Reminder About Asking for Updates

Due to an increase in posts asking about updates, I would like to remind the community that, as outlined in our FAQ that the following is not allowed and will result in the deletion of your post:

  • Asking for updates.
  • Asking for a game to be updated.
  • Asking when a game will be updated.
  • Asking for a list of upcoming updates unprompted.
  • Asking if “there have been any updates”
  • Declaring a project “dead” or “abandoned.” If you feel a project’s curated status needs to be updated, please DM the administration about this.
  • Reminding a developer that it has been “x” days/months/etc. since the last update. This will result in much harsher administrative action.
  • Generally talking about the lack of updates or update schedule in a disparaging manner.

Note the above is not an exhaustive list but are some examples we’ve seen here of late. I would like to remind everyone, as well, that the reasoning for this is that 99.99% of these projects are by hobbyists who are in no way beholden to an update schedule. Likewise, they aren’t going to keep an update “hidden” from the community, once they have something they feel is worth sharing, they will let you all know. Asking for updates does not improve the discussions here, but litters the boards with what amounts to spam forcing readers to sift through it to find actual, useful discussion about the project.

It should also be noted that we are fairly lax about this rule as it is a minor offense. However, continued posting asking for updates after being reminded by administration will result in official warnings and eventually direct disciplinary actions, such as loss of permissions or, if it continues, temporary/permanent bans.

This is and should not be read as a direct message to any particular user, but a reminder to any old/new users that they should review the FAQ and attempt to follow these guidelines when posting.


To be fair, with COVID going around and literally hundreds of thousands of deaths because of it, the chances of the dev being literally dead or hospitalized have skyrocketed, and there’s also the fact we’re all still stuck at home horny and haven’t seen the sun in a few months, so a lot of us have become impatient goblins. :wink:

It’s not really an excuse, I know.

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Thank you for the heads-up. I know not everyone (like myself) was necessarily aware, but it’s kind of an unwritten rule to try and ease off the Devs when they’re doing their best to provide content for us, and let them work at their own pace. What comes next, really, is their project, so we should keep off them.

@SRP, They’ll probably post something either in the New section, or in the updates of the existing thread, if something happens to the Dev in question, and they’re physically incapacitated in some way, shape or form…I agree, some people may not know something’s happened, but impatience is really a lousy excuse. Take it from a reformed impatient goblin.

Just to clarify to anyone else that might read the thread, it is explicitly stated in the FAQ that asking for updates is against our posting guidelines:

Also, please do not ask devs when the next update is coming out or if there will be one. This adds nothing to the discussion and can annoy the devs. Please remember that many of these projects are being done for free in the devs spare time and that they also have lives and that their projects will be done on their schedule.

Not trying to get on your case, just making sure its clear that it is a written rule, as we don’t want to give the impression that we moderate on unclear or loose guidelines.


imagine seeing a post show up with new replies, and you immediately get excited to see what progress was made, but it’s just some dummy in the comments asking when the next update is going to be

completely agree with this position for several reasons


Is there gonna be an update for the FAQ to give Don’t Ask for Updates its own header, rather than being a paragraph at the end of the #Improve section?

pls don’t ban me for irony

Thanks for the further clarification. Always a good idea to keep people in the loop.

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Sounds like you know from experience. I’m sorry to hear that. Hope there aren’t too many such idiots bothering you. Your work is top-notch, so at least it means they like what they’re getting.

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I tend to ignore it on my own work, it’ll get done when it’s done! though in general, it’s bad practice and would annoy lots of people, Devs and fans alike (as well as the moderators who have to look over every message)