Release 0.42 2021-04-1 and 0.43 (Early Access)

Lola is now serving beer and you can meet Darthen in Twizelford. A wanted
board has been added to the Civilian Guard building. The build-out of
Twizelford continues to enable future quest progression.

This version also performs pre-flight checks for Java 8 and JavaFx as
problems with later versions of Java are becoming more common. If the checks
fail a window will be displayed describing the problem. The start-up scripts
now have commented out sections for setting the location of Java 8.

New stuff:

  • Added Civilian Guard Darthen
  • Wanted board added to Civilian Guard building
  • Added bandit reward to the wanted board
  • Added Lola to an expanded Beers

User interface stuff:

  • Added pre-flight checks for Java version and JavaFx presence with error window
  • Units selection defaults on startup if OS provides property

Other bits:

  • Area state machine updated to run correct areas of the game
  • Fixed exhausted fatigue level
  • Fixed exit names in Civilian Guard building
  • While idling, characters will tend to continue what they are doing
  • Multiple tweaks to logic around character’s wants while idling
  • While patrolling guards will talk and look at things
  • Fixed a bug in JobGuardPatrol where guards would skip parts of the route
  • Sleep job will look for a spare bed if given one is not free
  • Sleep job won’t have worker walk away if you have talked to them
  • Add catchup to lock up and unlock jobs so doors are in correct state
  • Talk messages added to LockUp job
  • Fix occasional errors where XML reader would pick a setter with the wrong number of args
  • Multiple enhancements to Job system
  • Fixed job watchdog triggering on worker sleep
  • Fixed possibility of job not running with low but non-zero priority
  • Fix a bug where a character could get stuck in the lost state while travelling
  • Fixed Null Pointer Exception in JobList
  • Fixed missing actions on exits of sub-locations
  • Improved syntax error reporting in TextReflFormatter
  • Removed last usages of old TextFormatter
  • Edited startup scripts to provide hints for set up with Java 9 and later
  • Multiple changes to allow pre-flight to run without JavaFx present


  • 107 different locations (and another 126 in the advent dream)
  • 28 NPC characters
  • 6 quests (2 unfinished)
  • 1553 Java classes (268k+ lines, 6.0Mbytes of source code)
  • 61 Story files (15k+ lines, 373kbytes)

Known bugs:

  • Bandits becoming unreasonably horny while you are caged by Nug.
  • Kobold guards have been caught eating their own “weapons” - it’s emergent behaviour (sort of)
  • Starting character sizes may be a little off after changes and need some further tuning

As usual, download from the usual place, and start a new game. Previous saves will not have the new content, and will likely fail to load.

If you would like to support the development you can do so on Patreon where there are a number of different rewards, including walk-throughs, early access, developer documentation, and more… .

Release v0.43 (Patreon Early Access) includes:

  • Darthen alleyway encounter (and a little quest progress)
  • A way to enter the staff areas of the Civilian Guard building.
  • Fix for the autocomplete text box for later Java 8
  • Multiple console commands, ‘;’ separated, can be pasted into the command window

Alternatively, if Patreon isn’t your thing I have a tip jar on ko-fi


you didn’t update the site yet

It looks like the website build script silently failed in the upload, and I didn’t spot the version hadn’t changed when I tested the download. It should be fixed now.

Always happy to see your work in the “new” section

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Thank you @Itsjustgary, I’m glad you like it!

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I guess you can consider me as your fan. Keep up the good work, though I already know you will!

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am I really the only one that can’t get debug to work?

Yes, to the best of my knowledge. Still kinda waiting on you to create the properties file as shown on the debug page and launch the game from a command prompt, and show me what happens though.

Failing that, as the issue is specific to you, all I can think of is accessing your PC with some kind of remote desktop so I can try things myself. Not sure how you would feel about that.

Hi, new around here, though I’ve been lurking for a while. Just wanted to ask if there’s an intentional issue with the potions found in the shed behind the MC’s house? The first time I played a version of this game, for example, the breast expansion one would cause my character’s boobs to grow very temporarily, then her weight and size gain from it would quickly revert (sometimes to below where I started before drinking it) after basically no time. The latest build I played (the one right before this, I think) saw an actual appreciable influence on how my character gained weight, but the initial growth still disappeared (again, sometimes taking previously hard-gained size with it) shortly after drinking the potion.

I’ve noticed a number of other bugs, but cannot remember them all. I do remember that at least a previous version had the issue that ‘removing’ the orc in the cave would sometimes not cause him to just reappear if you changed rooms or returned later. I also cannot figure out how exactly the flirting system is supposed to work (you seem to spam flirt to have a chance to get sexy with someone, but they’ll maybe even dislike you more for doing so?), nor did I find a means to convince the person you can get locked up with to teach me how to pick locks (preventing the bad end).

I’ll have to check this version, but I was also confused by why there’s still no one in the distant town. I also wonder if there’s a way to get steel that doesn’t require too much custard (and if it’s worth it, when you can get swords from enemies).

Still confusing as a lot of this game is, it has been good fun until running into confusion (or potion frustration). Thank you for the continued work on it.

The potions in the still room are experimental content, and due to be removed once you can learn alchemy and create them yourself. Right now they are there for fun and testing. Most of them the descriptions are labelled as such. This is also why they are set to respawn. Depending on the potion they revert after 2 or 3 hours in game (not exactly quickly). They leave roughly 10% of their effects behind after reversion - but this depends on what you do in the meantime. If you stuff yourself you’ll retain more, if you eat nothing you retain less. If you are taking more than one potion the order is important; boob-grow, weight-gain is different to weight-gain, boob-grow for example. This is all intentional.

I can’t help you with that!

I’m not sure what you mean by “removed”. If he is killed he definitely should never come back. If he just went somewhere else due to his schedule, then he will come back.

Most of the sexy-times stuff is unfinished. In a poll players said they wanted me to focus on the plot/story first. Your potential partner needs to be in the mood though; pay attention to their description, particularly their eyes.

She tells you she can only demonstrate once the orc is asleep. So you have to ask again once he is.

That’s simple, I haven’t had time to generate a lot of NPCs there yet (currently three), and I am focused on the more complex ones that advance quests first.

You can get the dagger or sword forged without any custard exposure at all - Yaffaif is designed to have multiple paths. In general the path with transformation is the more obvious/easier path, but it’s not the only one. And as to why, you need one forged to leave the village (read: tutorial) area.

I’m glad you are enjoying it!

Yes, I did mean killing the orc. I’d kill him, even take the body with me, and still have him come back (but the interactions were weird. If I recall correctly, his replacement would automatically attack (though, might not have been equipped with the weapon I took from his corpse) when I entered the room, but wouldn’t leave a corpse after re-defeating him (a ghost, perhaps?).

I also noticed that eating from the various soup/stew pots would also put bowls of the stuff in my inventory - which I can only guess is supposed to be quantities I didn’t finish, due to trying to use them both for gains and to push my upper capacity limits. Is this as intended?

In terms of the steel, this is why I specifically asked about the steel, and not just a means to forge a weapon. I can get iron from another place just fine, but the custard spot seems the only available source of steel (and, perhaps they’re not actually functionally different, but the smith does imply steel would let him make a better weapon (which it would, save him going through the work to incorporate enough carbon into the iron in the right way to make steel). I know there’s an intention to have things have multiple choices, but it seems less open if the only way to get a better weapon is to accept being transformed. I also didn’t see any option between getting a dagger or sword forged, I was always just given a dagger.

As for the thief, I believe I tried asking her only when the orc was away or asleep, as she did indeed tell me she couldn’t teach me while he was around and awake. I don’t know if I offended her in some way that blocked it (if that’s even possible) or what, but my save that had me caged ended up a one-way ticket.

In terms of the potions, I did guess (and notice) that order mattered - but it felt like I got better results turbo-stuffing after the BE potion than using the BE potion followed by the WG one (even stacking many on top of each other). Also, when I said ‘a short amount of time,’ sometimes the effects of the potions would revert the moment I did anything beside use things from my inventory (such as moving one area over).

So as not to give exclusively bugs and negative feedback: I really do enjoy that you could outgrow clothing, and that the game makes sure to let you know when it’s happening. I also enjoy that you can stuff yourself until you can hold more, meaning wanton gluttony can actually come with a reward (if that makes sense). Also - despite being someone who isn’t into vore, but isn’t repulsed by vague/“soft” vore (for a purpose) - it was nice being able to just collect enemies’ corpses as to-go meals (especially when they’re multi-use, and much more cost-effective than buying food with limited income). It’s relatively un-immersive that NPCs don’t mind me gnawing on an orc leg in their shop, but it’s definitely convenient (and probably less of a programming nightmare to leave as is).

As a last aside, will there be (or is there, and I simply didn’t get to that point) any events/flags/debuffs related to size and mobility/fitting through doorways and the like? Will it have any impact on combat?

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner, I’ve been up to my elbows in parser code.

I’m going to have to look into this one, it shouldn’t happen at all. It sounds like something has a reference to the Orc before he died and that’s allowing his job to continue to run. His corpse is a separate object in the game, so both could exist at the same time. Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

Having half finished food items in your inventory is expected behaviour. It is indeed stuff you couldn’t finish in one sitting.

On iron and steel: originally I was going to make the distinction between the two (home machinist here) - but decided that the finer points of forging would not be common knowledge for most players, and that having Geoff explain it wouldn’t really advance the plot so early in the game. It may make a return later if/when smith training becomes a thing. So for now which weapon you get is just down to the amount of ferrous metal you collect: one gets you a dagger, two a sword, and three a broad sword. Getting two metal doesn’t require any transformation, only the broad sword requires it.

On the Thief: The condition for her teaching you is only dependent on the time of day once she’s said she will help. It has to be between 10pm and 6am. It’s not actually checking if the Orc is asleep (maybe it should)?

On potions: Moving from one area to another takes a variable amount of time depending on how far it is between locations (also affecting calorie burn too). Moving round your house takes one minute, but the 5 mile trek between mileposts on the Twizelford road takes over two hours. The potion effects are based on time, not turns.

On “vore”: This is an “accident” of Object Oriented programming. The original intent was the Animals which have hit points, such as chickens, should be available as food once you’ve killed them - which seems reasonable. When I got around to People which also needed those stats (and are afterall kinds of Animals) they also inherited the edible-corpse behaviour. I debated taking it out, but felt that at it’s heart it is a role playing game, and it might be something some characters would do. Others wouldn’t, but then the game doesn’t force the player to have their character pick up corpses, lug them about, and chow down on them! NPCs are aware of what they see you eating; it’s just that they lack any responses at the moment. Some of this will go away once encumberence is a factor in the game, limiting how much you can carry.

Mobility: The game is already checking that. You can get too big for doorways, too big or heavy for furniture, and overly large body parts will impede combat. The trapdoor in the mine area is weight sensitive. You can even let your hair get so long you trip over it!

Thank you for the detailed reply. No worries on the time it took.

I honestly have only ever found the two sources of ferrous metal so far, but it’s interesting to know there are not only three, but that you can have better weapons made based on how many you collect. If I can ever find the second not tied to custard, I may have to decide if I want to try out going for a broad sword anyhow - which I normally wouldn’t - or if I’ll just stick to the benefit of an earlier sword. I do have to wonder if the sword you can collect from bandits is weaker, stronger, or the same as the one you could have forged with two pieces of metal.

I already knew some of the locations took longer to move between (judging by the in-game time, as well as the differences in fatigue and digestion between them). I just remember (unless I am misremembering) having the potions fizzle out moving from the back yard to the kitchen, or similar short distances.

I do wonder if future reactions will cause you to get into trouble doing things like that. Will they know you are carrying around such…items…or will they only know when you pull one out for a nibble? :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not normally the type for such things, due to the lack of appeal for its own sake (and moral issues, at least as much of ones as are normally faced by someone self-professed to be an abomination)…but it really is a lot handier than trying to somehow earn and save enough to buy food of anything close to competing value (especially really early on). It is a little strange to be able to carry 34 half-eaten bowls of stew, three small (I think they were kobolds?) creatures, a whole-ass orc, and the supply of actual food I got for experimentation and novelty. Things will certainly slow down once my pockets lose their Hammer Space connectivity…

Ah. I guess I never really got to the thresholds of mobility issues, because I don’t remember any issues relating to doors, furniture, etc. I imagine walking isn’t an ability we’ll be able to eat ourselves out of?

Weight’s effects on furniture starts becoming apparent close to 300 pounds, and really obvious at 400+. I’m going off memory here, but those are fairly roughly around the points your character’s heft makes chairs start complaining, or failing to hold your rear up at all. As for eating yourself out of mobility, that’s possible as well. Very time consuming without “cheating” with the potions, but a particularly obese character can become semi-immobile (can’t fit through any exits to another area) or wholly incapable of moving.

set the orcs ability to respawn in debug mode to off.

Have you got debug working now?

I’ve not seen his respawn flag set, so I don’t think that’s the cause of the trouble.

Are there potions and stuff that can help your character get stronger and increase their stats or change sizes, besides the boobgrowth and weight gain and kobold potions?

As I am having difficulty beating bandits or the orc that one shot me. Is there ways to get stronger?

I also tried the debug thing and I haven’t been successful in seeing any change

Sorry, I’ve been a bit busy. Also 0.43 is now the latest version.

The potions listed in the 0.36 thread are the only ones that exist at the moment. You can increase your strength by training as a smith, and you can increase your AC with various clothes.

The bandits can be tricky, it helps to make sure you are fully rested between each fight, and be well equiped (ie. getting the best weapon from the smith). You can also choose to ignore them completely in the first instance. Killing the orc probably isn’t in your best interest as he serves as a way to recover from being killed by the bandits. It is possible to get out of his cage if you are patient.

Changes in the debug screens and via the console take effect on the model immediately you press return for text field inputs (just typing digits doesn’t save them), but the menus won’t update until your next action/move in the game. I’ve not been able to reproduce any issue changing the basic stats or body height.

oh tks, I was looking into the debug menu on the site to change my character to have cow features like the mouth and ears but dunno the command.

what cloths would increase the stats the only one I seen that changed was the apron.

Where did the name come from?

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