Research Station M-00 v1.5, a Cow Girl Expansion Game

This game does not feature solely weight gain like my other project Handler Hazing did but now that I have reworked one of the girls to have more dramatic weight gain elements, I figured that now is a good time to share this game with you guys. If you’ve played Handler Hazing, guess what? I’ve perfected this fucking minigame.

This is Research Station M-00, a match 3 game where your goal is to make cow girls bigger! You are Lead Researcher on the station, sitting atop an asteroid drifting about in the endless reaches of space. A strike planetside has crippled the supply chain and left the station without food deliveries for the foreseeable future. Although there is plenty of food NOW, the situation may get out of hand within the year. With the strike seeming to never end and the station’s food supplies dwindling, you turn to an as-of-yet untapped resource, the energy-dense minerals found on the very asteroid the facility is built atop of…

Features Weight Gain, Breast Expansion, Ass Expansion, and, of course, Cow Girl TF and Lactation.

Download v1.5 from itchio here!


  • New Girl
  • Epilogue

M-00 is done! Finished! Unless there’s something wrong, it’s very unlikely that it will ever get another update. Thank you to everyone for your overwhelming support!

If you feel so inclined, I have a discord server here!
I also have a Patreon here if you feel like getting access to early playtesting builds and getting the inside scoop over new updates.


Really solid game. I enjoyed your first one, and this new one is even better. Keep up the great work!


Well this game is petty good.


Awesome game! Never enough BE games. Hope you continue expanding on it (huehue) with more girls and stages. 10/10


Really nice, the story is a cool way to break up the character rotation, and the minigame has a good amount of challenge to it as the game goes on too. The yellow rocks only mildly blinded me :+1:

The only criticism I can think of is the uhh… bonus scenes come out of nowhere with the exception of Mila. Before that it’s story, plot, conflict, resolve, bam bonus scene, especially with Lucy. Other than that, solid game.

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You can clearly see where the inspiration comes from , which is great, because Handlers hazing was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! And you still managed to make an EVEN BETTER game!

  • The jokes are top quality :kissing_smiling_eyes::ok_hand:
  • The story is great
  • Cowgirls
  • BOOB :smirk:
  • And probably more that i forgot

All in all i rate this :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: out of 4

edit: now that i have replied the i noticed that the amount of emojis kind of makes it look like im REALLY serious. I mean i kind of am, because i still think its worth 5 stars out of 4, but im not THAT serious.


Personally, I wish there was a little more weight gain, but it was a very fun little match three.

So, if you add even more girls in the future, will they be going through a mix-and-match of the different types; Crossing the streams, so to speak?


Well, there are still 2 colors left to go, and while they won’t be weight gain, you may see some familiar themes make a reoccurrence.

Great stuff! Difficulty curve is just right. Especially like the differing personalities.
Also, you pull off well the different kinds of growth thing which usually to me looks bad and unbalanced.

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This game was pretty fun and I enjoyed a lot of the dialogue. Some genuinely cute or funny moments in there. Just wasn’t big on everyone falling for you at the end.

I read Cow, I click.


Demo 4 is here! It basically just adds another girl to the mix.


I am very confused how to progress, I’ve gotten the 1st 4 girls to max size and it won’t let me unlock the next one it won’t let me do the minigame either what am i missing?

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Talk to Lucy, then talk to the other three.

I enjoy how into it the new girl is, but I figured with the change she’d have a little more weight
Given that she turned more into a cow than the others

v1.0 is out now! No more demos!

  • New girl! That’s all of the rocks accounted for!

  • Music!

  • New menu font

  • Some minor QoL things here and there. Some stuff edited for clarity, little things here and there. I went through and fixed everything I could see.


I last played demo 3 (completed it). Just opened 1.0 and talking to all the girls in both outfits doesn’t unlock the next one. Can’t experiment either.
Luckily, this is worth a 2nd playthrough.
Also, renpy thinks your game is “UntitledMatch3Game”.

Been a few versions since I last played, awesome game and new content! Got hype baited by last girl’s first stage implying she was gonna get gigahuge for her to pivot to preg though. lol

Never enough cowgirl BE games though! Cultured taste. Excited to see what else you come out with in the future updates/games wise!

Oh yeah, I broke Demo 3 saves. I noticed that myself. Sorry about that ^^;

Thanks, Galactose, for a great game!

If you don’t mind a little quibble: in some scenes, when I press “h” to hide the text box when interviewing the characters, the game hides not only the text box, but the character and even the background as well. (I think it’s when you summon a character and talk to her, as distinct from the scenes that come automatically when you finish a match-three.) Of course, it’s not a big deal if that’s not easily fixed.

(Also I wouldn’t mind if all the characters got pregnant as a sort of epilogue. And/or a group scene. Possibly featuring a row of milking machines. Buuut that’s me being greedy.)

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