives you the key) shouldn’t be involved until she’s been introduced. I think I’ve (inadvertently) fixed this in v0.35. I’ll have to go back and check.

As a work around you could try:

  • Start the game in debug mode (eg. with startDebug.bat)
  • Load your save
  • Enter the console command: /=[val1.troad.orcs].add($0) which will make the orc not hostile to you by default
  • Enter the console command: /=[val1.troad.orcs].add([val1.troad.ocave1.thief]) which will make him not hostile to the thief either
  • SaveAs a new file
  • See how things play out.

Unfortunately once someone has actually attacked they will be on his attacker list permanently, and there isn’t a way to remove them from that list with the console. You need both the orc and the woman alive to get the key and escape the cage.

If it doesn’t work, then DM me your save and I’ll see if I can find a work around. If one or both are dead though it won’t be recoverable I’m afraid.

Oh don’t worry, I just made another character and got through via being captured by the bandits and eventually got the key. If it is fixed on the latest update, as you mentioned, then I really don’t have any problems. Of course I do have suggestions, but I’m certain you get enough of those already.

Sadly I have to post once more because I seemed to have encountered the same bug happytpr had found, the one about not being able to sleep. Any help would be appreciated.

I’ve managed to fix the dream/sleep bug that @happytpr encountered in v0.35. I’m looking into ways of patching the change back into v0.34 - it’s not going to be straightfoward as there were a lot of code changes in 0.34->0.35. There’s an easy way, but it would not be save file compatible with the existing 0.34 - or there’s a time consuming way.

It is avoidable: you need to not be carrying any bags of pastries when you sleep (even empty ones). However once the bug has triggered there’s no way to recover it via the console.

I’ve updated the download in the OP to fix the dream/sleep/pastry bug. To get out of the situation:

  • Save your game.
  • Download the zip from the OP as normal and un pack it.
  • Start the game in debug mode (eg. by running startDebug.bat).
  • Load the saved game.
  • In the text box below the story pane type the console command: /=/.dreams.stop()
  • There will be some nonsense output - ignore it.
  • Just in case, save as a new file.
  • Hopefully this will resolve the problem.

Thank you once again, I followed the steps and the bug no longer lingers. From what I understand this shouldn’t repeat, but just in case I’ll refrain from sleeping with the bags in my inventory

It should be a permanent fix, as the destruction of the cloned pastry bags is no longer a problem. So, no need to drop them before sleeping.

I actually don’t get that many suggestions - I’m not sure if that means I’m doing things right, or doing them wrong! Feel free to let me know (via DM if you wish).

After giving it some thought, I’ve come up with a few snazzy ideas.

  1. Horny attackers will try to undress you. So I mostly thought of this when interacting with the thieves, and one thing that almost always happens is that they become too lustful to fight and just start undressing and interacting with their body. I usually play with a female character and one of the things a thief wants to do is to play with my characters breasts, but a message will say that they can’t because a shirt/apron etc. will be in the way. So only logical thing is for them to try to undress you and then continue stroking. On a more technical/gameplay thinking this could block the players actions such as trying to leave, open a chest, or even attack, depending on RNG (if the game utilizes it).
  2. Definitely add more reliable income methods (jobs basically), but rather than being a time sink, they could be tasks/mini quests, where you have to deliver something, fight something, pleasure someone.
  3. As well as income, ways to spend it also couldn’t hurt. Things like potions, armor, weapons, food, services, house improvements would be a welcome addition, as a way to add more content overall.
  4. Clothes should have more importance. A bit of a strange thing about clothes is that they have been more or less a pointless money waste for me. They don’t protect you from damage (except from eels), don’t influence social interactions and don’t protect you from cold/hot climates. Speaking of. Adding cold/hot areas could also be interesting as they should require special clothing, if not worn you could take damage, move slower (take more time to move from one point to another), do less damage etc.
    What I’d like to see with clothes is that they could effect an NPC dialogue, such as pointing out that your shirt is dirty, or that the jacket you’re wearing is too tight/loose and even block you from doing certain actions, such as trying to work in the pub whilst having no clothes on, similar to the blacksmith training where you need to wear an apron in order to train. On top of that, clothes could have a seducing effect. When wearing underwear or revealing clothing could increase the rate at which your enemy becomes lustful, that, as previously mentioned, makes them unbearably horny to the point where they won’t attack you.

Overall, adding a certain sexual appeal to the game’s features will only benefit the experience, but also as to make sure not to overdo it, to make the world seem more realistic-ish and not just some wet dream.

Also heard about the operation, get well soon!

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There’s a lot of work to be done in the whole lust based combat, it’s basically unfinished. In a poll folks said they wanted more plot rather than more sexy, so that’s what I’ve been focusing on. What’s supposed to be happening is that if someone is overcome with lust they drop out of combat, leaving you to focus on those who are still a danger to you. Once combat is over and the game drops back into normal time processing you can take advantage of them (or they you, if you succumbed).

There’s also a bug in that the thieves are locked into a single job, and so can’t reduce their rising lust. I need to fix that!

Those will be coming. One for the farm for sure, and several for the town.

The town area will open up a number of these things. It’s of a size that can support an armourer, weaponsmith, and a magic shop.

Actually the apron, leather jacket, and work boots all give minor boosts to your armour rating against all enemies. But the main point is valid. I’ve held off implementing these as I first need to get to the point where the player can get their clothes cleaned and altered. Dot in the village is supposed to offer laundry, repairs, and alterations, however at the moment there’s no code to support selling services. But, yes, expect some future version where people will comment on your state of (un)dress, and to be barred from the pub if your bits are showing.

I haven’t settled yet on the precise way clothing will be rated. I’m leaning towards two measures: beggar->noble, and slutty->prim (I think that’s kind of like Fable) so there’s the option of slutty and noble which works for courtesans, as well the more typical slutty and normal for street walkers. Damaged, dirty, and oversized clothes would move you towards the beggar end, while overly tight garments would increase sluttiness. These will have to factor into the system that calculates how attractive you are to each NPC, along with your physical attributes. All of which will tie into upcoming town quests.

And then there’s the much needed work needed on sexy-times!

Eventually! Right now the game area is about 20 miles long, so not much climactic change has happened!

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After giving it even more thought, I’ve come up with even more ideas.

  1. Guilds. I’d love to see specialized guilds in the world and possibly the new town. These guilds could offer class specialization for the player, whereas one would want to play undefeatable juggernaut who wields powerful melee weapons and deals with threats head on. Another could pick a more crafty aproach and strike from the darkness when necessary and resort to stealing and lying their way out just to name a few. A bit similar to the guilds seen in Elder Scrolls series. These guilds could also offer quests, a source of money and a way for a player to train their character in whatever class they choose. This can add not only content for the game, but also replay value.
  2. Weight should definitely be more integral in the game. So far it feels that there are two sides to the game. One where you are playing a fantasy RPG where you have to find your brother, and the other where you just feed yourself until obesity. Weight feels a lot like a secondary part to the game where it doesn’t matter whether you’re either morbidly obese or fit and healthy, because the character will function the same either way. So adding some benefits and disadvantages depending on your weight would be great. Not only that, but also how you interact with the world. So far the only thing weight seems to do is judge whether you’ll break the chair you sit on or not. Maybe even have the NPCs achknowladge your weight and react accordingly, like having certain characters find you more attractive, become conserned etc.
  3. A smaller note on clothes. With the game reaching the later parts, your character will need aproapriate armor and clothes to deal with enemies and such, and will respectively be expensive. So adding a way to perhaps enchant or have a specialized tailor expand/shrink apparel would be a welcome addition.

Weird bug with the orc room, and different from the one someone else posted about (well, sorta; I still have the weird stuff with the orc fighting me while I’m in the cage, but it only happens one time and I always wake back-up in the caget). From time to time, I just get this error
“FATAL:java.lang.IllegalStateException: Must call setSpace befroe setId(val1.troad.ocave1.cage.foodbag)”
The game continues to play, but whenever the orc tries to give me food, it fails to appear in the location tab or in my inventory. Also, I can sometimes eat food that’s in my normal inventory, but it doesn’t always work (seems to vary between different instances of going into the cave). Also, in one attempt, the event where the orc brings a woman in and throws her in the cage… that happened, but she didn’t appear in any of my tabs.

I’m not really sure what the issue is, but the orc event just refuses to function properly. Also, being captured by the bandits does not make it work better; I don’t get the orc trying to fight me, but the event still totally fails to function.

Thankfully, I’ve been saving judiciously, so I can still get around it, but it doesn’t seem like there’s really all that much else to do.

I’m open to the idea of trade guilds, and to some extent the fundamentals are already beginning. There’s the blacksmith training you can begin, and the locksmith skill you can learn. They’d probably end up being somewhat different to Elder Scrolls. I’ve only ever played Skyrim, but it felt wrong that you could master every single trade by the end game. I also don’t want it to be like DnD where specialization is determined from the outset. I really want the PC to be a blank canvas, but for specialization to mean just that.

The core of the game is transformation, whether that be weight, species, gender, whatever. With each quest there will be multiple approaches, where generally the “easy” path will be to go with the required transformation, but there’s also a more grindy approach where you avoid it - basically to give the player choices to experience (or avoid) the things they like (or dislike). This feels more natural to me in an RPG than having a series of tf preferences the player has to work through during character creation.

There’s already more going on in the game related to weight than the chair. Some of it is fairly subtle, others, like the immobilisation, much less so. Each NPC has a goal weight that they’ll naturally seek. Eventually they will have preferences when it comes to others including the player. The romance (and sex) aspects of the engine haven’t been built out yet, mainly because players have been asking for more plot.

Development is focused mainly on finishing the underpinning engine so the story aspects are developed where they also exercise the new code. For example the 0.35 version adds Buttercup, the lactating cow girl, but for me it was driven by the transformations, adding fur patterns, and testing the lactation code.

Expect armourers and weapon smiths as Twizzleford is built out, as well as a source of enchantments. The engine already understands enchantments (enhanted weapons have been hanging out in debug mode for many versions), you just can’t buy any yet!

I think most of this weirdness is fixed in v0.35, the new public version. I’m pretty sure you error has the same root cause as I also got this fault when building a new unit test for the v0.34 code. I’d be interested to know if you can reproduce this in v0.35.

You should only get the woman appearing once in each play through. If the game is saying she’s thrown into the cage a second time, that’s a new bug, and unrelated to the food issues.

I haven’t had the woman appear more than once per playthrough, no. That much seems to be working properly, at least