Resurrect Lantern?

Lockdown has me bored and I looked back at the old source code for Lantern. I started messing with it. I couldn’t keep the project going years ago due to my health and job responsibilities. Does anyone remember the game? And if I get it running, would anyone want to play it?


I’ve never personally heard of it, do you have a link anywhere for it?

i’m curious to see what it’s like, yeah. kind of have a casual interest in MUDs and whatnot so i’d be down at least

I remember Lantern, yeah. iirc I still even have a little text document with some of the moderator/admin commands.

I wouldn’t mind seeing it again, if only for nostalgia.

Just made an account to reply to this. I loved lantern when it was around; it’s actually what got me into text based roleplay, generally. I’d definitely like to see it around again, since I’ve tried, and failed to find any M.U.Ds related to anything similar in the years since. The premise of gamifying some aspects of text-based interaction just seems really fun, though I obviously don’t speak for everyone.

Sorry to hear about why you had to drop the project, also; I’d always wondered what happened, but figured prodding around too much would be overstepping, to some degree. Anyway, best of luck if you end up reviving the project; I’m sure it’d end up being popular again, given time.


Really early version uploaded to Heroku. No download required.


how on earth is this game even played? nothing i seem to do seems to work also why do i need a password for a game like this?

wait…is this online??

Well, it’s a really early version. I haven’t added a lot of features yet.

But yeah, it’s multi-player. Some characters will be Non-Player Characters.

You need a password because your character is saved and you interact with other people; you don’t want others to impersonate you.

So after reading this for a bit… this seems actually pretty nice. I would be down to see it be resurrected.

Plus a multiplayer weight gain game is always fun

But I do have a question. How are we going to be able to speak and such?

Yes, you can do that. Use “say” to speak to everyone in the room. Use “tell” to private message.

Now, I will say this, there should be a way to lose weight, right?

Depends. I’d assume there would be a way to, but, the game seems very early in re-implementation at the moment. Ideally you’d be able to set a personal weight cap or something in the future, though for now whatever you eat seems to add to the base weight (100(?) pounds).

On the topic of weights, would there be an option to change to metric for their measurements, in the future? Conversions can get messy, but it’d probably make life easier for some players.

ah yes i remember this old thing, honestly i would be happy to see it resurrected and brought back to life, gives us something else to keep us busy during all this ongoing crap

I maaaaay have subjected the server to some one man stress testing…

Involving buying burgers as fast as my fingers could press [Up Arrow] , [Enter]

One person can lag the game significantly this way, as-is. Idr if this was the same in Old Lantern.

Edit: I broke it. xD

You don’t have to buy 1 at a time. You can buy N of an item. If the 3rd token is a number, the 4th is assumed as the keyword. So “buy Krissy 100 burgers” would allow you to get 100 without spamming.

It’s more likely that it crashed when the game tried to convert your calorie consumption into pounds.

And I’ll add a way to convert to metric for our non-USA friends. :grinning:

Ah, well, I tried something similar, but I should have tried the version that made grammatical sense! xD

“buy Krissy burger 50” or thereabouts. Didn’t work, gave up without checking for permutations.

Oh, and it doesn’t seem the Say command is case sensitive.


The sentence would have been “buy from Krissy 100 burgers” but the tokenizer removes the “from” to make sense of the input.